Black Bellied President Chapter 68

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68 — She Changed

The staff of Jing Sheng Corporation all possessed excited and worshipping attitudes towards their new chairman. First off, it was because he had outstanding abilities. Not long after being appointed, he had already solved numerous thorny problems regarding the corporation. In fact, he had also adjusted the structure of their salaries, everyone had been given a raise. Secondly, it was because of their new chairman’s appearance. He had handsome facial features, a perfect build, a pleasant voice, a respectable aura, and his attractiveness was off the charts!

It was a pity that meeting the chairman was so difficult. The average employee had no opportunities to encounter their idol. In addition, the chairman’s office on the seventy-sixth floor employed a special security system. Unless being guided by two staff members who will swipe their cards, only after being requested by the chief officer, there was simply no way of getting up there!

Because of this, everyone envied the chairman’s assistant, Shangguan Ning, to the point of wanting to drag her down and take her place themselves.

Shangguan Ning was obviously aware of the thoughts of the corporation’s female employees. Since she started working at Jing Sheng, as long as she came across female co-workers, there was bound to be conversation about Jing Yichen.

Some wanted to know about Jing Yichen’s hobbies, others wanted to send Jing Yichen a gift through her hands, and there were also people who tried in every possible way to figure out her relationship with Jing Yichen……

She normally wore a smile on her face as she dealt with them courteously. However she felt slightly bitter in her heart.

That guy had such an ice-cold attitude, yet he was still attracting people! She was only his assistant, but she had almost been torn apart by those obsessive women! If people knew that the two of them were already married, lived together everyday, or slept on one bed, then she would have probably drowned to death in their saliva!

So when they headed to work in the morning, she refused to enter the building with Jing Yichen.

Everytime, A Hu would stop somewhere near the corporation where she would get off and wait until Jing Yichen had gone inside, before stepping through the doors of the skyscraper in an unhurried manner.

Jing Yichen didn’t interefere with her decision. If she wasn’t willing to enter with him, then let her be.

No matter what, everyone will know that she was his woman sooner or later.

Only today, as he watched Shangguan Ning get off the car and walk towards the corporation in black heels and a black skirt, his eyebrows furrowed.

How did he never notice that their corporation’s uniform skirt was so short. A huge portion of her thigh had been exposed!

This won’t do, he needed to inform the administrative department to contact the apparel company. Skirts had to reach the knees at least, otherwise they had to be completely replaced with pants.

Shangguan Ning clutched onto her purse with her left hand as her right hand grasped onto a red, woolen jacket. The moment she stepped into the lobby, the two guides advanced forwards with smiles across their faces.

One of them had a crisp voice and cheerful facial features. She greeted her with a smile: “Good morning assistant Shangguan, happy new year!”

Shangguan Ning smiled at her and nodded: “Happy new year, Anna!”

Anna exchanged compliments with her and finally responded: “There’s a man looking for you. He claimed to be your friend. He’s waiting in lounge number 07.”

Shangguan Ning paused, who could it be looking for her?

Anna noticed her suspicions and explained: “He said his surname is Xie.”

Shangguan Ning immediately understood, it must have been Xie Zhuojun.

She really hated hearing his name right now, and she was even more reluctant to see this person. But she still thanked Anna with a smile and headed over towards lounge number 07.

She pushed open the frosted glass door and spotted the positive, handsome Xie Zhuojun in a brown suit.

Only, she wasn’t sure why her entire body stiffened and heart ached when she saw his face before. Nowadays, everything felt calm and undisturbed. It seemed as if the slap from a few days ago had allowed her to release her anger, making her feel much more comfortable.

Could it be that, she didn’t agonize over Xie Zhuojun because she liked him, but rather because she didn’t receive the respect and appreciation she deserved?

She was startled by her own thoughts.

She had never been in a relationship before. Back then when she was engaged with Xie Zhuojun, he had been in a complete state of unconsciousness. Once he woke up, he quickly fell in love with Shangguan Rouxue. In reality, the two of them didn’t have any close relations.

It was just that she had taken care of him for such a long time that she had already considered him as her own family, thinking that it was romantic love.

In Xie Zhuojun’s eyes, Shangguan Ning’s blank stares and perplexity only appeared to be her unforgettable affections towards him and her reluctance to part.

He let out a light cough and pulled out a cheque from his wallet, handing it to Shangguan Ning.

“This is just a small token of my appreciation. Please accept it and please don’t hurt Lil’ Xue anymore. I’m not the one for you. Just because I don’t love you, doesn’t mean that you can take out your anger on innocent people. If you are willing to interact positively with her, I’ll still treat you as my closest little sister, and take care of you.”

In the quiet lounge, each of Xie Zhuojun’s words echoed clearly.

Shangguan Ning’s daze instantly dissipated from her eyes and was replaced with a sharp and apathetic gaze.

She took the cheque and upon noticing the two million written on there, she sneered at it and scrunched it up into a ball, hurling it at Xie Zhuojun’s handsome face.

“Want to get rid of me with only two million?” Shangguan Ning had originally thought that her temper had already cooled down when she slapped him. But now, she was itching to slap him a few more times.

“Mr. Xie, if you want to compensate me, then please show some sincerity. If you don’t have any, then stay away from me. Otherwise your girlfriend might mistake me for trying to cling onto you, and then injure herself in order to take back your heart.”

A red mark instantly appeared on Xie Zhuojun’s pale cheeks. His entire, handsome face was a deep shade of red. Looks like he had been truly enraged by Shangguan Ning.

Yet Shangguan Ning didn’t get the slightest hint on when to stop. She spoke casually: “I just began work at Jing Sheng, no more than 5 people know about this. How did Mr. Xie figure out that I work here? The news you receive is truly fast and abundant, did you find someone to track me down? Or did your girlfriend tell you? She’s really gotten such powerful abilities that she can control all of City A!”

“Lil’ Xue is concerned about you, that’s why she’s been trying to figure out where you work!” Xie Zhuojun tried hard to suppress his anger as he justified Shangguan Rouxue’s actions.

Shangguan Ning’s heart gradually settled. She wasn’t angered by his words.

“Always saying that she was worried about me as an excuse, I’m sick of it. Without you guys, I’d be living a better life. My life is very serene, it only gets messed up when you guys suddenly storm in, can’t you tell?”

Xie Zhuojun paused for a moment and thought about it. It appeared as if everything was the way Shangguan Ning had outlined.

But this wasn’t right. Without him, her life should have been very unhappy and extremely unpeaceful!

Noticing that he wasn’t speaking, Shangguan Ning continued dimly: “This is my workplace, don’t come here anymore in the future. I don’t believe that we need to talk about anything else.” There wasn’t a single ripple in her tone, nor was there any anger, unfairness, or reluctance to part, as if she was speaking to an insignificant human being.

Xie Zhuojun wasn’t aware of what had happened. Upon hearing her use this tone to speak, he suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable.

She had truly changed a lot, to the point where he could barely recognize her, to the point where he was no longer sure of what to do. He simply couldn’t understand her intentions.

She wasn’t like this before. Back then, she was like a bowl of clear water, transparent and easy to compromise with.

SINIKI: Thank you so much for all the support in the past 3 months! Sadly, this will be the last chapter of Black Bellied President as I am dropping the novel. 🙁 However starting July 1, I will begin posting a brand new novel called The School Prince’s Exclusive Sweetheart. Feel free to check it out!

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