Black Bellied President Chapter 47

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47 —- I Am The Newly Appointed Chairman of Jing Sheng, Jing Yichen

Lu Qin informed her of a few things to take note of. Following, he roughly introduced Shangguan Ning’s routine job tasks.

“You just came so you will need to temporarily complete some basic job tasks on a daily basis. Other than that, I looked at your resume, you’re fluent in three languages, English, French, and German. You can serve as the chief officer’s translator and begin from this field. This week you’ll need to accompany him to meet clients and you’ll need to record discussions at all times. If he needs to go on a business trip, you won’t need to go temporarily, I will arrange others to go.”

Shangguan Ning was feeling unwell. She knew that her fever must have been breaking out. Looks like she wasn’t able to hold it in, today’s cold approached rapidly.

But she didn’t pay attention to her body’s reaction. She concentrated completely as she listened to Lu Qin’s introduction.

In fact Lu Qin realized that her complexion was slightly pale, she was clearly sick. When he noticed that she wasn’t acting fussy, instead listening very seriously, he felt a bit of satisfaction in his mind.

He was Jing Zhongxiu’s advanced assistant and had been in this position for over a decade. Due to the increase of work matters in the company, he had also recruited other assistants. They had all graduated from famous, well-known universities, but each one of them were too proud and arrogant, unable to stand the random, odd jobs given. After a while, they all chose to leave.

He knew that Jing Zhongxiu had recruited Shangguan Ning for an old friend. These types of girls who get in due to certain relationships were often not only fussy and lazy, but also the most likely to be proud, self-satisfied, and look down upon others.

Not bad, Shangguan Ning’s inner qualities and self-cultivation were pretty good. At least she wasn’t impatient, this was a merit rarely found in the younger generation.

From today on, Shangguan Ning was his apprentice. He hoped that he could help foster a competent assistant for the new chairman.

He thought that Shangguan Ning knew about the change in chief officers so he didn’t say much about it. In his heart, he would always treat Jing Zhongxiu as the chairman of Jing Sheng.

It was the first day so he didn’t teach much. After a rough introduction, he gave her a copy of the internal profiles of Jing Sheng’s high level positions.

“In here are the corporation’s organization and framework, memorize them. In here are also all the names, positions, appearances, hobbies, specialties, and flaws of the workers. You need to remember them and ensure that you can respond to them easily the next time you meet them.”

Shangguan Ning took the thick booklet solemnly and replied neutrally: “You can be assured, I won’t expose this to outsiders.”

Lu Qin finally revealed a smile. Seems like this little girl was extremely intelligent.

He nodded his head and turned around, leaving to work on his own tasks.

Shangguan Ning sat in front of her desk given by the corporation and looked at the chairman’s schedule and arrangements for the day first.

8:20 am, Jing Sheng Corporation shareholders’ meeting.

10:30 am, Meeting regarding the business acquisition of Xing Yao Media.

12:00 pm, Lunch with Miss Ji Lili……

The shareholders’ meeting was currently in session. Xing Yao media was an entertainment company, the home of a massive number of big-shots. They were all a bit unknown and distant to Shangguan Ning.

She only knew Ji Lili, in fact she was very familiar.

Ji Lili was the honourable daughter of City A’s mayor, Ji Minyu, and one of the successors of the Ji family.

Ji Minyu was a symbolic character of City A. Her personality was strong, her family’s power was tyrannical. Her husband got a divorce with her because he couldn’t tolerate her oppression.

Ji Lili lacked paternal love since she was little and Ji Minyu, as a mother, felt that she owed her daughter, thus she had spoiled her out of control.

Ji Lili was extremely peculiar in many ways. One of her strangest hobbies include having good-looking people accompany her to eat.

Thanks to Shangguan Zheng, Shangguan Ning and Shangguan Rouxue had previously accompanied this girl to a meal. Only, after one meal she became mortal enemies with Shangguan Ning yet bestfriends with Shangguan Rouxue.

