Black Bellied President Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 — She’s Not Fit As A Teacher

Shangguan Ning felt rather ashamed. To this point, he’d helped her so much , but she didn’t even know his name. Just as she was hesitating on whether or not to ask for it, Zhao Anan ran in while dragging a dirt-filled-faced Mu Qing

“Ah Ning, I caught a quack doctor to take a look at your pulse!”

“Pfft—!” Shangguan Ning chortled but immediately felt that it was inappropriate, so she quickly stopped.

Zhao Anan is the only person that she knew who could be this just and self-righteous while saying that she found a quack doctor to look at her. But she trusted Zhao Anan, so she knew that the latter wouldn’t treat her health as a joke.

Shangguan Ning extended her arm, faintly smiling at Mu Qing. “Doctor Mu, I’ll be troubling you.”

“You know me?” Even though Mu Qing had his face smeared with dirt, it still couldn’t conceal the striking temperament of his person. 

He grinned, revealing his straight set of pearly white teeth. “This tomboy said I’m a quack doctor, so do you still want me to examine you?”

“I don’t know you, but from what I’ve heard about you from Anan, I’ll trust you!”  Shangguan Ning nodded sincerely. Actually, she only trusts Zhao Anan, but the words changed when they reached her mouth. After all, nothing can make a doctor more happy than having the trust of the patient — Mu Qing wasn’t an exception.

He stole a glance at Jing Yichen sitting by the side. When he saw that the latter did not express anything on his face, he decided not to make mention of already checking her earlier and instead used two fingers to press against Shangguan Ning’s jade-white wrist.

This time, he examined both of Shangguan Ning’s hands, and a few minutes later, Mu Qing was somewhat astonished.

“Your recovery capabilities are pretty strong. Once your body recovers, you’ll need to make sure to exercise daily. As for the next few days though, don’t move about too much, eat more, sleep more, and you’ll recuperate soon.”

Only through the light medicinal fragrance in the room, Mu Qing could tell what kind of medicine Shangguan Ning took in the morning — and he couldn’t be more clear about those medicine’s effects.

Zhao Anan didn’t hear anything amiss, but Shangguan Ning did.

“Doctor Mu examined me before?” If he hadn’t, then how could he know that her body was currently recovering?

Mu Qing slapped his forehead, not good, it slipped.

But, it didn’t seem like something that he couldn’t say, right? “Of course. I’ve already given you a look over this morning. Your constitution isn’t bad.”

Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but glance in Jing Yichen’s direction, and the latter only blandly nod his head. “Doctor Mu’s medical skills aren’t bad, so I let him come have a look.”

“Thank you!” Shangguan Ning expressed her gratitude.

Although Zhao Anan called Mu Qing a quack, she knew that Mu Qing’s medical skills were very high, so she unceremoniously said, “Ai, stupid blockhead, hurry and take out the scar removal ointment that you inherited from your family. If even one scar remains on the body of my family’s  belle, this old lady won’t let you off!”

Mu Qing coldly snorted, deciding to ignore her. He then turned his head around and was just about to seize Jing Yichen’s thigh when the latter perceptively moved out of the way.

“My good brother, if there’s something as fun as that again in the future, remember to call your little brother! Your little brother guarantees that his performance will be better than today’s!”

Once Zhao Anan heard that there was something fun, she didn’t bother making fun of Mu Qing’s ‘my good brother’ and hastily redirected, “What was fun? I want in as well!”

Jing Yichen coldly cast a glance at Mu Qing, scaring him into hurriedly cover his own mouth as if knowing he’d misspoke.

Jing Yichen instinctively did not want Shangguan to know about these dark matters. The opponent was too vicious that was afraid that a little girl like her was simply no match. It was fine if he dealt with those people that hide behind the scene.

“It’s time for lunch, let’s go.” Jing Yichen insipidly spoke a sentence before he lifts his foot and walked to the exit.

Mu Qing made haste and followed right after, leaving Zhao Anan stomping her feet angrily. The latter begrudgingly muttered a few sentences under her breath before helping Shangguan Ning get out of bed.

Apart from the aching pain of the wound in her head, Shangguan Ning could endure the ones throbbing from the no few bruises and small cuts in her body. Besides, they weren’t too serious anyway.

