Black Bellied President Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 — Uncle Worrying About Her Marriage

Within the elevator, Jing Yichen calmly nodded his head, his tone as indifferent as before. “Don’t mention it. I rather not want so see my tennis buddy to be harassed by others.”

Shangguan Ning was already somewhat immune to his indifference by now, so when she heard his response, she gave him a brilliant smile.

The door to the elevator slowly closed, isolating the two people into two separate worlds. It seemed as though there was only one of them left in their own reality.

Inside the elevator, Ah Hu stole a glance at Jing Yichen in astonishment. The Young Master usually was not a person who liked to justify himself, but he had actually justified himself to a girl today.

Just as he was flabbergasted, he heard Jing Yichen’s phlegmatic voice. “I need tennis equipment. Have Little Lu go purchase them. From now on, free up the schedule for every Monday afternoon.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Ah Hu responded subconsciously.

It was only after he answered did he registered what the Young Master had said.

Did this mean that the Young Master was officially going to return to playing tennis? Thank the Heavens, this was a true miracle among miracles!

That Miss Shangguan was truly a capable person!


Ah Hu was a straightforward person. He would never ask what shouldn’t be asked; however, what should be said, he would also never keep it in.

“Young Master, you’ve scheduled to go to America the following week. The person we found on that side might possibly be Miss Tang Yun.”

The elevator suddenly fell into a terrifying silence; it was as if it could suffocate people at any moment.

A ‘Ding!’ sound came out of the elevator as it opened, letting air and light striving against the other to rush in, shattering the silence.

“You can go on my behalf. If it is her, then bring her back.” Jing Yichen finally opened his mouth. His expression still serene and apathetic, only his slightly hoarse voice divulged a trace of his emotions.

He had been searching her for so, so long — too long to the point that he’d almost forgotten how she looked like, too long that searching for her had already become a habit.

And this habit that had persisted for ten whole years was broken today.

Ah Hu couldn’t be any more shocked. With how the Young Master’s persistence on Miss Tang Yun already lasted for ten years, he never thought that the Young Master would actually give up — though there were countless people who’d dissuaded him from continuing.

He quietly responded an affirmation, somewhat afraid that the Young Master would change his mind. Because of the past incident, the Young Master had already suffered enough torment and paid enough.

It ought to end now.

After returning home, Shangguan Ning immediately started contacting for the house issue. It can’t be delayed any further. She needed to move out as soon as possible.

As she was searching the web for housing information, her phone rang all of a sudden.

The caller was Uncle Huang Lihan, it would seem that her Aunt couldn’t wait to go complain.

“Hey Uncle.”

“Little Ning!” The phone transmitted out a voice that had changed somewhat, but there was clear affection in the tone.

“Uncle!” Shangguan Ning couldn’t help herself but call out again, but her voice was somewhat choked with emotion. “How have you been lately? I haven’t seen you in more than a month, is your smoking habit still as serious as it was before?

“Your Uncle’s fine, you don’t have to worry about me you little brat. I still remember your reminder about smoking, so I’m smoking less frequently now.” Huang Lihan chuckled gently as he answered. “How about you? Did you eat well? Was there any snags at work? If you’re short on money, you just tell Uncle. If you want to buy anything, then go buy it. You’re right in your prime, it would be best if you take care to dress yourself nicely.”

“En, I know, Uncle. If I lack money, then I won’t be courteous with you.” Shangguan Ning sniffed, and her voice carried a hint of being like a spoiled child.
Nowadays, her Uncle was the only person in this world that she could rely upon and act spoiled in front of.

At times like this, she was especially grateful to her maternal grandfather and grandmother, thanking them for giving birth to two children. If not, she would’ve been the only one left on this world when her mother passed away.

Therefore, she always had a mind to bear two children in the future as well.

Huang Lihan could feel her niece’s reliance, gratifying his heart but at the same time making him sad.

His niece had always been strong, usually relying on herself for everything. He was her only reliance, yet he was incapable of providing her with enough protection. His wife and daughter always felt that he was being partial, and they would go trouble his niece practically everyday.

It was his fault for not being a good uncle. Letting her down as well as letting down his deceased-for-many-years little sister.

Perhaps, the best method to help Little Ning is to find her a genuine reliance. She wasn’t young anymore, so there shouldn’t be someone who will love her and take care of her for the rest of her life.

“Little Ning, your Aunt and Cousin were in the wrong today. You don’t needed to take it to heart, your Uncle already told them off.” Huang Lihan hesitated for a moment, but he still brought up today’s incident.

“Uncle, don’t worry, it’s nothing really,” Shangguan Ning immediately replied sincerely. Speaking of which, it was my fault today, I shouldn’t have let my friend injure little cousin. How is she right now? Is the injury serious?”

“Your cousin is fine, she was the one who looked for trouble, so letting her enduring a bit of hardship is good for her. It saves her from being so full of herself.” Huang Lihan’s unhappy tone clearly spoke of how discontent he was with with Huang Xinyi’s attitude.

If it wasn’t for her overdoing things, how could Little Ning’s friend stand watching on the sideline and not strike back?

However, the way his wife and daughter exaggerated the story made it seemed as if Little Ning had gotten a boyfriend that might possibly belong to the darker side of society.

He always hoped that his niece would find a good home, but he was really scared that she would be deceived because she was too innocent.

“Little Ning, who was the friend that helped you today? How long have two know each other? How’s his character?”

“He’s the older brother of my university colleague,” Shangguan Ning instantly understood what her Uncle meant, so she quickly clarified for him. “We just got acquainted not long ago, so we’re not very familiar with each other. His character is pretty good, just that he’s very impulsive, so he ended up hurting little cousin today.”

She silently detested herself in her heart for having such a silver-tongue when she tells lies now.

With Jing Yichen adapting an ice-cold attitude towards any kind of situation, the word ‘impulsive’ did not describe him whatsoever.

Huang Lihan didn’t believe everything that his niece said, but he also knew that she has her propriety when she does things. She would absolutely not act without thinking.

At present, the best method was for her to get a good home to return to. This way, there will be someone to protect her in the future and those people with ulterior motives would have no way to meddle.

It was the first time he started to discuss with his niece about marriage.

“Little Ning, do you have someone that you like? Or what type of guys do you like? Your Uncle will help you take a look to see if there’s anyone suitable.”

Shangguan Ning knew that her Uncle was worried for her, so she didn’t find it embarrassing when she heard him ask these questions. She merely consoled him. “Don’t worry, Uncle. With my looks and brains being this superb, definitely someone will like me for sure.”

What Huang Lihan was most afraid of was that she still hadn’t forgotten about Xie Zhuojun, yet he didn’t want to bring up this person to make his niece heart-broken. All he could do was to tactfully say: “You need to learn to look forward. If there is someone who caught your eyes, then grab on tight. No matter who you like, your Uncle will support you! As long as he treats you well, nothing else is important.”

Shangguan Ning didn’t know why, but that handsome yet ice-cold face of Jing Yichen’s flickered through her mind.

She shook her head, thinking that she was most definitely too exhausted.

Because her Uncle was this worried about her marriage, she wished that she could find her other half as soon as possible.

Nowadays, she already didn’t have too many demands for love. As long as she could live a normal and peaceful life, then it was enough.

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