World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: What a good old fox

The trio stagnated there and for a moment they did not know how to respond.

Murong Li was surprised at how his daughter’s temperament has changed dramatically. How is it possible?

At the moment, Murong Yu felt hatred and helpless for Murong Li. He hated how his father was so ruthless to his sister that had almost died for his gain. He felt helpless, after all, at the end of the day Murong Li is still his father.

In a short while, Murong Yu found it hard to open his mouth, suppressing his emotions, “Father, jiejie’s mind is back to normal…”


Murong Li is tearful, pulling his hands with Cheng Xue’s, with delighted: “That’s good, that’s good! How did your spirit recover? Father is too emotional! My child…”

Another cry of love made Cheng Xue not knowing what to do for a time, after all, he is an elderly person, even if he made mistakes, he must be respected.

She sits indifferently and looks at the scene unfolding before eyes. She was confused, it is impossible to tell whether Murong Li’s words are true or false.

So what if it was true? So what if it is false? She had lived very well. Before, the remarks that she had with Murong Yu in the carriage were mere speculations.

The truth is clear to him and him alone. What is he talking about…

She leaned back and forth on the edge of the bed, talking weakly –

She said, Murong Cheng Xue is dead I don’t know how many times…

She said, Murong Cheng Xue just wanted to know why her father was so ruthless…

Murong Li stiffened, watching the iced cold aura that seeped out of Xue’er, he wiped his tears and sighed: Xue’er treats herself like this, he brought it upon himself, it was unforgivable, but he must not let her know the truth!

She looked at Murong Li’s desolated back as he drifted away.

She did not bother him, after all, who was he to her? He did not say anything, could it be that she could not find out the truth herself?

Murong Yu burst into a roar: “Father, could it be that you do not know that jiejie only remembers having to flee, and does not remember anything else? Jiejie’s mind has already woken up, she doesn’t even know she had a serious illness, her mind has passed the barrier! Father, could it be that you do not notice at all?”

Uh? Murong Yu had such a meticulous observation!

He originally thought that his father would wake up, and tell them the reason why he did what he did, that he didn’t have a choice… Even if he had done a huge error, they would understand…Who knew that he immediately turned around and asked Cheng Xue in a cold manner: “Are you really my daughter?”

Almost at the same time, the suffocating Murong Yu and Cheng Xue stared at each other. It can be seen that they never thought that their father would even question his own daughter!

Why did he ask? Could it be, jiejie is really father’s scapegoat? Were those assassins sent by father? Murong Yu’s heart was tight. Suddenly, he grew suspicious of Murong Li’s various practices.

At the moment, he would rather trust his sister and would not believe him—Murong Li!

Because he saw someone chasing his sister with his very own eyes…

Cheng Xue is calm, thinking, this soul is not Murong Cheng Xue’s, but what can you do about it? Murong Li, even if you did it for money, you cannot throw your Xue’er into a hole! Her heart was secretly cursing at Murong Li for the lost soul of Murong Cheng Xue.

The two of them looked at this rapidly changing moment in silence and she looked at his face with a serious look. The pursuing of the map almost alerted all the assassins of the jianghu. Why would Xue’er be alright? And only with minor injuries?

Murong Li is more and more convinced that the woman in front of him is not his Xue’er, but someone posing as her. Although he has made such a cruel decision, he is convinced that after Xue’er knows the truth, she will forgive her father!

Most definitely!

If he did not do this, his future will be destroyed. Xue’er would want to see him soar in the clouds…

Fine, one has to say that Murong Li does not hesitate to sacrifice even his most loved ones for his power. This person could not be called a man of God, and it would difficult for him to praised by those of future generations.

His honorable title of “old fox” is well deserved!

  • Old fox means someone that is sly with years upon years of experience

Cheng Xue wants to prove to him that she is his Xue’er, hoping that she would be able to provide evidence on her own initiative.

“Father, you love Xue’er very much. Xue’er’s body must have a birthmark you know about. I wonder, would father like to see it on Xue’er’s body?”

Murong Yu’s heart was cold, but he did not think that father would treat his favorite Xue’er like this. How could he doubt his jiejie?

With a swift attitude, he straightens himself up and grabs Cheng Xue’s left hand. He puts on a serious face towards Murong Li: “Father, do you really not believe jiejie? Jiejie nearly lost her life, father does not believe jiejie’s intelligence and had to wondered if this person was really jiejie!”

Murong Li now has a straight face, filled with energy: “Little boy, what do you understand?” Speaking, he reached for Cheng Xue’s left arm.

Murong Yu stops him: “Father, do you not believe jiejie? In doing so, have you ever thought of how much damage will be done to jiejie in the future?”

Murong Li had a tough stance, his face was gloomy looking at his son as if teaching Murong Yu to not care about such matters!

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