Black Bellied President Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 — Dismissed By the University

Jing Yichen even help deal with Guo Shuai while he was at it, which saved her from a huge annoyance.

Shangguan Ning gritted her teeth, fuming with hate for Guo Shuai. This guy was both mental and petty, She just hoped that he would get a taste of his own medicine. Otherwise, who knows when the man might repeat his actions again despite his vain attempt yesterday.

She wasn’t going to wait until she has already suffered losses, then retaliate. It would already be too late by that time. 

Shangguan Ning remembered yesterday clearly, the conversation with Guo Shuai gave her the hint that someone was helping him, becoming Guo Shuai’s patron.

Guo Shuai was usually on campus, so he couldn’t have known someone with a deep background. No one would help him without rhyme or reason lest this person had enmity towards her. Only then would said person use this kind of underhanded tactics for the sake of completely ruining her.

By not taking into account Shangguan Rouxue, those who held enmity towards her would only be her Aunt and younger cousin. However, she really wasn’t willing to believe that this incident had anything to do with them.

Once she recovered a bit more, she needed to personally go ask Guo Shuai for the one who helped him!

Zhao Anan also learned from Jing Yichen that someone must had incited Guo Shuai to do this, but he hasn’t found out who was the culprit behind the scene yet. Seeing that Shangguan Ning’s complexion wasn’t too good, she hesitated on whether or not she should tell her the latest news that she received.

“What is it, Anan? There’s something you haven’t told, isn’t there?” Shangguan Ning saw through Zhao Anan’s hesitance. She wasn’t someone with an ulterior motive, whatever thoughts she has, they are practically written all over her face.

Zhao Anan considered for a moment, but she still couldn’t hold it. In any case, this was something that Shangguan Ning was going to know sooner or later. “The university had us… dismissed…”

“What?!” Shangguan Ning bolted up in alarm. “Why?!”

“You are accused of engaging in a sexual relationship at school, and I was charged with the offense of neglecting my job and student abuse.”

“I didn’t! The school’s framing us — the situation wasn’t like that at all!” Shangguan Ning was furious. The university was inverting black and white, and it was helping Guo Shuai too! Could it be that someone from the university participated in this incident as well?

“Anan, I’ll go explain to the school. I can’t let them fire you like this because of me. You had no choice at that time anyway.”

Of course, Zhao Anan knew that Shangguan Ning was innocent. She was very indignant as well, but she didn’t feel too big of an impact as far as being fired by the university was concerned.

“Ah Ning, don’t worry about it. If you want to return to the university, then I’ll find my brother to help you since there isn’t anything that he couldn’t do in A City after all. As for me, I already had the plan to not stay in the university, so you don’t have to worry. I’m not suitable as a teacher anyway, so it’s better if I don’t go wrecking the next generation.”

Shangguan Ning shook her head. She didn’t want to trouble Jing Yichen again, this was something that she could handle herself.

“Anan, your brother doesn’t need to help me get re-employed back to the university. I have my own methods.”

Zhao Anan still wanted to say something, but Shangguan Ning didn’t let her. “You’ve already helped me a lot. As for the rest, I’ll take care of them by myself!”

“En, okay, but you can call me if you have something on your mind. Now, come here, I’ll re-apply the medicine for you.”

As Zhao Anan kept Shangguan Ning company and reapplied medicine for her, Jing Yichen brought Ah Hu and Mu Qing to the underground sector―Mu Qing shamelessly followed along because how could he miss out on something as thrilling as this?

Jing Yichen didn’t agree at the beginning, but shortly afterward, he fished out a silver needle from who-knows-where and argued: “I have a secret weapon. Whatever secret you wanna know, all I have to do is to needle him, and I guarantee you that he will cough up the eight generations of his family tree.”

Jing Yichen thought that it might come into use, so he took Mu Qing with him.

The underground sector wasn’t exactly underground, but a deluxe nightclub located in the heart of the city.

The nightclub has two floors, the first was for entertainment while the second was a casino. It was also a well-known underground sector in the criminal world. The Red Night Triad’s headquarters was coincidentally in the underground sector.

