Black Bellied President Chapter 50

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50 —- Dr. Mu’s Lei Feng Spirit ¹

Shangguan Ning slept dizzily all day and night. When she woke up the next morning, she discovered that she was at the hospital once again.

She was already used to it and didn’t find it strange.

She knew that it must have been Jing Yichen who brought her here.

The feeling in her heart was indescribable when she thought of this person.

They had already received their marriage certificates. From now on, the two were legitimate husband and wife!

This was simply outrageous!

How can marriage be so random!

Yesterday, he had forced her to take the photo and obtain the marriage certificate. Although she wasn’t quite clear-headed due to her fever, this event itself shocked her excessively, making her remember every detail distinctly, especially his vague kiss.

But that was her……first kiss……

Yet even today, there was an insufficient sense of reality.

So she just got married……like this?

Zhao Anan had really hit the nail on the head, she had actually gotten married before the end of the year. She had really gotten married when she was 26-years-old! Although she was pressured to.

She didn’t expect that the seemingly calm and rational, steady and unhurried Jing Yichen turned out to be such an impulsive and preposterous person.

Shangguan Ning sat on the bed and went into a daze. A knock on the door came from outside.

Before she had said “please enter,” a handsome youth wearing a white lab coat walked in.

When Shangguan Ning noticed that it was Mu Qing, she smiled at him politely: “Dr. Mu!”

Realizing that she had woken up, a smile broke out on Mu Qing’s face.

His appearance was originally handsome, only the sloppy feeling on his body ruined his aura. Now that he was wearing a white lab coat, he actually seemed somewhat earnest and mature.

His smile was brilliant as he asked politely: “How are you feeling today sister-in-law? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere? Is your head still hurting? What do you want to eat? Want some water? Do you want an apple or an orange……”

Shangguan Ning blanked out from his excessive enthusiasm.


This appellation……he already knew that she was married to Jing Yichen?

No wonder he was so friendly today!

In reality, Mu Qing didn’t know that she had married Jing Yichen at all. He was only acting more friendly towards Shangguan Ning because Yichen was planning on investing in Mu Hospital. Calling her sister-in-law sounded like they were family! Making her favour him was more important than making Jing Yichen favour him!

He was only succeeding by luck.

Shangguan Ning thanked Mu Qing’s for his consideration and asked for a cup of hot water as she asked him faintly: “Where is Zhao…..Jing Yichen?”

Mu Qing was startled by the three words “Jing Yichen.” Oh my gosh! There weren’t many people who dared to call master Jing by his full name!

Shangguan Ning was indeed pretty. Even though she was sick, she still looked attractive, her aura was grand, and she had proper self-cultivation. But there were tons girls like these around Jing Yichen, that evildoer’s side. How did he end up liking her?

In fact, it seemed that she wasn’t really interested in him!

Hey, how fascinating, there were times when the ladies’ man, Jing Yichen, was avoided and disliked by people!

Even though Mu Qing was happy to watch Jing Yichen defeated like this, he still needed to say nice things about that iceberg face for his own lifelong happiness. If the beauty says goodbye to Jing Yichen, then he’ll have to say farewell to that 1 billions dollars.

“Master Jing looked after you for the entire night. This morning, he returned back to the corporation without even eating breakfast. Yesterday was his first day in his position, aside from being at the shareholders’ meeting, the rest of the time was wasted. He had arranged a few meeting yesterday, but he didn’t go to a single one of them. I heard that the old chairmen was enraged and wanted to remove his chief officer position for someone else to take his place!”

You hear, your man almost threw away a few hundred billion dollars for you, are you still not touched?

In reality, it wasn’t as exaggerated as Mu Qing had stated. Jing Zhongxiu didn’t reprimand his son. Since he had already given away his power, he wasn’t going to restrict his son. He would only get involved if the corporation was facing a significant crisis. Otherwise if he interfered with every little mistake, his son would never manage the corporation properly and those below him would never obey.

But it was true that there was a problem, otherwise Jing Yichen wouldn’t have left Shangguan Ning behind and went back hurriedly.

It was precisely Shangguan Ning who had memorized Jing Yichen’s schedule by heart yesterday, in fact Lu Qin had also reminded her repeatedly that yesterday’s meetings were very important and that they could not be pushed back anymore. Because of this, she easily believed Mu Qing’s words.

Although she hated Jing Yichen for lying to her, purposely not telling her his identity, deliberately humiliating her yesterday, and coldly making her report his work, she had never wanted to cause trouble for Jing Yichen. Even if he had forced her to get their marriage certificate, she never wanted to harm him.

Since the moment they met until now, he had never harmed her substantially. In contrast, although he was always very apathetic, he was still caring for her silently. Whenever she was desperate, he was always the first person to appear in front of her.

Shangguan Ning was a person who would always blame herself when a problem occurred.

She was too stupid for not being able to see through his identity. If she just asked, if her self-esteem wasn’t as strong, then she would have known who he was.

She wasn’t aware that her innermost self didn’t reject the idea of marrying Jing Yichen.

Her momentary anger and resentment yesterday brought him a lot of trouble.

If Jing Yichen was condemned by Jing Zhongxiu because of her, attacked by the shareholders of the corporation, and lost his position as the chairman, she would definitely feel guilty for the rest of her life.

Mu Qing watched as Shangguan Ning’s facial complexion changed repeatedly, in the end, her expression was full of annoyance and guilt. He couldn’t help feeling proud of himself: hmph, young master, I, can certainly beat master Jing when it comes to coaxing women! Jing Yichen was just a moving iceberg, all he knew how to do was put on a cold, scowling face. He never uttered a word about what he did and what he had to endure.

What a true idiot, if you didn’t speak of everything you had done for her, if you didn’t talk about the love from the bottom of your heart, how could the girl possibly known of your feelings for her, she wasn’t immortal!

He was determined to persist and develop his Lei Feng spirit to help the iceberg, whose IQ dropped suddenly when it came to romance.

He adjusted his expression, making himself look deep and distressed: “A Chen was intelligent since he was young, nothing could stump him. But his character is honest and his family is rich, so he’s often deceived by others. But even after being cheated, he still trusts them, he’s really an idiot!”

“Jing Sheng Corporation looks bright and beautiful, but in reality, the relationships within are tangled and complicated, with dangers along each step. He took over the corporation not long after returning from overseas, who knows how many people are mocking him.”

“Ms. Shangguan, do you know the price he paid for you? It was his future! On the first day of being appointed as the chairman, he kept you company at the hospital regardless of everything going on. If the shareholders knew that their chief officer was so irrational, A Chen would have been removed from his chairman position today!”

Mu Qing didn’t think that his own words were considered alarmist talk. So many people eyed Jing Sheng Corporation covetously, it wasn’t exaggerated to use the idiom ‘walking on thin ice’ to describe the situation.

Only Jing Yichen never responded with what was seen as common sense. In addition, Jing Yichen possessed 40% of Jing Sheng Corporation’s stocks, he was the greatest shareholder. If anyone had dared to question him, Jing Yichen would have likely messed with them until all that’s left were their underpants..

Of course Mu Qing would never talk about this cruel and brutal, cunning and ruthless Jing Yichen.

He only needed to display Jing Yichen’s pitiful, kind, innocent, and victimized side in front of Shangguan Ning.

[1] TL Note: Lei Feng (1940-1962), a driver in the army, is a symbolic person used as a model of altruism, dedication, and kindness. Lei Feng spirit refers to the attributes of of Lei Feng. 

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