Black Bellied President Chapter 51

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51 —- It’s Fine, I Can Carry You

Women were all soft-hearted, they would protect small and weak animals subconsciously.

As expected, once Mu Qing finished talking, Shangguan Ning paused.

Really? Was it really like this? Jing Yichen cared about her……this much?

Did she…..go too far?

She didn’t know about the Jing family’s situation, but she could infer that since Jing Sheng Corporation was a hundred billion dollar asset, there must have been many people who had completely used up all their strategies to get a share of the profits.

Only one Shangguan Rouxue in her home had defeated her, she didn’t know how she’ll endure her days with Jing Yichen.

Shangguan Ning slowly sank into bewilderness, chaos, and guilt.

Yet Mu Qing knew when to stop. He left the room secretly to personally choose breakfast for the Jing family’s future lady.

While he was at it, he needed to tell his grandfather that he didn’t need to marry that woman from the Yang family anymore!

Mu Qing wanted to be a monster like Jing Yichen too and take a woman he liked himself as wife! And then imperiously protect her for an entire lifetime!

Shangguan Ning stayed in the hospital for the entire day. Mu Qing seemed to be very busy, but he still took care of her in every possible way as before.

She knew that all of this was because of Jing Yichen.

Her fever was gone and Mu Qing didn’t let her receive more intravenous fluids, he said that injecting too much would ruin her body’s original immunity. Her health was initially pretty good, relying on herself to recover was more helpful for her body.

In the evening, Shangguan Ning wanted to be discharged from the hospital, but Mu Qing didn’t give consent.

He adopted his most pitiful expression, practically on the verge of crying: “If A Chen comes back and can’t find you, he’ll definitely tear apart my family’s hospital! Please pity our hospital’s group of medical personnel who worked busily for you for so long and wait until he comes before you leave!”

Shangguan Ning wanted to leave while Jing Yichen wasn’t here yet. When Mu Qing spoke this way, she felt that it was inconvenient for her to go.

When Mu Qing realized that she was no longer leaving, he released a breath in his mind.

She had really hounded him to death. For the entire day, as a doctor, he had to act intense and pitiful, it wasn’t easy!

When night fell, Jing Yichen appeared at the doorway of the hospital room.

He walked into the room slowly, extended his hand to inspect her forehead, and lowered it shortly following.

He was travel-worn, his suit and shirt had clearly not been changed, it was still the same outfit from yesterday. It was unbelievable that this would happen to him.

He never had the habit of wearing dirty clothes from the day before on the second day.

His originally wise and bright eyes were covered with red wisps of blood. His complexion was pale, appearing extremely tired.

He had not rested for two days and one night, even Iron Man would have been worn out.

Shangguan Ning was slightly heart-broken.

His appearance scattered the low spirits in her heart, making her blame herself even more.

Jing Yichen took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders. Then, while Shangguan Ning shouted in a low voice, he picked her up horizontally.

“A Ning, let’s go home alright?”

His voice was pleasing to hear as always, only there was an extra trace of hoarseness, making Shangguan Ning’s heart expand.

She gazed at his deep pupils, thinking about his words “A Ning,” while nodding her head lightly: “Okay.”

AdvertisementThe haze in Jing Yichen’s heart dispersed after hearing her one word. His entire body began to relax.

He didn’t know why Shangguan Ning wasn’t mad at him anymore, why she had become so amenable after not seeing each other for a day.

On his way here, he was afraid that she would ignore him and tell him coldly not to touch her, and that she hated him!

But she didn’t. She leaned against his chest quietly and gently, like a lovable and obedient kitten.

He carried her tightly as he took large strides out of the hospital room.

Mu Hospital was a private hospital, the management was very strict. Although the nurses had amorous looks in their eyes when they saw Jing Yichen, they didn’t shriek infatuatedly like normal people.

Every time he came to the hospital, the nurses strived to gather around him. But due to the hospital’s regulations and his ice-cold atmosphere, nobody dared to stay too close.

At the moment, they all stared at Shangguan Ning in his arms with envy, wishing that the person he carried was themself.

AdvertisementThis man, who was as cold as a mountain, was always difficult to approach. But in the last few days, they frequently saw him carrying this woman in and out.

This type of woman made the nurses madly jealous. Each of them stretched their necks, wanting to catch a clear look of her appearance——Shangguan Ning stayed in the high-quality hospital room. Other than the head nurse, no one was allowed to enter.

Jing Yichen carried Shangguan Ning as they walked down the long hallways of the hospital.

She felt slightly embarrassed being stared at by so many people. In addition, Jing Yichen looked extremely worn out, she didn’t want to increase his burdens.

“Let me down, I can walk myself.”

Jing Yichen looked at the woman in his arms and revealed a faint smile: “Feeling sorry for me? It’s fine, I have enough strength to carry you. One day, when I’m old and can no longer carry you, then I’ll hold your hand as we walk together.”

Although it wasn’t an oath of eternal love, although it wasn’t sweet talk, it was the most pleasant love expression Shangguan Ning had ever heard.

A trace of throbbing flashed across her calm heart like never before, making her lean closer to him without being aware.

Jing Yichen carried her into the car. When A Hu saw that the two had sat down properly, he immediately started the engine and departed.

The car forged ahead rapidly, the scenery outside fell back at lightning speed, as if it were Shangguan Ning’s countless unbearable past memories, fading away.

Tomorrow will be better right?

Her hand was wrapped up by Jing Yichen’s slender, forceful, and large hand, providing her with endless warmth.

Before, she felt very uncomfortable with his intimate contact. Yet today, when she was pulled into his embrace and when they held hands, she was unsure of why she didn’t reject it at all. On the contrary she felt slightly joyful.

His shoulders were especially wide, making her feel abnormally at ease. The panicky feeling from the day before was completely nonexistent.

Maybe, her heart was already clear, she was only too scared from being deceived yesterday, scared that her newly ignited bit of hope would annihilate.

Once they reached Li Jing neighbourhood, Shangguan Ning refused to let Jing Yichen carry her. Jing Yichen didn’t insist.

They weren’t in a hurry, they could take their time. He had an entire lifetime to carry her.

A Hu saw the two of them off and drove another one of Jing Yichen’s ordinary cars as he disappeared into the night. The only two left in the elevator were Shangguan Ning and Jing Yichen.

Shangguan Ning extended her arm to press the button for the sixth floor, but she was pulled into Jing Yichen’s arms.

“Why are you pressing the sixth floor?” His tone was cold and dangerous, seeming as if he had heard an unsatisfactory answer and was about to eat someone alive.

Shangguan Ning looked into his eyes that were shimmering with sparks. Her voice couldn’t help losing its confidence: “To go home.”

“My wife, your home is on the twenty-seventh floor. Remember next time, don’t press the wrong button!”

“Then I’ll return to the sixth floor to get my clothes……”

“No need. Your husband, I, am worth over a hundred billion. Tell me what style you want to wear and I’ll have it delivered to you tomorrow morning! You can throw out your old clothes.”

Shangguan Ning was completely speechless.

This person wasn’t the ordinary type of oppressive, he didn’t give people a chance at all!

They reached the twenty-seventh floor in the blink of an eye. Jing Yichen looked as if he feared that the woman beside him would run away. He held onto her tightly and led her into the dining room.

Dishes had already been set up on the dining table. The aroma pounced on their nostrils, giving one a huge appetite.

At the sink on the side of the dining room, Jing Yichen dragged Shangguan Ning over, carefully and tenderly helping her wash her hands


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