Red Night was one of the very best organizations in the underworld. It’s growing momentum in the past two years was especially steady yet fierce which cannot be mentioned without its president and leader, Black Knife.

Black Knife was nearing his fifties, yet the older he was the more fearsome he got with his name climbing all the more higher. Now whoever saw him in the underworld would have to address him respectfully as “Old Master Knife”. He was notorious for his ruthlessness. As long as the price was high enough, there was no business that he didn’t dare to do. And at the mention of “Old Master Knife”, those who knew him all trembled for the fear of being remembered by him.

Today, the very one mighty, domineering Old Master Knife had been so struck with terror that he shattered the previous century-old Yixing clay teapot in his hands the moment he heard his subordinate reporting in that there was a ‘Jing Yichen’ who wanted to see him.

He promptly booted the passionate beauty that had served him with a kick, swearing as he pulled up his pants and hurried out. “What mother f***ing bad luck! Who was it that provoked this living King of Hell?! If I, your father,  finds out, I’ll definitely skin him alive!”

By the time when Jing Yichen came to the second floor of the underground sector, its promenade was already filled with a row of black-clad henchmen. They all stood ramrod straight, but when they saw that the guest arrived, they immediately bend in a perfect ninety-degree bow, chorusing loudly: “Welcome Yong Master Jing to the underground sector!”

Ah Hu, who followed behind Jing Yichen, didn’t have much of a reaction. Mu Qing, however, jumped in shock. He had come to the underground sector to gamble before, but there was no such grand welcome that time!

Jing Yichen turned a blind eye to all of this, his pace was steady as he walked forward.

A man who was short yet showed exceptionally quick-wits came bowing as he walked in front of Jing Yichen, and mustering the most cordial smile he could. “Black Knife is honored for Young Master Jing to grace us with your presence. You haven’t visited for quite a while that we, brothers, missed you very much!”

One of the new lackeys standing in the promenade dropped his jaws to the ground in shock. After all, the Old Master Knife that caused the underworld to tremble with but a stomp of his foot was actually humble towards a young man! No one would believe his words if he spoke about it!

Jing Yichen only apathetically made an ‘en’ sound before continuing forward. 

Entering the spacious private room and without waiting for Black Knife to settle in his seat, Jing Yichen coldly started talking. “I want to know the client who put in a mission that was recently received here.”

“Young Master Jing, this — you’re putting this old knife here in a difficult spot. The laws of the underworld… Little Knife I don’t have the guts to break them!” Black Knife was immediately drenched in cold sweat, cursing the eight generations of the person who received said mission, but he could only brace himself as he answered Jing Yichen.

There was a very important law  in the underworld, and that was to maintain a strict secrecy of the preceding client. Otherwise, if the victims found the culprits, then they would start a frenzied retaliation. By then, the criminal world wouldn’t be able to do the dirty work on another villain again even if they wanted to.

Jing Yichen made no comment, but the aura that he emitted was getting colder by the second that even Mu Qing, who stood by his side, felt uncomfortable.

Black Knife couldn’t help but shudder when he recalled Jing Yichen’s previous ruthlessness. 

He obviously didn’t decline to offer up the client, he just couldn’t agree so readily. This was also to let Jing Yichen know that his line of business wasn’t that simple. 

Besides, refusing to offer up the client needed to depend on who the other party was. The client could be said to be unfortunate for encountering someone like Jing Yichen, but it wouldn’t affect his entire Red Night triad’s business.

Ten years ago, Jing Yichen had flipped the entire underworld upside down. He didn’t know how many brothers had perished for the sake of finding a girl that time, even he had almost handed over his life.

It was only in the recent years that Red Night was restored to its former size. They had just released a breath, and they don’t want to be choked to death by the living King of Hell again so soon!

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  1. Jing Yichen is a serious business man.He gets things done. He will soon find out who laid a contract out on Shangguan Ning. Whom .ever they were , they made a serious mistake.

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