Black Bellied President Chapter 46

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46 —- Starting Work at Jing Sheng

Shangguan Ning and Jing Yichen finished freshening up in two different bathrooms, and entered the dining room together for breakfast.

Breakfast was exceptionally luxurious. Shangguan Ning wasn’t feeling very well, yet she still forced herself to eat more.

She was going to work later, the extra food would give her the strength to battle her cold.

It was just past 7:30 am. Jing Yichen changed into a black suit, preparing to leave. He needed to return to the Jing family’s residence first, and then follow his father, Jing Zhongxiu, to Jing Sheng Corporation to formally meet all of Jing Sheng’s major shareholders.

From today on, Jing Sheng Corporation will be completely under his control.

He had plotted this event for a long time, so he treated it particularly seriously.

He picked up a light grey wool coat while he was at it. He was about to leave when he thought for a moment and withdrew his step.

When they were eating, he noticed that Shangguan Ning seemed to have caught a cold. Apparently the medicine from last night didn’t have much of an effect.

She wore so little last night as she froze foolishly outside for so long. It would have been strange if she didn’t catch a cold.

He returned back to his bedroom silently, startling Shangguan Ning: “Why didn’t you leave yet? Didn’t you already walk out the door?”

Jing Yichen’s complexion was unsightly, was she really hoping for him to leave?

He extended his hand to inspect her forehead with concern. Soon after, he commanded: “It’s probably a slight fever. You’re not allowed to go anywhere today, stay at home and rest properly! If you want to eat anything, tell the kitchen. Don’t eat any take-out!”

“That’s not possible, today is my first day at work. How can I be absent on my first day! What if my boss gets a bad impression of me!” Shangguan Ning panicked. She felt that her health was fine, it was only a cold. She needed to go to work.

Although she referred to Jing Zhongxiu as uncle Jing, it didn’t signify that she could act regardless of the rules. The chairman’s assistant of Jing Sheng Corporation was a position that many people envied, she cherished this job opportunity her uncle had found for her.

Wait, what did he just say, take-out? How did he know that she ordered take-out?!

“Yesterday’s buy 1 get 3 free take-out was from you right?” Her tone was somewhat suspicious but mostly certain.

Jing Yichen nodded his head and responded with a light “en.”

No wonder, she knew that if the take-out company gave out meals like this, they would have gone bankrupt.

An indescribable warmth welled up in Shangguan Ning’s heart. He was able to notice such subtle events, this gave her the misconception of being protected.

She had only blanked out slightly before returning back to reality quickly: “Help me find a locksmith to open my door, I need to change my clothes!”

“Opening the door is fine, but you can’t go to work today, you can only rest at home. You can go once your body has fully recovered.” Jing Yichen was still worried. It didn’t matter whether she worked or not, it wasn’t like he couldn’t support her financially. But if she overworked herself, then it wasn’t worth it.

“Alright, I’ll rest at home and I won’t go to work. Hurry up and find someone to open the door.” Shangguan Ning rolled her eyes and agreed suddenly.

As long as he would help her open the door, she could do anything. He was leaving in a while anyways. She could still go to work secretly without him knowing.

She plotted her own intentions naively. She was secretly delighted in her mind as she thought about tricking Jing Yichen, who’s IQ and EQ certainly crushed hers.

When Jing Yichen noticed that she had accepted, his complexion slowly eased. After, he called A Hu——A Hu could easily fix a small problem like opening a lock.

But he couldn’t let Shangguan Ning know, otherwise she would think that he didn’t have good intentions carrying her back to his home.

Although he really didn’t have any good intentions at all.

After a while, he spoke to Shangguan Ning: “Okay, your door is already open, you can……”

When Shangguan Ning heard that her door was open, she immediately ran out without even turning her head.

Jing Yichen looked at her impatiently wanting to leave appearance and the atmosphere around him suddenly became chilly.

This little ingrate, immediately throwing him away after using him, without a “thank you”.

He raised his wrist to glance at his watch, 7:40 am, time to leave.

Shangguan Ning returned home and directly started changing and brushing her hair. She packed up her items rapidly and prepared to go to work.

Her nervousness and franticness before work made her overlook the fact that her body was unwell. It wasn’t until she had already driven out a good distance, before she sensed that she felt slightly dizzy.

This was the first sign of her severe cold. She hoped that it wouldn’t break out so quickly this time, at least until she made it past today!

Jing Sheng Corporation started work at 8:30 am. When Shangguan Ning reached the company, it was exactly 8:15 am.

She wore a black business suit with a skirt, a sapphire blue blouse, and six-inch black heels. On the outside, she covered up herself with a slim-fit, plaid coat and standard white-collar clothing articles in the workplace.

Shangguan Ning put on her coat and grabbed her bag as she entered the corporation’s building.

Two rather pretty ushers were standing in the lobby of the grand building. When they heard that Shangguan Ning was the new chairman’s assistant, smiles immediately piled up on their faces.

Someone had already told them that there was going to be a new assistant for the chief officer today, they needed to properly welcome her.

Only they didn’t expect that this new assistant would be so young and beautiful. She had clearly worn the most ordinary black business attire, but her entire body was giving off an elegant aura, pushing all the so-called beauties of their company off the ranks.

She had on some light makeup. Her skin was snow-white and exquisite. Her five sensory organs were delicate and pretty, especially her two eyes, limpid and bright like a clear spring, allowing others to remember it by heart with one glance.

The two ushers verified her identity politely and then took her over to the elevator: “The chairman’s office is on the seventy-sixth floor. There’s no way of getting up there without a magnetic card, I’ll help you swipe the card.”

Shangguan Ning followed the usher into the elevator and watched as she placed the magnetic card on the inductor. The elevator distinguished it automatically and the button for the seventy-sixth floor began to glow.

Shangguan Ning thanked her politely and ignored the usher’s vague examining look. She rode the elevator up to the seventy-sixth floor.

The renovation of the entire seventy-sixth floor was simple yet elegant. Once Shangguan Ning arrived, a slim, middle-aged man in a suit headed towards her.

“Ms. Shangguan?”

Shangguan Ning nodded her head and spoke with a faint smile: “Hello, I’m Shangguan Ning, may I ask who you are?”

“Hello, I am the chairman’s high-level assistant, Lu Qin. I am here today to hand over some important work matters to you and furthermore take on the responsibility of guiding you for one to two months until you qualify for the job of the chairman’s assistant. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me at any time.” Lu Qin had a serious expression, his speech and smile were formal, the order of his words were distinct, concise and experienced. With only a glance, one could tell that he was an experienced elder.

Shangguan Ning expressed her gratitude with appreciation: “It’s the younger generation’s honor to learn from a senior. I will certainly work hard. Thank you for all the troubles.”

Lu Qin nodded his head lightly. He introduced her to the chairman’s office and then took her to the assistant’s office right next to it.

“The chief officer is on the top floor attending the general meeting for shareholders. It will be a while before he comes back. This is his schedule for the week, you can get familiar with it for a moment. Once the meeting ends later, remember to report to him the arrangements and schedule for today.”


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