“Anan, it’s fine, I can walk by myself.”

“Don’t push yourself, I’m very clear about what kind of injuries you received. After all, I was the one who change your clothes for you yesterday. After you finish eating, you still need to come back and lie back down. As for me, I’ll be the one responsible for taking care of you. Haha, look-see, I can take care people too!  My mom’s going to be ecstatic if she knew this — she might even give you a big red envelope expressing her thanks!”

Zhao Anan caused Shangguan Ning to laugh, but then her mind turned — it wouldn’t be too appropriate if she kept staying here.

“Anan, I think it’s better if you send me home after we finish eating. I can’t always stay at your brother’s place — and it would be inconvenient for him as well if this continues.”

“What’s there to be inconvenient about? You just need to stay here, you can talk to Aunt Wang if you need anything. That brother of mine is just a bit cold, you can just pretend he’s not here.”

Zhao Anan didn’t feel at ease if she let Shangguan Ning go home. She knew that Shangguan Ning’s mother had long since passed away, and after interacting with the latter for half a year, Zhao Anan had never heard Shangguan Ning mentioning her father — which was to say, Shangguan Ning probably doesn’t have any close relatives by her side.

“I’ve troubled him plenty of times already, so I can’t add even more to his plate. It’s actually quite nice here, but there’s a difference between men and women. It’s more convenient if I were to go back instead.”

Shangguan Ning said it as it was without anything concealed. She really felt that it was inappropriate to live with an unmarried man, especially one as outstanding as Jing Yichen — It might not even take long for her to lose her heart.

Seeing that she was obstinate, Zhao Anan knew she couldn’t convince the other, so she could only relent. “Fine, but you must stay for dinner today before going home. When that time comes, take that idiot blockhead’s medicine with you as well. The guy might appear sloppy, but his medicine is absolutely his trump.”

Shangguan Ning sighed in relief. Her tone was full of gratitude as she said: “Thanks, Anan!”

“There’s no need for that between us two. Come, let’s go eat! You’re getting skinnier and skinnier, and that won’t do. Eat a bit more today. The cooking from my brother’s kitchen is superb!”

Shangguan Ning never paid too much importance as to what she was eating, but it was only after eating the breakfast at Jin Yichen’s house this morning that she knew what was real food.”

Even if it was the simplest dish like a congee or a side dish, it could still be made into the most delicious of delicacies, imprinting them into one’s memories.

After lunch, Zhao Anan helped Shangguan Ning packed up the medical ointments that Mu Qing had people deliver from his hospital. They then rest for a bit before Shangguan Ning gave the chairman of X University a call.

If they were going to fire her, then they should at least give her an explanation.

Zhao Anan may not care for this job, but she was still indignant that they have fired her — she just hadn’t pay it any heed because she hurried back to check on her today.

Therefore, Zhao Anan had her to put the call on speaker.

Shangguan Ning had to call a good couple of times before the call could get through, clearly showing that the other party wasn’t willing to pick up the phone.

Shangguan Ning shared a look with Zhao Anan, each could see the ire in the other’s eyes.

Despite that, Shangguan Ning still immediately took on the proper manners and respect when the call connected. “Hello Chairman, sir, I am Shangguan Ning.”

“Oh,” The Chairman’s polite response sounded back. “Professor Shangguan, hello.”

Shangguan Ning didn’t want to beat around the bushes, so she went straight to the point. “Chairman, I have heard that the school had me fired, may I ask for what reason?”

The Chairman coldly snorted, his voice miffed. “Professor Shangguan, you have brought such a huge shame upon the school, but you still have the nerves to ask me for a reason?!”

Shangguan Ning tried to control her own emotions with great efforts, using the best tolerant voice that she could to ease the tension. “Chairman, can you please speak more clearly? Just how have I brought shame to the school?”

The Chairman seemed to be at the end of his patience. “You seduced a male instructor and a student, did that in the office, as well as give the student aphrodisiac — his legal guardians are already at the school’s front steps! A person who lacks ethics like you are not fit to be a teacher!”

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  1. Yichen and Ning never got to real introductions.When will that happen ? Who is behind her attack? Family? I betcha’. Are the doctor and Anan at the start of a new romance?

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