Black Bellied President Chapter 61

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61 — Vacation

The reason why Li Yu Technology was named after her mother, Huang Liyu, was because when the business had just started off, she invested 5 million dollars and occupied 90% of the company’s assets. The remaining 10% was put forth by her father Shangguan Zheng. Starting up the company was also proposed by Shangguan Zheng. He was a government worker, therefore establishing a company would have had a bad influence on him. But when he noticed the great profits that came into other start-up companies, he became envious, and thus convinced her mother to set up a business.

At the time, Huang Liyu was pregnant and the fetal position was extremely unstable. She only wanted to take care of her baby wholeheartedly. But when she saw Shangguan Zheng’s urgent desire, she handed over the 5 million dollar sum her parents had set aside for her without hesitation. She also found Shangguan Xing, who had just graduated university at the time, to discuss the plans of making him in charge of the company’s daily affairs.

When Shangguan Xing realized that he could start his own company without putting in a cent, he immediately agreed. So all his responsibilities at the time revolved around management, research, and development. He didn’t invest any money.

Shangguan Ning previously felt that her mother was too naive and foolish, how could she have lent out such a huge sum of money. But afterwards, she understood that her single-minded devotion towards Xie Zhuojun was just as stupid as her mother’s!

Men who were able to accept women who sacrificed themselves regardless of anything, were not good men.

Shangguan Zheng was like this, Xie Zhuojun was also like this.

Shangguan Ning stared at the words “Li Yu Technology” on the newspaper as her heart ached to the point where she was unable to breathe.

She forced herself to read through the entire news report. From this, she realized that Li Yu Technology had stepped into the smartphone market.

Li Yu Technology started off developing domestic electric appliances and manufacturing refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and other devices. Their reputation in City A was relatively good, their sales had always been doing pretty well, they were one of City A’s signature enterprises.

Now, they had already begun producing cell phones.

From her instincts, Shangguan Ning felt that Li Yu Technology’s phones wouldn’t become particularly successful. She had a deep understanding of this company named after her mother. The research team had been led personally by her second paternal uncle, Shangguan Xing. The household appliances they developed had no problems, but smartphones were a completely different field. In addition, the competition was extremely intense, it wasn’t an ideal direction for expansion.

While she wrinkled her brows and pondered, Jing Yichen had already finished making breakfast and called her over to eat.

Shangguan Ning threw aside the newspaper and erased what she had just saw from her mind, preventing those matters from bothering herself.

Jing Yichen’s cooking made one praise and admire as always. Shangguan Ning devoured an extra half of a sandwich he had made.

The meals recently were amazing, she felt that she had gained quite a bit of weight.

After the couple finished their meal, their packed up their suitcases and rushed to the airport.

Prior to the end of the year, Jing Yichen had informed Shangguan Ning that he would take her on vacation during the holidays.

The two of them had previously been outside the country for years. They were familiar with many of the tourist spots abroad, however they had barely visited any of the scenic locations in the country. After a discussion between the two, they settled on City N, with a climate as warm as spring.

City N was situated near the sea and part of the subtropical region, it was a well-known tourist location. At the moment, the north was experiencing a frigid winter, while this spot was nice and warm, a perfect fit for traveling.

The two had just stepped off the plane when a few middle-aged men in suits arrived at the airport to pick them up. They greeted Jing Yichen respectfully and glanced at Shangguan Ning with shock.

Jing Yichen never liked crowds, so he only requested for one person to take him and Shangguan Ning to the hotel. With a gesture of the hand, he made the rest of the men leave.

The person that stayed behind didn’t say much, all he did was nod towards Shangguan Ning and smiled as a greeting. Soon after, he directed the two of them onto a Lincoln and drove them personally to a five-star hotel.

Once they entered the hotel, Shangguan Ning heard the appellations from the staff members and realized that the person who drove their car and handled their luggage was actually the general manager of this five-star hotel.

With the manager stepping in, Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning quickly checked in.

The room was a luxurious president suite. A beautiful seascape was plainly visible outside the window, providing the ultimate view and pleasure.

Shangguan Ning gazed at the deep blue seawater, golden beach, and emerald-green coconut trees. She took in a deep breath of the fresh air and felt joy welling up inside of herself.

Jing Yichen surrounded her from behind and a low voice echoed by her hear: “You like it here?”

Shangguan Ning nodded her head and responded briskly: “Of course!”

“Then we can visit often in the future,” Jing Yichen’s voice was dim, yet there was tenderness and love in his tone.

The two rested for a bit, before changing and heading to the beach together.

Shangguan Ning wore a red and white ripple bathing suit. The swimsuit was selected by Jing Yichen, although it wasn’t too exposed, it still revealed her perfect body figure.

Her skin, as pale as jade, appeared increasingly flirtatious and touching paired with the red bathing suit.

Jing Yichen looked at her slender and straight legs, her slim waist, and her faintly visible, large breasts. He couldn’t help feeling his mouth dry up.

He was currently regretting his decision of buying this bathing suit for her. Even though it wasn’t exposing certain parts, he was still unable to tolerate the scorching view as the surrounding men looked over at his lovable wife.

Shangguan Ning didn’t think that anything was inappropriate at first. Jing Yichen’s tastes were excellent, she loved this bathing suit. The upper portion was a short shoulder strap top, the bottom was a miniskirt. Compared to the three point bikinis all over the beach, her swimsuit was already fairly covered up.

But she didn’t know why the gazes of the surrounding men kept on following her. Jing Yichen’s pitch black pupils never left her for a moment. On the contrary, this made her feel slightly embarrassed.

She glanced at herself from top to bottom and spoke with hesitation: “Is…….there something inappropriate?”

Not only was it inappropriate, it was about to make him lose his mind.

Her beauty could only be admired by him, it was the first time he had seen her gorgeous legs, how could he let the perverts around them stare at her without restraint!

Jing Yichen sucked in a deep breath and responded faintly: “No, everything is fine. But you’ll need to change into something else later on. The weather is still chilly and you’re not wearing enough, you’ll easily catch a cold.”

Shangguan Ning caught a glimpse of the calm and tranquil chairman with suspicion.

Really? It was clearly hot here, everyone wore very little and very revealing clothes, since when was the weather chilly?

She didn’t overthink. She ran over to a vendor cheerfully and grabbed two coconuts, handing one over to Jing Yichen.

Jing Yichen received it with a smile and passed her the money.

She paid the money and hugged onto the coconut as she sipped on it happily.

Jing Yichen held onto her hand as they strolled slowly along the edge of the beach. Once they reached a location with few people, he spoke up softly: “Wait here, don’t leave, I’ll be back in a moment.”

Shangguan Ning wasn’t aware of what he was doing, but she didn’t ask any questions, only nodding her head as she agreed with a smile.

After Jing Yichen left, she took a seat on a beach chair and finished the rest of her coconut water. Unsatisfied, she picked up Jing Yichen’s and began drinking.

There were few people here, it lacked the bustling and lively atmosphere, allowing her to experience the true happiness of a vacation and relaxation.

But very quickly, the happiness was completely destroyed as someone passed by her view.


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