Black Bellied President Chapter 66

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66 — Kicked Out Of The Hotel

Xie Zhuojun’s mother, Wang Lu, had never been deceived like this before, she refused to let go of the matter. In a sharp tone, she spoke: “Right, we want to file a complaint. Your staff failed to successfully complete their jobs, yet we’re the ones being driven out. No matter what, this issue cannot be settled like this!”

Want them to leave? Don’t even think about it!

This was the five-star hotel situated in the best region of City N. It sat by the beautiful and scenic seaside, one could easily enjoy the comfortable sunbath right out the door. Other hotels were all located far away.

When the manager heard that they wanted to file a complaint, she instantly broke out in laughter.

Did they think that she grew up in fear!

She had already been working at this hotel for five years, she had come across all types of people!

Great, they better file a complaint, this way, her boss will be aware of all the suffering she had to tolerate this morning and take note of her accomplishments!

She didn’t know who these people had offended, but she was sure they must have been extremely powerful. If she could leave behind an impression of herself with them, then her future will be limitless!

There wasn’t a single change in her professional smile as she responded briskly: “Our hotel’s management is completely transparent, we encourage the six of you to file a complaint at any time. However since you plan on reporting me, then there’s no need for me to continue acting polite!”

Once she finished speaking, she picked up her walkie-talkie and called over 12 security guards dressed in black, short-sleeved uniforms. She spoke carelessly: “There are people causing trouble over here, please escort them out!”

As she finished off her words, she didn’t even look at the six of them again before rubbing her stiff, smiling face and walking away as her high heels clattered against the ground.

As she passed by other hotel guests, she explained with a grin: “Con artists, no need to pay attention. Everything has been resolved, we hope that everyone enjoys their time staying here!”

Upon hearing this, the crowd came to a realization. The glares diverted towards the six of them were immediately filled with disgust and hatred.

The 12 security guards were not as courteous as the manager. By twos, they dragged each of the six out of the hotel without any considerations.

As Xie Zhuojun was dragged out by two security guards and stared at with peculiar glances from the surrounding people, he couldn’t help feeling angry. He shook off the four arms that grabbed onto himself fiercely and spat out with rage: “I don’t need you to kick me out, I can walk myself!”

The six of them arrived here with high spirits, yet the result was that they were driven out of the hotel like stray dogs.

The depression and anger in their hearts were simply inexpressible with words.

Shangguan Rouxue’s face appeared slightly pale, a layer of white gauze was wrapped around her knee. She was currently holding onto her suitcase and leaning against Xie Zhuojun’s chest, when she suddenly recalled the handsome yet grim man they met yesterday.

It was the first time they saw him, but for her, it was the second.

Last time, she clearly noticed the way he shielded Shangguan Ning’s head carefully as she stepped into the car, the luxurious sports car worth tens of millions.

Nowadays, Xie Zhuojun’s assets were worth hundreds of millions, yet he was still reluctant on buying an Aston Martin. We was still driving his million dollar Land Rover. [TL: Note that these prices are in RMB—Chinese currency]

If the man by Shangguan Ning’s side could drive an Aston Martin, then it proved that he was much more powerful than Xie Zhuojun.

Could it be that they had been kicked out because of him? Because they offended Shangguan Ning?

Shangguan Rouxue shook her head as she erased the absurd thought from her mind.

Before considering whether or not this hotel would even listen to that man’s arrangements, and drive their guests out without reason, they had to acknowledge that Shangguan Ning herself did not have that much charm to make such an apathetic and respectable man like him serve beneath her.

She couldn’t even take down the simple-minded, softhearted Xie Zhuojun, how could she have possibly made that calm and logical man listen to her!

It wasn’t easy for Yang Wenshu to go on vacation, and she wasn’t willing to leave. Her well maintained face revealed a smile as she spoke softly: “It’s the New Year, we shouldn’t let an uncivil hotel ruin our mood. We’ll just find another hotel and investigate these matters when we have the chance later on. There’s definitely something fishy going on.”

She stepped forward and hugged onto Shangguan Zheng’s arm gently. She gazed at him, with a look of anticipation.

Originally, Shangguan Zheng had not been keen on traveling, he wasn’t interested in partaking in scenic tours. Moreover, he was the deputy mayor, heading out for vacation was an extremely sensitive matter.

It was currently a crucial period as he was preparing to run for mayor. Even though they were gone for the holidays at their own expenses, if his competitors knew, they would exaggerate without restraint and hold him accountable for exploiting public funds to take his entire family out for vacation.

He had already lost his interest in enjoying himself. Regardless of Yang Wenshu’s anticipation, he directly made his decision: “This vacation is over, we’re returning to City A!”

There were many individuals in City A that were considered experienced politicians. He still needed to pay a visit to each of them during the holidays, in order to strive for more opportunities.

Shangguan Ning was obviously unaware of their anger and agony. After finishing breakfast in a good mood, she headed towards the beach with Jing Yichen, hand in hand, to sunbathe.

Jing Yichen, who was currently lying on the beach chair in sunglasses, suddenly heard his phone vibrate. He picked it up and glanced at the screen, it was a text from the hotel manager: “Chief officer, they’re gone.”

The content was so short that it seemed dubious, but it made a smile emerge along the corners of Jing Yichen’s mouth.

It wasn’t difficult if he wanted to teach those people a lesson!

Oh, perhaps he should set foot in the aviation industry. This way, if those people ever wanted to go out for vacation, no plane will allow them on!

Shangguan Ning’s entire body was immersed in the warm sunshine. She reclined comfortably, it seemed as if all the pores on her body were opening up. Her mood was extremely pleasant. With a smile, she spoke to Jing Yichen by her side: “This place is amazing! Is this our honeymoon?”

Jing Yichen paused for a moment and then laughed. His large hand wrapped up her small, soft to the point of seeming boneless, hand. He responded seriously: “No, this doesn’t count. Once our wedding is over, I’ll take you around the world. That will be our honeymoon.”

Every girl had a dream of traveling the world with their beloved, including Shangguan Ning. Only she never imagined that this person would be Jing Yichen.

She smiled happily and answered without much thought: “Weddings are only ceremonial procedures, it doesn’t matter whether we have one or not. But we must travel the world!”

A grin surfaced on Jing Yichen’s handsome face: “Don’t worry, we’ll have them all!”


In the lounge of City N’s airport, Shangguan Zheng was waiting to board alone.

The five others were unwilling to return to City A no matter what. They wanted to stay behind in the warm as spring, and gorgeous City N for another few days.

Although he was slightly displeased that his wife refused to return home with him, he still agreed for her to stay back once he witnessed her inexpressible yet beautiful face.

Shangguan Zheng’s plane wasn’t set to take off until an hour later. He flipped through the daily news while he was at it.

Astonishingly, the front page of the newspaper was a huge introduction article about Tian Hai Yun Seascape Hotel along with words of praise.

Tian Hai Yun Hotel was the luxurious five-star hotel they were kicked out of today.

If Shangguan Zheng could assume the position as the deputy mayor, his scheming, strategies, and skills must not have been ordinary.

At the moment, he had already calmed down from the anger of being driven out. He began to read through the summary of Tian Hai Yun Hotel.

After he finished reading, he didn’t notice anything special. The only thing that caught his attention was that Tian Hai Yun Hotel belonged to Jing Sheng Corporation. It was the subordinate company of a business tycoon.

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