Black Bellied President Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 — The Drug’s After Effects

Black Knife hadn’t lived so long for nothing, he knew his limits well. He hadn’t spoken for more than a minute before he compromised, then immediately had people to investigate.

Very soon, the Deputy-Head Back Wind was brought in.

Black Knife only asked a few questions before he confirmed that the mission had been received by Black Wind in private. Red Night has always  strictly forbid the receiving of missions in private, and no one would usually dare to receive missions privately. Since Black Wind knew the risk of accepting it, then the reward must have been very enticing.

“Who was the client?” Jing Yichen demanded coldly.

“Kid,” Black Wind started in disdain, shooting him a glance. “Who are you to put your nose into my business? You’re better off running back home to drink your milk!”

Jing Yichen’s face remained wooden, unaffected by Black Wind’s taunt. He only coldly instructed Ah Hu: “Make him talk.”

Ah Hu’s forthright face revealed a smile.

The invincible Black Wind couldn’t get a clear view of how Ah Hu’s had moved before he was locked in a hold. Following after, his arms dislocated with a snap. However, Black WInd had experienced battles of life and death before, so he gritted his teeth, refusing to make a sound no matter how Ah Hu pounded him.

Jing Yichen knew that no one could last through Ah Hu’s torture. But if he encountered someone with a tough hide, he would need to spend a rather long period of time. 

And Jing Yichen didn’t want to waste time. “Ah Hu, come back. Mu Qing!”

Mu Qing’s eyes have been shining, his worship for Jing Yichen just went up a whole new level. So the moment he heard Jing Yichen calling him, he copied those underlings before and bowed at a ninety-degree angle. “Understood, Young Master Jing!”

Mu Qing pulled out a silver needle from his person, sparing a glance at Black Wind and his dislocated arms as if pitying him He then located one of the acupuncture points and gently stuck said needle in it. 

What followed the pricking of the long silver needle was Black Wind, who previously restrained from making a sound, abruptly screaming miserably.This blood-curdling scream caused Black Knife’s other subordinates within the room to all feel their scalps go numb.

The moment a second needle was inserted on him, Black Wind could no longer bear it, causing him to surrender with a wretched cry. “I’ll talk, I’ll talk! Don’t stab anymore!”

Mu Qing nodded his head in satisfaction. “Like I said before, those who can last through the third needle are not human. Sure enough, you’re still one!” When he finished, he stole a glance at Jing Yichen who was as unmoved as an ancient well.

Everyone else couldn’t help looking in Jing Yichen’s direction. Don’t tell them that what looked to be a very young man last through the third needle?!

Black Knife glanced at Black Wind spasming in pain and couldn’t help but silently cursed: This living Hell King f***ing upgraded his torturing skills again!

Jing Yichen got the answers that he wanted in no time, then he took Ah Hu and Mu Qing and left the underground sector.

It was almost noon by the time they returned to the villa.

Mu Qing hadn’t even stood steadily the moment he entered through the door when he saw a human shadow flying at him. Without another thought, he turned around on his heels and ran.

What followed was a woman’s shrieks and a man’s anguished howls reverberating through the entire villa.

Shangguan Ning was half reclined against the white leather sofa in the living room andher lips were curling into a faint smile. This morning, she has already heard Zhao Anan spoke of a Mu Qing through her seething teeth. She supposed that that person moments earlier was him.

Jing Yichen entered the living room just in time to see Shangguan’s peaceful smiling image. The warm sunlight sprinkled on her somewhat paled face, her smile looked as if it could thaw the ice.

His heartbeat suddenly sped up.

“Are you having fun?” He asked gently, not able to restrain himself from approaching her.

Shangguan Ning returned from her thoughts, staring at the handsome male right in front of her as she smiled and lightly nodded her head. “Anan is a fun person.”

“Why did you come out? Your injuries weren’t light, it’s better if you go back and rest.”

“It’s fine, they’re nothing but minor injuries. I had Anan helped me out, and I’m not that fragile―” She hasn’t even finished speaking when Jing Yichen carried her up in his arms.

Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, stunned to the point that she even forgot how to breathe.

“You need to lie down properly for the next two days. You can get out of bed when the doctor says so. Let him examine you over in a moment.”

Being carried in his arms, Shangguan Ning could pick up the nice, fresh scent on his body and feel his faint body temperature — heck, she could even hear his strong heartbeat.

The palm of his hand securing tightly under her thighs was transmitting a blazing heat.

Shangguan Ning’s cheeks quickly redden with a boom as she stammered through her speech. “I…… I can walk, y-you……put me down……”

Seeing her reddened face, Jing Yichen’s mood felt inexplicable good — though, he still refused to put her down. But the distance between the guest room and the living room was so short that he felt he had only taken a few steps before he reached the bedside.

He reluctantly but carefully placed her down, letting her lie down properly.

“Do you want me to keep you company?” His voice was oddly tender, bringing about a trace of natural appeal and charm.

She was unable to control her heart from skipping a beat.

She soothed her beating heart and waited for the heat in her cheeks to cool down before lifting her head, speaking with the most leveled voice that she could. “You don’t have to, but thank you……and…… and thank you for yesterday too!”

Jing Yichen chuckled softly and gently made an “en” sound. That pair of ever-ice-cold eyes now was filled with a warm smile, it was like a whirlpool and people couldn’t help but be sucked into it.

There absolutely was something wrong with today’s Jing Yichen, and she, Shangguan Ning, felt that there was something wrong with herself too. She wasn’t one who judges based on appearances, and even more so, she wasn’t one whose heart was so easily moved. 

It must be that drug’s after effect, right? She thought for awhile and finally came up with a reasonable explanation.

Shangguan Ning stared at Jing Yichen’s handsome face that could topple over every living being and suddenly felt that if he could always be as gentle as now instead of unreasonably apathetic like before, there wouldn’t be anyone that could resist against his charisma.

Maybe, she wasn’t an exception either.

Jing Yichen took note of Shangguan Ning constantly staring at him, the corner of his lips slightly lifted and spoke with a voice as melodious as the most beautiful sound from a zither. “What’s wrong? You’re staring without blinking.”

Shangguan Ning heard through his teasing, but she wasn’t angry. Instead, she returned with a light laugh. “I thought I wasn’t someone who judges based on appearance, but against someone as good-looking as yourself, it’s hard not to judge you like that.”

This was her saying he was handsome. No one had used this way of speaking to compliment him before, she was paving a new path again.

Jing Yichen was in a very good mood that he involuntarily carried a doting tone as he spoke. “You also make it difficult for people to not judge you by your appearance.”

Shanggun Ning couldn’t help but touch her face, thinking that Jing Yichen was only being polite with her. For someone like him who drove in a sports car worth over tens of millions, owning his very own helicopter, and could be recognized as a son of an influential family with a glance, what kind of woman hadn’t he seen? Her looks were still far from stunning compared to those women.

Shangguan Ning lightly shook her head and didn’t continue with the topic.

There were times when she talks without thinking. She can’t always praise a guy for being handsome, or else the other would misunderstand her intentions.

The room suddenly fell rather silent. Jing Yichen wasn’t one of many words and Shangguan Ning didn’t want to say too much, but both of them didn’t felt awkward at all. They were obviously not familiar with each other, but why do they keep getting the feeling that they have known each other for a long time?

Thinking up to this point, she suddenly realized that, it seems, she hadn’t even gotten his name yet.

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  1. You better asked his name then as you don’t want to ended becoming his other half without even know that. Thanks for this chapter.

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