Black Bellied President Chapter 67

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67 — They Offended Someone

Shangguan Zheng closed the newspaper and thought about the first and only time he had ever met the chairman of Jing Sheng Corporation, Jing Zhongxiu. He was efficient and ruthless, calm and valiant, he didn’t have a single weakness.

For Jing Sheng Corporation to be able to develop to its scale today, it was obvious that Jing Zhongxiu had extraordinary capabilities.

In front of someone like him, he seemed rather negligible as a deputy mayor.

He heard that Jing Zhongxiu’s son had replaced him as the newly appointed chairman of Jing Sheng Corporation. Immediately after beginning his duties, he had already fooled the powerful Ji Corporation and acquired Xing Yao Media at a cost far lower than market price.

Recently, rumor says that the new chief officer was planning on investing in the well-known “aristocratic hospital” of City A, Mu Hospital. After investing, Jing Sheng Corporation will obtain 30% of Mu Hospital’s shares.

And the original investor of Mu Hospital was Yang Corporation, also known as his wife, Yang Wenshu’s, family business. However Jing Sheng Corporation was a step ahead of them, thus they lost the opportunity to control this internationally and nationally famous hospital with renowned medical expertise.

He was just pondering about how to create connections with Jing Sheng Corporation’s new chairman in order to boost his chances to be elected as the mayor, when he noticed his wife, daughter, and the Xie family of three walk into the airport lounge with unsightly complexions.

When the five of them saw Shangguan Zheng, their facial expression appeared slightly awkward yet furious.

“What happened?” Shangguan Zheng questioned with suspicion.

For a moment, nobody knew what to say. Shangguan Rouxue bit her lip and responded pitifully: “Dad, none of the hotels will let us stay here. We don’t know what’s going on. You’re the most powerful, can you investigate the matters?”

“What?!” Shangguan Zheng’s complexion changed once he heard her words.

This wasn’t possible!

Who could have such abilities to convince all the hotels in City N prevent them from staying!

No no no, who had such hatred towards them that they would use such capabilities to prevent them from living there!

Shangguan Zheng’s years of political experience allowed his instincts to recognize that: they had offended somebody! They had offended someone powerful!

There were tons of people and loud chatter in the airport, it was inconvenient to go into detail. His complexion became gloomier as he spoke in a low voice: “We’ll talk about it when we get home, go buy your tickets first!”

Everyone clearly realized that being rejected by all the hotels was not a small problem. Without complaining, they followed Shangguan Zheng’s commands, silent and defeated.

Xie Zhuojun settled his parents and Shangguan Rouxue down, before lining up to by tickets as his mind was preoccupied.

He wasn’t sure what evil matters they ran into today, it seemed like all the hotels were enemies with him. Once he stepped inside, the receptionists would size him up with peculiar looks, and then inform him courteously that the hotel was full, that he should check out another place.

This was absolutely impossible!

It was the first day of the New Year, how could there be so many guests that all the high-quality hotels of City N would be fully booked!

Someone must have been playing tricks with them!

But, who had such hatred towards them?

Shangguan Ning’s pale and beautiful face flashed across his mind. Could it be her?

Otherwise, everything was too baffling. Yesterday, they had checked in normally. After meeting her and getting into a conflict, none of the hotels would let them continue staying anymore!

This was simply unrealistic.

Shangguan Ning didn’t have such formidable powers. Even if she did, she wouldn’t have been so heartless. Although she hated him for dumping her, he believed that she wouldn’t have been willing to make things difficult for him.

In the past, she was unwilling to use the best things herself, yet she was willing to give him the greatest gifts in the world!

But when he thought about her being with that stranger yesterday, his entire body felt uncomfortable. When the time comes, he’ll have to persuade her to stay away from that dangerous and grim man.

The six of them arrived with high spirits, yet left in disappointment. Their moods were downcast and resentful.

However Shangguan Ning enjoyed herself to her heart’s content in City N for a week. She didn’t return reluctantly with Jing Yichen to City A until her skin had been tanned two shades darker.

Jing Sheng Corporation officially returned to work on the eighth day of the lunar year. Shangguan Ning woke up early in the morning and began organizing her things as she prepared for work.

Jing Yichen pinched her delicate, straight nose as he smiled and spoke up: “Why are you more diligent than me, the chairman?”

Shangguan Ning rolled her eyes at him: “You’re the chairman, I’m the assistant. If I’m not diligent, then who’s gonna send me my paycheck?”

After traveling around City N with Jing Yichen for a week, their relationship intensified rapidly. The indescribable barriers between the two seemed to have faded away.

She had already learned how to take the initiative and hug onto his arm, or lean against his shoulder to rest.

Even their conversations and action became much more casual, as if they had known each other for years.

But at the same time, they maintained the sweet and fresh feeling of their relationship, which made Shangguan Ning sink into the illusion of falling head over heels in love.

Jing Yichen loved Shangguan Ning’s willfulness and revealed a faint smile. He lifted up her fine chin and kissed her bright and attractive full lips.

Their lips and tongues tossed about in a tangle. He sucked on her distinctive fragrance obsessively.

After a long time, until Shangguan Ning began to gasp for breath, he finally left go of her and switched to pecking her delicate earlobes.

Her ears were extremely sensitive. Back in CIty N when he bite her earlobe, she couldn’t restrain from producing a faint, charming moan.

At the moment while he kissed it and began to suck lightly, despite using all her might and biting down on her lip, a shattered hum came out of her as before.

His large hand slipped into her shirt and gripped onto the softness in front of her chest. He massaged it lightly.

The plump and tender sensation made Jing Yichen reluctant to leave. So much so that he wanted to immediately press her down on the bed, remove her clothes, and care for her affectionately.

He large, warm hand seemed as if it carried an electric current. It brought a wave of numbness onto Shangguan Ning, making her entire body soften, without a single bit of strength.

“Don’t…….we need to go to work…….” She spat out a few words with a great amount of effort. Yet the sounds that came out were flirtatious and didn’t sound like they came from her at all, making her feel extremely embarrassed.

Jing Yichen bite onto her cute earlobe, his breaths were chaotic and rough. It wasn’t after quite a while before he asked softly: “Darling, is it…..over?”

Shangguan Ning knew what he was asking. She was instantly ashamed and heartbroken, she bit down on her lip tightly, refusing to say a word.

During her time in City N, her period came, so Jing Yichen never got the chance to complete his misdeed. At the moment, he was asking her, unable to wait another second.

Jing Yichen realized that she refused to speak, she was so ashamed that her entire face turned completely red.

Sinisterly, he pinched the two grains of tenderness in front of her chest with his slender fingers, making her utter with a deep breath.

“Is it over?” He persevered and questioned closely. The movements with his hands didn’t stop at all.

Shangguan Ning didn’t expect this person to be so mischievous. She was afraid that her chest had already turned red from his pinching. She could no longer endure his provocation, the only thing she could do was respond with a “yes” softly.

Her voice was as deep as the sound of a mosquito, yet Jing Yichen heard very clearly.

He kissed her increasingly full and rosy lips with satisfaction. His large hands tidied up her slightly messy, white blouse. With a deep voice, he cajoled her: “Good girl, wait for me tonight.”


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