Black Bellied President Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 — The Person In Her Dream Was Him

Jing Yichen was at his last straw when he was heading out and told the person by his side: “Ah Hu, we’re leaving right now.”

There are some people that could give him a splitting migraine with how noisy they were.

“Ai, Ah Chen,” Mu Qing followed without missing a beat, chattering endlessly without care for his life. “Where did you find such a beautiful woman? It didn’t bring down her aesthetic beauty even with her face injured!”

“What kind of man are you to actually let someone drug her?! And what is the most unmanly thing is that you forced the lil’ belle to weather through it herself — I can’t believe you refused to sacrifice yourself; you actually refused to help the dying lil’ belle when she’s right in front of you!”

“Ah Chen, do you need me to take your pulse? I always felt that there was something wrong with your body, if not, why wouldn’t you touch even a single woman in all these years?”

Ah Hu swiftly pulled the car over, and Jing Yichen was just about to get in when Mu Qing had shamelessly beat him at it. However, just as he entered the car, Zhao Anan ran over like the wind.

“Big Brother, I seem to have just saw that damned rotten blockhead. Where is he?”

The instant Mu Qing heard that voice, he felt as if he was set on fire. He promptly dived  under the car seat as his life depended on it while he begged Jing Yichen by tugging at the corner of the latter’s pants.

“He’s inside looking over your friend.” Jing Yichen lied indifferently without a twitch of a muscle.

Zhao Anan peered at her stoned-faced cousin skeptically, half doubting as she spoke: “Wait for me here. I’ll go have a look-see.”

“En.” Jing Yichen impatiently nodded.

“That quack better not have made my family’s lil’ belle worse!” She remarked as she turned around, stomping step by step towards the villa. 

But just as she turned, the car pulled away. Then Mu Qing’s handsome face stuck out of the window, whistling while shouting in a voice that was in need of a beating. “Zhao Anan, you tomboy! I dare ya to come chase me. I dare ya to come bite me!”

Zhao Anan was angered to the point that she really did break into a run and started chasing, but how could she catch up to a car? She could only watch as her archenemy – in both life and death – left her in the dust.

She stomped her feet furiously in anger, uttering a few strings of curses before she turned around and entered the villa. She hadn’t forgotten about the injured Shangguan Ning, but the latter hadn’t had wake up when she had to leave this morning.

Shangguan Ning was woken up by her thirsty throat. The instant that she opened her eyes, what came straight into her sight was Zhao Anan’s worried face.

“Anan,” Her voice was still as hoarse as before, but her tone revealed her joy.

“Ah Ning, how are you? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Zhao Anan clasped  Shangguan Ning’s slender hand, asking in concern.

There was something rough in  her hand, causing Zhao Anan to lower her gaze, only to see a ghastly scar on the back of Shangguan Ning’s hand.

“That f***ing Guo deserves to die!” Zhao Anan couldn’t help but to curse. “I’ll definitely let him have a good taste of what it means to live a life that is worse than death!”

Only after Zhao Anan finished her vow, Zhao Anan realized that she’d brought up a humiliating experience for Shangguan Ning. To make up for it, she hastily apologized. “Ah Ning, it wasn’t intentional — don’t you take it to heart.It’s better to just forget about it, absolutely nothing happened yesterday!”

Shangguan Ning squeezed Zhao Anan’s hand in assurance, giving her a faint smile. “Silly, I had’t even had the time to thank you yet, much less blame you when it has nothing to do with you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be lying here perfectly safe and sound, talking to you. Anan, thank you; thank you for saving me!”

Shangguan Ning remembered most of what happened yesterday. If it wasn’t for Zhao Anan rushing over… she absolutely did not want to think of the repercussions. Now that she was safe from harm, her gratitude towards Zhao Anan simply could not be described with words alone.

Seeing that Shangguan Ning didn’t take yesterday’s incident to heart, nor did she avoid the subject, Zhao Anan relaxed before immediately activating her gossip mode and filling Shangguan Ning on the entire story.

