Black Bellied President Chapter 43

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43 —- Buy 1 Get 3 Free, Is This Really Not A Loss?

“Master, yesterday the chairman went to Mu Hospital with Huang Lihan. They were originally discussing the project but Ms. Shangguan’s old wounds relapsed and she fainted in a real estate house. The chairman and Huang Lihan went together to visit her at the hospital.”

When he heard that Shangguan Ning had fainted, Jing Yichen’s heart tightened yet his face was still cold, without any expression. His voice lowered two notes: “What happened?”

A Hu’s personality was straightforward and stubborn, but he wasn’t stupid at all. He had already noticed that his master treated Ms. Shangguan differently from others. For her, he had almost tore apart the Red Night Triad’s den!

He spoke through the detailed course of events.

Once Jing Yichen finished listening, his entire facial expression turned cold.

Why did she go out alone on such a cold day? She was feeling unwell yet she still endured the pain. Last time when she fainted in his arms, he was able to rapidly take her to the hospital. This time, she lost consciousness outside, how could others be so attentive and careful like him!

She really didn’t know how to spare others’ worry!

“A Hu, find some clever ones to protect her secretly, don’t let her discover them.”

Jing Yichen didn’t want to arrange for people by her side originally, but she was always coming across problems. Black Wind had not been captured yet, the mastermind behind him had not succeeded yet, it was unknown whether he would get involved again. Black Knife was also also eyeing them covetously, there were too many dangers.

He needed to guarantee that she was safe and sound.

Shangguan Ning lay in her bed for two days before her body finally began to restore some of its strength.

Her abdomen didn’t hurt anymore, it was only the wound on the back of her head that had not healed yet, although it wasn’t as painful as before. She assumed that it would fully recover in a few days.

These days, she either ordered take-out or ate the frozen dumplings in her freezer. She didn’t dare leave the house to roam around.

She needed her body to recover quickly since she was about to start work on Monday.

The problem was that after devouring Jing Yichen’s meals, eating these foods seemed to lack flavor.

Jing Yichen stood in front of the french window on the twenty-seventh floor. He watched as the take-out delivery man entered the neighbourhood once again, and his brows wrinkled slightly.

After a while, A Hu pushed open the door and entered: “Master, I asked. The take out was delivered to the sixth floor.”

As expected, Shangguan Ning ordered take out once again.

Why did she eat take-out every day, her body needed proper nutrition. Take-out was simple and coarse, it was surprising that she could actually stand to eat it.

“A Hu, tell the chefs to prepare extra dishes and send it to the sixth floor. Don’t tell her that it was from me.”

A Hu grinned: “Alright master!”

Shangguan Ning took the take-out and paid for the meal. She was already halfway through the food when she suddenly heard a knock at the door.

She opened the door. Huh, why did the delivery man come back again?

“Miss, this is from our store’s buy 1 get 3 free promotional event today, I forgot to give it to you just now!” There was an apologetic expression on the delivery man’s face.

Shangguan Ning received the take-out box with suspicion and thanked him with a smile.

Once the young man saw her take the box, he immediately turned around and ran off. But he was beaming with joy in his mind. He suddenly earned a five hundred dollar tip helping those people deliver this meal, definitely worth it!

Shangguan Ning returned to the living room. She was stunned when she opened the take-out container.

There were two dishes and a bowl of soup, both consisting of nutritious ingredients. The smell, look, and taste seemed spectacular, it was clearly costly. The take-out she ordered only totaled up to around forty dollars. Is the owner’s buy 1 get 3 free really not a loss?

She grew more and more suspicious.

She took a bite hesitantly, the delicious sensation spread across her taste buds, making her index finger twitch. Who cares, as long as it’s edible!

En, the chef of this take-out shop wasn’t bad. His was almost as good as Jing Yichen’s cooking! She’ll eat at this shop from now on!

