Black Bellied President Chapter 58

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58 —- Spending The New Year Together

The next day was Chinese New Year. Shangguan Ning didn’t return home, or more accurately stated, she was homeless.

Jing Yichen didn’t return back to the Jing household either. From day to night, he kept Shangguan Ning company, putting up Antithetical couplets, hanging signs with the word “luck,” pasting paper cutting art on windows. All of these decorations were selected by Shangguan Ning in person at the shopping center. [1]

The two just returned from abroad this year. In the past few years, they celebrated the most traditional Chinese Spring Festival alone overseas. Now that they had their own homes, they finally didn’t have to celebrate the new year in isolation.

Shangguan Ning was unaware of Jing Yichen’s family circumstances, but she had an extremely memorable impression from last time when his grandmother called him, urging him to get married. She could sense that the elderly woman loved her grandson dearly.

She spoke up with hesitation: “It’s…….not important if you don’t go home right?”

Jing Yichen looked up coldly and cheerlessly, his voice was calm and tranquil: “This is my home.”

He noticed that Shangguan Ning was worried and sighed softly, grabbing her hand and placing it within his palm, “Don’t worry, besides you, nobody else needs me. I haven’t celebrated the Spring Festival for years. Now that I’ve got a chance to celebrate with you, you can’t kick me out.”

Shangguan Ning was suddenly heartbroken.

Besides her, nobody else needed him…….

How could that be?

He was exceptionally outstanding, he should have been his family’s pride.

Let alone, most normal Chinese citizens celebrated the new year, it was was the grandest, most traditional holiday in China, with the exception of orphans without anyone to rely on, or pitiful people like her which having family was the equivalent of having none.

Unexpectedly, he hadn’t celebrated the Spring Festival in years, but he clearly had relatives……

Shangguan Ning smiled and took the initiative to hold his hand for the first time as she spoke: “Of course I wouldn’t want to kick you out, what will I do if you leave? I haven’t celebrated the new year with someone for years as well! The two of us are a legitimate couple now, it’s the expectation that we celebrate the holiday together!”

Jing Yichen finally began to chuckle, his laughter slowly extended from his eyes to his heart, allowing him to sense an unprecedented feeling of satisfaction.

He had his own home.

He hugged onto Shangguan Ning and then dragged her into the kitchen to make dumplings.

Jing Yichen let the chefs and servants off for the holidays. Even A Hu was on break, off with Li Duo to find their brothers.

The husband and wife were the only ones left in the house.

The sound of firecrackers filled the air outside from time to time. The children in the neighborhood ran cheerfully in the public square, naughtily igniting firecrackers and fireworks while the adults scolded them. The TV was broadcasting the must-watch CCTV New Year’s Gala. The atmosphere was steeped with the rich taste of the new year, happiness overflowed the entire house.

Shangguan Ning chewed on the piping hot dumplings as she watched Jing Yichen place a shrimp-stuffed dumpling into her bowl carefully. She felt an urge to shed tears.

Having him by her side, celebrating the new year with her, was wonderful.

Jing Yichen’s feelings were completely different from hers at the moment. He felt strongly that the most impulsive thing he had ever done in his life——forcing Shangguan Ning to marry him——was the most accurate decision!

He ate Shangguan Ning’s formless dumplings, thinking that it was the tastiest delicacy in the world.

After eating their New Year’s Eve dinner, Shangguan Ning suddenly envied the children playing downstairs in the liveliness and dragged Jing Yichen down the building.

The pitter-patter of firecrackers was all over the square. Some children were pulling pranks, they ignited strings of firecrackers and threw them towards Shangguan Ning’s feet.

The mini firecrackers exploded with sound when they hit the ground, scaring Shangguan Ning as she let out a shriek. Jing Yichen pulled her into his arms quickly and asked hurriedly: “A Ning, are you hurt?”

Shangguan Ning’s shriek was only because of being abruptly startled, she was never scared of firecrackers. In addition, the firecrackers the children played with had very little force, they couldn’t injure anyone.

In Jing Yichen’s arms, she looked up and responded with a smile: “I’m fine, I was only startled, don’t worry.”

Jing Yichen finally let go of his concerns after hearing that she was alright. He put on a stern face and turned around, preparing to get revenge on the child who threw the firecracker.

The kid knew that he had scared someone, that he had got into trouble. When he saw his apathetic face and tall figure, he was frightened and began to run.

But he ran too hurriedly, and tumbled to the ground accidentally.

Shangguan Ning immediately grabbed onto Jing Yichen and spoke, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “Don’t scare the child, he’s still little and I’m fine, don’t blame him.”

As she spoke, she stepped forward and extended her hand to help the child up. She brushed away the firecracker fragments on his body and asked while smiling: “What’s your name?”

The child thought that she was asking for his name in order to complain to his parents. He had come across these types of problems multiple times. Every time, he was the one who teased others and once they questioned his name, they would go report him to his mother!

He pursed his lips and finally replied after a long time: “I’ll……I’ll give you half of my firecrackers, can you not tell my mom?”

Shangguan Ning broke into laughter and nodded: “Okay, I won’t tell your mom, but you can’t use your firecrackers to scare others next time, alright?”

“Alright!” He promised effortlessly.

“Then can you tell me what your name is?”

“My name is Dou Dou!” The little boy had just finished speaking as he stuffed the box of firecrackers in Shangguan Ning’s hand and turned around, smiling as he ran off.

He ran far away, yet they could still hear him yell: “Aunt, you’re really pretty!”

Shangguan Ning couldn’t help laughing.

Jing Yichen stood on the side, observing her gentle and beautiful manner as she interacted with the child. A faint sense of comfort and warmth welled up in his heart.

He stepped forward and gripped onto her waist, speaking in a low voice by her ear: “Like children?”

Shangguan Ning was already used to his physical contact, but she wasn’t custom to listening to him speak in a deep and sexy voice beside her ear. A layer of blush emerged faintly on her pale face, she turned her head over.

“A child’s world is the cleanest and purest, so I really like them. I previously wanted to become a kindergarten teacher, but unfortunately, kindergarten teachers nowadays are required to have special abilities, like drawing, singing, dancing. What a pity, other than my long legs, I only know how to play tennis, but kindergartners aren’t allowed to play tennis.”

Jing Yichen found her amusing and began to laugh. A ray of light flashed across his eyes as he spoke faintly: “We can give birth to many in the future, you’ll be in charge of teaching them.”

Shangguan Ning was startled by his words, give birth to many, was she a pig!

But also, giving birth……

She had never thought about it before.

When she was with Jing Yichen, although he appeared indifferent and disliked talking, he would always consider her when they came across unnoticeable matters in life and look after her silently. He preferred taking action and did not favour expressing himself.

During her twenty-seven years of life, besides her mother and uncle, nobody had ever treated her so kindly.

She raised her head and gazed at the tall and upright, handsome and grandeur Jing Yichen. She suddenly lost her sense of reality.

Could she really continue living so happily?

Were the heavens compensating her?

If yes, then all the pain and despair she suffered in the past was worth it!

A bright and beautiful smile blossomed on her face as she extended her hand to Jing Yichen: “Lighter, I want to set off firecrackers to celebrate the new year!”

To celebrate, that in my new life, I met you!

[1] TL Note: Antithetical couplets, signs with the word “luck” {福}, and paper cutting art are traditional activities and decorations as a part of Chinese New Year.

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