Black Bellied President Chapter 42

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42 —- Her Immediate Boss Jing Zhongxiu

If Huang Lihan was so easy to trick, he couldn’t have possibly developed Huang’s Real Estate into its current scale by himself. He didn’t believe a single word Shangguan Ning had said.

Besides, he knew his wife and daughter, they couldn’t stand him giving his niece any benefits. At the time when he gave her this house, his wife made quite a ruckus.

He sighed deeply and spoke, blaming himself: “Lil’ Ning, uncle let you down. I, your uncle, develop real estate, yet my niece still needs to buy a house outside. If your mom knew in heaven, she would certainly be extremely broken-hearted.

Shangguan Ning didn’t dare to let her uncle know that she was buying a house, afraid that he would think this way. Having heard what he said, she hurriedly waved her hands: “Uncle, don’t overthink. I’ve grown this old and you’re the one who loves me the most. You always give me the best of everything. Everything that my cousin has, I do too. My mom would be extremely happy having a brother who cares for her daughter like you, why would she possibly be broken-hearted!”

“Foolish child, you’re becoming more and more sensible. Your uncle is very happy.” Huang Lihan kept the grievance in his heart under control and spoke with gratitude.

“You can live in Li Jing neighbourhood at ease. I gave you the house so it’s yours. I won’t pay for the house you just bought, but I’ll give you an extra share of Huang’s Real Estate later.”

Shangguan Ning was alarmed: “This won’t do uncle, I don’t want it!”

Huang Lihan patted her shoulder lightly, “Alright, there’s no need to decline, it’s decided. Your uncle can only give you this much.”

Shangguan Ning wanted to say something, but she was interrupted by a series of knocking sounds.

Soon after, a tall and erect middle age male walked in.

His steps were steady, his hair was slightly white yet combed so that not even a strand was out of place. He wore a navy blue suit, his temperament was scholarly, and his eyes were bright and full of expression. The prestigious and honourable traits of an upper class was present on his body, making people desire to look up to at first glance.

Although he was already in his middle ages, he was still elegant and graceful. It was possible to infer that he was extremely handsome when he was young.

Shangguan Ning felt that this person seemed familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen him before.

When the person realized that Shangguan Ning was staring at him, he laughed brightly: “Girl, you’re awake? Are you feeling better?” [1]

Shangguan Ning became even more confused when she heard his amiable words.

Huang Lihan couldn’t help laughing as he noticed her bewildered look: “Lil’ Ning, this is your uncle Jing! This is the person who gave you a basket of fish yet you still disliked when you were little!”

Gave her fish? Uncle Jing?

Jing Zhongxiu!

Her immediate boss in the future!

She once disliked this boss?!

Huang Lihan noticed his niece’s blank appearance and laughed as he patted her hand: “Foolish girl, hurry and greet him! You’ll be working at his corporation next monday, take advantage of this opportunity and flatter him!”

Shangguan Ning returned to reality, sat up, and greeted him sweetly: “Hello uncle Jing! I’m Shangguan Ning. You’ve got to have my back once I go to your company next monday!”

Unsure of why, she kept on feeling that Jing Zhongxiu looked familiar but it wasn’t because of her childhood memories——the memories from that time had long been blurry.

Due to the fact that her uncle’s relationship with him was clearly very close, her words were slightly less formal. This way, they would seem closer.

Jing Zhongxiu laughed heartily: “You really have the same tempers as your uncle. Everyone else is fairly formal and courteous when they meet me, while you’re still the same when you were little, not knowing how to regard me as an outsider!”

Shangguan Ning smiled with embarrassment. She was certainly childish at the time and she could barely remember the events when she was little, she only had vague impressions. If her uncle hadn’t talked about it, she would have probably never thought about it.

“Girl, don’t worry. Once you come to Jing Sheng, uncle Jing has got your back, no one will dare to bully you. You can do as you wish with those reckless youngsters there! If anything happens, just report uncle Jing’s name and everything will be settled!!”

Shangguan Ning thought that his words were interesting, a joyful smile appeared on her face involuntarily.

Jing Zhongxiu was completely different from what she had imagined!

She thought that he was the type who put on a stiff face, a very serious boss. She didn’t expect him to be such a kind and amusing elder. Looks like her future days at Jing Sheng won’t be too difficult.

In reality, Jing Zhongxiu was a person who put on a stiff face, he was a boss so serious that people couldn’t breathe around him. He only relaxed like this when he was in front of his old friends and a little girl like her.

Shangguan Ning’s wound had already been treated, there wasn’t much to worry about. Huang Lihan quickly finished her hospital discharge process and sent her back home before leaving together with Jing Zhongxiu.

“Huang, your niece doesn’t have a boyfriend right?”

Huang Lihan immediately sparked interest when he heard him: “Why, do you know someone suitable?”

“What do you think about my son?”

Huang Lihan was shocked, the interest that had just ignited was completely put out, but he still braced himself and asked: “Which son of yours?” According to what he knows, Jing Zhongxiu’s two sons were both abnormal!

“My eldest son has not married yet, my second son can’t surpass his older brother. Of course it’s my eldest son.” Jing Zhongxiu rubbed his chin and pondered deeply.

“The little girl has a very brisk personality, she’s also slightly lively and simple. My eldest son just happens to dislike verbal communication. He’s always talking and completing tasks without getting straight to the point, his thoughts are too deep, the two of them will certainly complement each other!”

“My niece is only twenty-six, there’s no hurry, we’ll wait and see!” Huang Lihan was by no means being fooled. He had always protected Shangguan Ning like a treasure, he didn’t wish to give her to the Jing family to be tormented.

He had seen Jing Yichen before. He wasn’t the typical kind of person who disliked speech, he was cold and detached to the point of being unreasonable!

The unreasonable cold and detached Jing Yichen suddenly sneezed. [2]

Who was scolding him?

A Hu immediately draped an extra piece of clothing over him when he noticed that his master seemed slightly cold.

“A Hu, find someone to investigate who the old chairman [Jing Zhongxiu] has been in touch with lately. If he had arranged a job for Shangguan Ning at the corporation, it was likely done as a favour.” He wouldn’t probe his father under normal conditions, because there was no need.

But this time, he needed to investigate.

This event involved Shangguan Ning, he wanted to be absolutely safe.

He trusted Shangguan Ning. Who he didn’t trust, was his father Jing Zhongxiu.

A Hu answered a “yes” orderly. The next morning, he brought back the news.

“Master, aside from the major shareholders of Jing Sheng, the chairman has recently been in contact with a real estate businessman called Huang Lihan. His Huang’s Real Estate has service collaborations with us, they’re forecasting to start development of new commercial property. As well, this Huang Lihan is Ms. Shangguan’s uncle!”

Jing Yichen nodded his head faintly, this made sense.

He had met this Huang Lihan before, he was one of his father’s few close friends. Only he didn’t expect him to be Shangguan Ning’s uncle.

From this, he was convinced that Shangguan Ning was not under his father’s commands. He had stuck her into Jing Sheng, stuck her by his side as a last minute request from Huang Lihan.

In reality, even if his father didn’t stuff Shangguan Ning in, he had already decided that he was going bring her to his side. Only the result wouldn’t be as good as this.

Without her by his side, he was constantly not at ease.

After all these years, his father finally did something right.

[1] TL Note: Girl, 丫头, is a way to refer to a female as a term of endearment, however, it can also be used to refer to a female servant.

[2] TL Note: In many parts of Asia, there is a superstition saying that the person sneezes when someone talks about him/her behind their back.

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