Black Bellied President Chapter 49

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49 —- Oppressive Chairman’s Restlessness After Marriage

The process of obtaining a marriage certificate was fairly simple. After a moment, two red booklets were handed over to the new couple.

Everyone could tell that the wife was unwilling and that the husband was wishful. They all believed that the wife had a disease beyond cure yet the husband insisted on marrying her.

What a great man, a handsome appearance, an extraordinary aura, and so passionate. In a split second, he became the synonym of a proper man.

Jing Yichen ignored the peculiar looks in the lobby. He carried his new wife, Shangguan Ning, as he took large strides out of the building and stepped into the one and only luxurious sports car in City A.

“A Hu, to Mu Hospital at the fastest speed!”

Thus a powerful current suddenly sped into the traffic stream of City A.

After ten minutes, Mu Hospital’s doors opened as Jing Yichen quickly carried the unconscious Shangguan Ning inside.

In the emergency room, Mu Qing quickly performed a familiar complete inspection. His assistant followed his orders and rapidly prescribed the medication for the patient on the bed.

Jing Yichen broke the rule of no relatives allowed in the emergency room. He stood perfectly straight at the end of the bed, observing silently.

“If your medical expertise isn’t enough, then let your grandfather do it!”

Mu Qing’s hand trembled as he injected Shangguan Ning, nearly pricking her at a crooked angle.

Fortunately, when he was performing surgeries, his grandfather was always beside him, gesturing as he criticized him. He had been accustomed to being irritated, so he could use a knife or needle with extreme steadiness.

It wasn’t until he had treated the wound on Shangguan Ning’s head properly, waited for her temperature to slowly decline and her heartbeat to return to normal, before Mu Qing took off his gloves, removed his surgical mask, and glared at Jing Yichen angrily, starting to speak in blowout mode.

“You better not be unable to differentiate good from bad. The number of people in this world that can make young master, I, personally treat and cure can be counted with one hand!”

“You think that my grandfather is better than me? I am an example of the student surpasses the master, I’ve exceeded him long ago!”


“Then why hasn’t she woken up yet?” Jing Yichen stared at his new, fresh out of the oven wife, unable to take his eyes off. He completely ignored Mu Qing’s murderous look.

Mu Qing looked at him like an idiot. He thought that recently, master Jing’s IQ was constantly dropping.

“Her fever was nearly 40 degrees. It’s already amazing that I can lower her temperature this quickly and ensure her safety! She fell asleep because her body’s immune system is starting to take effect, this is beneficial for her!”

Mu Qing stomped his feet with anger. If anyone dared to question his medical expertise, then he’ll fight them!

Who knew that Jing Yichen acted as if he didn’t see anything and responded with a faint “oh.”

He was only asking randomly, he wasn’t actually hoping for her to wake up at the moment. He was only worried.

“Also, don’t you know that when doctors are treating patients, they avoid having family members on the side like a mad dog randomly biting humans? Next time, keep away from my emergency room so that I can control myself from wanting to stab my surgical knife at you! If it wasn’t for that fact that I was used to being tormented by the weird old man, that needle could been injected at the wrong angle! If I pricked an extra hole on her, you’ll definitely kill me afterwards!”

Mu Qing didn’t know that Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning had already gotten their marriage certificates. He was only addressing Jing Yichen as a “family member” subconsciously. To him, it seemed that Jing Yichen would eventually take this woman as wife——he had never treated someone so meticulously.

“Hey, it’s not easy for me! It’s hard for this girl too, being tortured by you everyday. How many times has she gone to the hospital since she met you! I’ve almost become her full time doctor!”

Mu Qing complained as he chattered on. His eyes were continuously rolling around.

“You see, your woman comes to my place nearly every day. If I didn’t have the latest equipment and pharmaceuticals, how could she have possibly recovered so quickly? So, you better hurry up and invest in our hospital! Later when your woman comes again, I’ll have my grandfather personally diagnose and treat her, how’s that?”

Jing Yichen finally glanced at him and stayed silent for a while, as if he was considering his words seriously.

Mu Qing couldn’t helping feeling slightly nervous in his heart. If Jing Yichen didn’t agree, then in a few days, the old man will force him to marry the ugly girl from the Yang family again!

He had already mentioned it to Jing Yichen countless times, but he never gave in.

Because investing in Mu Hospital meant that they needed a minimum of 1 billion dollars, possibly more, while the gains were very slow. Being able to take back 10 million in a year was already considered pretty good.

It was only after noticing that Jing Yichen cared about the slim and weak woman on the hospital, when he thought about using her to evoke Jing Yichen.

Jing Yichen obviously knew of Mu Qing’s schemes.The successors of influential families appeared to have gotten what they wanted, but in reality, behind the extravagance and luxuries, the pressure on them was hard to imagine.

If he didn’t invest in Mu Hospital, in a year, Mu Qing would be required to marry the Yang family’s honourable daughter.

Mu Hospital had already received funds from Jing Sheng Corporation 20 years ago. Currently, Jing Sheng had 10% of Mu Hospital.

The two families were originally friends and now, their relationships were closer. One of the projects in Jing Yichen’s plans after taking office, included funding Mu Hospital.

But he didn’t expect that this investment would be launched so quickly, after all, he had just taken over the company and 1 billion was not a small number. If they couldn’t receive sufficient profits in a short period of time, Jing Sheng Corporation’s funding chain would be in danger of breaking.

The shareholders of the company would not approve of this young, new chairman taking the risk.

Jing Yichen caught a glimpse at the girl lying on the bed. Her complexion was extremely pale, her eyelashes were slightly trembling. She didn’t have her usual liveliness and happiness, causing his heart to ache uncontrollably.

He once thought that as long as they obtained their marriage certificates, she wouldn’t be able to run away.

But the present facts shattered his dream without difficulty——if she wanted to leave him, it would be very easy.

The finest doctors in the world worked at Mu Hospital, and they were all worth trusting. The only problem was that the equipment was becoming old and the development of drugs remained in a stagnation phase due to funding issues. If it wasn’t for their experienced doctors and excellent technology that still attracted many patients, they would have long been crowded out by the other hospitals in City A.

Mu Qing’s paternal grandfather always had the title of “God Doctor,” only nowadays, he rarely treated patients. He didn’t even need medication, he didn’t need machinery and equipment, he merely relied on his abundant experiences to make people rise from the dead.

He couldn’t let go of a person like this.

He still hoped that he would be able to request the elder to nurse Shangguan Ning’s health in the future.

Although Mu Qing bragged about himself, he was still too young. Compared to his grandfather, he still fell short.

Jing Yichen gripped gently onto Shangguan Ning’s delicate as jade hand and spoke in a faint voice: “Once she wakes up, Jing Sheng Corporation will officially conduct the risk evaluation towards the hospital.”

He was about to prepare for funding!

Mu Qing became ecstatic!

This was amazing! He finally didn’t have to marry that ugly Yang girl!

Shangguan Ning was really his lucky star, she was Mu Hospital’s lucky star. He will definitely make the old man personally prescribe auxiliary medication for her and ensure that this girl lives a long and happy life! As long as she was here for a day, Jing Yichen will help Mu Hospital for a day!


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