Black Bellied President Chapter 65

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65 — Married an Exceptionally Strategic Husband

Shangguan Ning nodded her head frenetically: “Nothing!”

Jing Yichen sat up and surrounded her from behind. He rested his chin against her neck, breathing by her ear: “My wife, nothing happened last night, how did you lose all your strength?”

Her pale face instantly turned red, yet she felt that she had lost even more physical power.

She didn’t expect that the deadpan Jing Yichen, the one who was unreasonably apathetic, was full of evil tricks up his sleeve. The words that came out could kill her from humiliation within minutes.

She pried off his large hands that were currently looped around her waist, stroking endlessly, and bolted off the bed towards the bathroom.

Jing Yichen laid on the bed in isolation. As he witnessed her shy and blushing appearance, his mood brightened up like the rising sun.

He slipped off the bed and rummaged through the closet of clothes he had arranged someone to prepare for Shangguan Ning yesterday. In the end, he selected a long bohemian shoulder strap dress.

“Oh, this one will do!”

The style of the dress would certainly look stunning on the slim Shangguan Ning. But most importantly, the dress was long enough that it wouldn’t expose those beautiful, long legs, that made men drool with desire.

Once the two finished sorting things out, Shangguan Ning changed into the dress Jing Yichen had selected for her.

She loved the style of the dress. First off, it revealed her tall and skinny figure, and secondly, she didn’t need to worry about exposing herself if there was wind.

She thought that Jing Yichen’s tastes were pretty good. She stood in front of the mirror happily as she lifted the hem of her dress and twirled around. While tilting her head, she asked with a smile: “How do I look?”

Jing Yichen was leaning against the wall on the side. A trace of amazement flashed across his pitch-black pupils. Upon hearing her question, he nodded his head lightly: “Beautiful.”

But Shangguan Ning wasn’t happy, she pouted and muttered: “You’re not paying any attention, hmph…..”

When Jing Yichen saw her childish behaviour, he couldn’t hold back his laughter: “Silly!”

No matter what you wear, you will always be the most beautiful woman in my heart.

He held onto Shangguan Ning’s gentle hand and led her downstairs to eat breakfast.

Upon entering the peaceful and luxurious lobby, they heard an ongoing dispute.

Shangguan Ning looked over subconsciously, and her body froze.

It was Shangguan Rouxue and the six others.

Jing Yichen could sense Shangguan Ning’s body stiffening and tugged on her hand gently.

Shangguan Ning returned a rigid smile and followed him towards the dining hall.

There weren’t a lot of people in the eatery. The two of them found a table near the windows, seated themselves, and ordered their meal before Jing Yichen spoke up slowly: “You don’t like seeing them?”

Shangguan Ning lifted her head, her expression had already returned back to being calm and indifferent: “It’s fine, I’ve got you by my side.”

Jing Yichen paused for a moment and soon spoke with a guiding smile from the corners of his mouth: “Do you want to do why they were arguing at the reception desk in the morning?”

Shangguan Ning’s look carried suspicions, she responded: “Why?”

Indeed, she wasn’t sure why the six of them were squabbling with the hotel staff early in the morning. This didn’t quite match their character——the six of them were extremely sensitive about their public image. Those skilled at pretending to be good people were unlikely to get into conflicts with people outside of home, in order to avoid lowering their status.

“This hotel belongs to Jing Sheng.” Jing Yichen spat out the words calmly, there wasn’t a single alteration in his expression.

“So?” Although Shangguan Ning didn’t accurately predict that this five-star hotel belonged to Jing Sheng, once she thought about the special treatment they received upon arriving, everything became clear.

“So whoever the chairman, I, allow to live here, will do so. Whoever I don’t want living here, must get lost!”

Shangguan Ning paused. Although Jing Yichen was apathetic and honorable in front of her, he had never acted so vain and arrogant as he was now. This side of him made her feel slightly unadaptable, but she also felt that it was very nice!

Had she gone crazy?

Simply not having to see them everyday at the hotel and seashore made her very happy. Every time she came across them, her calm and steady life would always be smashed apart ruthlessly. She hoped that she would never see these people ever again.

Shangguan Ning’s clean and crystal clear eyes glistened. She tilted her head and stared at Jing Yichen, speaking with a worshipping look: “Turns out that I married an exceptionally strategic husband!”

Her facial expression and speech pleased Jing Yichen. The smile coming from the corners of his mouth could not be concealed. He shifted his handsome face towards Shangguan Ning’s lips: “Well shouldn’t you be giving your exceptionally strategic husband a reward?”

Shangguan Ning gazed at his handsome face, less than an inch away. She bit her lip and quickly pecked his cheek.

When she was finished, she looked around timidly. Once she realized that nobody had noticed her actions, she finally released the breath she was holding in.

She was much like a traumatized bunny, clutching onto the napkin fearfully, making Jing Yichen’s heart soften.

He enjoyed the tenderness and fragrance of her lips, reluctant to stop, however he controlled himself from teasing her further. When he noticed that the waiter was carrying over their breakfast, he began consuming the meal peacefully with her.

In the lobby at this very moment, the hotel manager was explaining to the six clearly angry people with a smile plastered on her face: “We’re very sorry, but the rooms you are living in have experienced water leakages. They are currently under construction and unable to be checked into for the next few days. Our hotel will refund your hotel fees and provide legal compensations.”

The hotel manager was a delicate and pretty woman. The black business dress revealed her fine figure completely, as well as an astute and skilled aura.

She spoke very courteously, but behind those words, she was indicating that the six of them could no longer stay at the hotel.

Yang Wenshu was angry and urgent. She did her best to maintain her graceful image, but it was impossible.

“It was fine just a moment ago, why is there a sudden water leakage? Is this the quality of a five-star hotel? And this can’t possibly be a coincidence, how come all the other rooms are fine, but the three suites we’re living in have water leaking?”

She had spent great difficulty convincing Shangguan Zheng to go on vacation during the Spring Festival holidays, how could the hotel force them out like this?! Weren’t they clearly taking advantage of them!

The others could obviously tell that the hotel staff were not allowing them to stay deliberately. Xie Zhuojun’s father, Xie Dongfeng, wrinkled his eyebrows and spoke to the manager with irritation: “Since our rooms have water leakages, they why don’t you check us into new suites!”

The hotel manager’s smile remained as she responded with a steady tone: “Apologies, but our hotel has already been fully booked, there are no spare rooms. Perhaps you can go check out some other hotels, we aren’t the only five-star hotel in City N. We were inconsiderate with our reception, please pardon us.”

Her words were still as polite as before, but her look grew slightly impatient.

These people had been arguing for the entire morning, forcing her to deal with them before she even got a chance to take a sip of water.

Honestly, a group of inexperienced folks. They were clueless that they had offended the senior management of the hotel. Yet they spoke with a superior tone towards her, as if she owed the six of them tens of millions of dollars. She truly wanted to kick them out one by one.

Shangguan Zheng had been used to keeping his word back in City A. When he realized that this hotel was trying to drive them out without reason, he couldn’t help feeling enraged.

“What kind of manager are you, call your general manager over, I want to file a complaint!”

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