Shangguan Ning didn’t expect that the multi-billionaire chairman of the grand Jing Sheng Corporation would need to accompany Ji Lili to a meal!

Although Jing Zhongxiu was extremely handsome and had an extraordinary aura, he was still a middle-aged man. He was more than enough to be Ji Lili’s father!

Ji Lili’s tastes were……too strange!

Perhaps it was because she lacked paternal love as a child, or maybe this wasn’t simply a meal but a chance for the Jing family to collaborate with the Ji family.

Shangguan Ning shook her head and stopped overthinking. She quickly memorized the chairman’s schedule for today so that she could answer rapidly and fluently when he asked later on.

After memorizing the daily schedule, her head was already very dizzy.

The heater was on in the office. It was supposed to be very warm, but she felt colder and colder.

Shangguan Ning knew that her fever was getting worse.

She supported herself as she stood up and walked over to the water dispenser to pour herself a cup of hot water. She turned around and knocked against someone’s body. .

“Sorry, sorry, I’m too careless! Did I burn you?” She held onto her cup of water and apologized repeatedly. She looked up, yet she was alarmed by the person standing in front of her.

“Why are you here!?”

Shangguan Ning was shocked and confused. Jing Yichen didn’t pay attention to her at all and spoke coldly, without any facial expression: “Didn’t I tell you not to come to work today?! What did you promise?”

Shangguan Ning paused for quite a while before returning to reality. She kept on feeling that his words were strange, but she couldn’t think of what was wrong.

“It’s my first day at work, how could I not come? I’m fine, you…..”

She hadn’t finished yet when a large hand covered her forehead, making her suddenly forget everything she was about to say.

Jing Yichen looked at her coldly. Her forehead was burning and yet she said that she was fine!

She actually learned to lie and trick people! In the morning, she deceived him, saying that she would rest at home, yet in a flash she was at work! He had been intelligent his entire life, there were countless people who had been defeated by him, yet in the end, he had fallen into her hands!

Jing Yichen was both heart-broken and furious.

She completely disregarded his words. If she didn’t care about tormenting her own body, then why did he care!

The rage in his heart was bubbling up and his fist tightened, making his joints crack: “Shangguan Ning, you’re unbelievable, it’s been years since someone had made me this furious!”

Shangguan Ning had never heard him refer to her by her full name. Listening to it now only felt abnormally ear-piercing.

She knew that he was really mad.

But what was he mad about!

Was it possible for her not to come to work? This job did not come easily, how could she humiliate her uncle!

His attitude was horrid and Shangguan Ning’s behaviour wasn’t getting much better.

“Leave, this isn’t a place for people to randomly enter and exit. Don’t disturb my work!”

Hmph, she’s getting more out of control, she was starting to lecture him! And she had dared to tell him to leave!

Jing Yichen was about to burst into laughter as a result of being angered by her.

Alright, he won’t disturb her while she works!

He glanced coldly at the woman who refused to give in and turned around to leave without saying a word.

After a minute, the phone on Shangguan Ning’s desk began to ring: “Assistant Shangguan, the chief officer wants you in his office.”

Shangguan Ning heard that it was Lu Qin’s voice and hurriedly replied with an “alright.”

“Remember to remind him of his next event on the schedule. The business acquisition of Xing Yao media cannot be held back any longer, otherwise the price will rise substantially again.”

Shangguan Ning nodded seriously: “Don’t worry, I will remind the chief officer.”

After hanging up, she fixed up her appearance slightly before walking to the front of the door with the two words “chief officer.” She knocked on the door lightly.

A dim voice came from inside: “Come in!”

Shangguan Ning pushed open the door and stepped in. She spoke with a smile on her face: “Chief officer, you called for me…..”

She had not finished saying the word “me” when she opened her mouth wide in shock. The faint smile stiffened on her face.

“Hello, Shangguan assistant! I am the newly appointed chairman of Jing Sheng Corporation, Jing Yichen. From today on, you will be my assistant. Now, please report my work schedule!”


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