“… I snatched that guy’s key and busted into the office. As soon as I saw that Guo bastard harassing you, I kicked him until he passed out! It is a good thing that I like to butt into other people’s business and came right on time, so that Guo scum didn’t get a chance to take advantage of you at all! But he was so ruthless, your face was so swollen that I hardly recognized you at all!”

Shangguan Ning had a bit of an impression of these events; she knew that Zhao Anan had been very prompt. What had been carved the most  into her memory was that when she saw Zhao Anan, who had never shed a tear,, had cried so wretchedly.

She didn’t know how to express her gratitude. All she could do was to hold Zhao Anan’s hand tighter. 

Zhao Anan was her lucky star; she just knew it. Shangguan Ning  hoped that she would be able to bring Zhao Anan good luck as well!

With Zhao Anan’s carefree personality, she was basically not aware of Shangguan Ning’s sentiments. In her eyes, saving Shangguan Ning was a matter of course. She only hated herself for not being there earlier, for not getting rid of that bastard of a Guo Shuai earlier.

“Aiyo, tsk, tsk,” Zhao Anan continued to jabber incessantly. “Did you know? My one phone call was enough for my brother to cross half of A City and come here in only a few minutes! Even I was shocked silly!”

Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but laugh. A few minutes? Wasn’t this too much of an exaggeration? That was impossible — unless he came on a plane.

“It’s true! It only took a few minutes!” Zhao Anan pressed stubbornly when Shangguan Ning didn’t seem to believe her. “Oh, right, my brother flew over by helicopter! When I went to the university today, I thought the entire campus was clamoring like a fryer! They were all discussing about the appearance of an helicopter yesterday, and the female students were so envious — oh, that’s right, it was also in the newspaper! I’ll let Aunt Wang show it to you in a moment…”

Shangguan Ning essentially didn’t hear the rest of what Zhao Anan has to say; her mind stopped at the phrase ‘helicopter’.

He actually flew to the university on a helicopter!

Shangguan Ning’s heart shook but regained peace soon after.

In her opinion, she wasn’t as important to this extent.

She stole a glance at the bright, ecstatic Zhao Anan, sighing in her heart.

It must have been only on behalf of Zhao Anan’s face that he utilized the helicopter. After all, it was Zhan Anan who made the call that time. Jing Yichen probably only deployed that kind of force because he thought his little cousin was in trouble.

“… Here, I brought you a set of my clothes, so you can go change into them. I was the one who helped you change into yesterday’s clothes, but since there wasn’t any female clothing, you had to tolerate with wearing my brother’s. Ah, that’s right, it was my brother that carried you into the helicopter! Normally, he wouldn’t let me touch him — not even once! — but he actually didn’t let go of you the entire time. I’m positive that he likes you! He even looked after you the whole time that you were asleep yesterday. He’s an incomparably good guy, isn’t he? So, what do you think, Ah Ning? Why don’t you give my brother some thought?”

Shangguan Ning had been drinking water when she heard Zhao Anan’ssuggestion, almost choking her.

Don’t tell her that the cool body that had held her from beginning to end in the fervent dream she had yesterday……  was him?


Although she couldn’t remember too clearly, she could recall herself persistently making her way into that cool hug, going as far as to firmly holding onto the other, refusing to let him leave!

Oh no. It was definitely him. This was so embarrassing!

No wonder she thought that he was acting strangely earlier this morning. It was probably because she threw herself at him last night!

Shangguan Ning hated not being able to find a hole to hide into. It was fortunate that Jing Yichen wasn’t present right now, otherwise, she would feel even more shameful.

“Anan,” She spoke anxiously, abruptly stopping Zhao Anan by a tug on her arm. “Repeat the whole story of yesterday’s incident from beginning to end again for me, don’t leave anything out!”

She was really worried that she might have done something she shouldn’t yesterday, but she just can’t recall it.

Zhao Anan was unusually cooperative as she re-narrated through yesterday’s event in full details.

After listening, Shangguan Ning’s expression was somewhat complicated.

So it turns out that she owned Jing Yichen more than she thought, and what was even more vexing was that she had no means of repaying him.

It was a good thing that she had Zhao Anan. He must have only been willing to help her for the sake of his little sister. There wouldn’t be any difference if she returned the favor to Zhao Anan in place of him in the future.

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