She enjoyed the perfect feast and immediately started to review Jing Sheng Corporation’s resources again. She was starting work tomorrow. Polishing the gun before battle might not make it function quicker, but at least it will look sharper.

As night fell, Shangguan Ning hesitated for a long time before finally deciding to take a shower.

The doctor told her to prevent water contact with her wound, otherwise it would easily become infected or inflamed.

She washed herself simply each day, although she hadn’t properly taken a shower in a week. She needed to go to work tomorrow, she couldn’t possibly go like this!

She touched the wound on the back of her head carefully, it was already starting to heal and it didn’t hurt anymore. The injuries on her body had already recovered, the scars were already indistinguishable. Mu Qing’s medication worked very effectively.

Shangguan Ning used the waterproof bandage given by the hospital to wrap up the injury on her head before she entered the bathroom to shower.

After showering, she blow-dried her hair and put on a shoulder strap nightgown as she was prepared to go to bed and rest.

She was drowsy and about to fall asleep when a knock at the door echoed from outside.

She climbed off of her bed and draped a random jacket over herself. She walked in front of the door and asked cautiously: “Who is it?”

A familiar female voice came from outside: “Lil’ Ning, It’s me, your aunt. Your cousin and I are here to check up on you!”

Shangguan Ning opened the door with a doubtful expression plastered across her entire face: “Aunt? It’s so late, why are you guys here?’

She wasn’t hallucinating right?

Why were her aunt and cousin checking up on her so politely today? Impossible! Even if it was the end of the world tomorrow, her aunt and cousin wouldn’t have possibly treated her kindly.

After interacting for twenty years, Shangguan Ning had long understood the mother-daughter duo completely.

They must have changed like this because her uncle had said something.

She couldn’t beat people with a smile on their face. Even if their friendliness was fake, she gladly accepted it——as long as her uncle wasn’t stuck in the middle, finding things difficult, she could also welcome them with a grin.

Lin Yu dragged her daughter, who had awkwardness written all over her face, and directly burst into Shangguan Ning’s home. Her eyes rolled around the place, scanning over all of the items in Shangguan Ning’s room. The hatred in the bottom of her heart made her itch.

Shangguan Ning didn’t see her aunt’s expression. She turned around to make a cup of hot tea for the two of them.

If they were able to come, even if it was fake, even if they were pressured by her uncle, Shangguan Ning still felt pretty happy.

Lin Yu forced out a smile. She received the tea, but she didn’t drink it at all, instead, she handed over the object in her hand: “I brought you some pastries. Try it, it tastes pretty good!”

Shangguan Ning nodded: “Thank you aunt!”

“Don’t worry aunt, I’m moving out in two days, just two days. I’ll give this house back to you.” She thought for a bit, she should still inform her that she was immediately moving out.

Lin Yu waved her hand, her voice was slightly intense: “I wouldn’t dare ask for this house. Afterwards, you’ll complain to your uncle and he’ll want to get a divorce with me again! It’s not like your cousin and I have no place to live. We wouldn’t live in such a far place!”

Humph, if we aren’t living here, a little b*tch like you won’t be living here either!

Huang Xinyi didn’t have the patience or schemes like Lin Yu, she had already lost her composure. She pulled on Lin Yu’s arm with resentment all over her face: “Mom, it’s almost midnight, I want to go home! The atmosphere is bad here, my head feels dizzy! What if we leave a step slower and my arm breaks again!”

She hated Shangguan Ning to the bone. She had not yet gotten revenge from last time, when her arm was broken off! Her mom forcing her to fake a happy expression was harder than killing her!

Of course Lin Yu knew about her daughter’s hatred, but they weren’t discussing their past events with Shangguan Ning today, they had to fake it.

However, their objective had already been accomplished, there was no need to remain there anymore. She flattered her daughter, with fondness across her face: “Okay, we’ll listen to you and go home. Let’s go!”

The two of them gave Shangguan Ning the cold shoulder as they talked. They left, minding their own business, without even informing her.

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