World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Canglong Shuntian

He looked at her some more, he felt that she looked very adorable when angry: “Being a maidservant for life? This does not have to be, I will allow you to go free when I’m in the mood!”Seeing the situation is not good, Cheng Xue ran, he walked with the air, his robes were blown by the wind, he hit her acupoint, this time which acupoint has to be hit to keep her from running away?

She just realized this is the temple’s backyard, no wonder it is sparsely populated, behind the monastery is a small pavilion, he took her hand and pulled her into the house, face deep with profound mysteries: “Jing Xiang, take her to the carriage, with me back to the wang fu, back to the Imperial City. “It seems that there is no need to worry about her running away, he secretly chuckled deep in his heart!

  • 静香 Jìngxiāng A name, Jing means calm, and Xiang means incense or fragrance

“Yes, Wangye!”

She waited until he left, just when she wanted to move, but found that her acupoint had been pressed she did not know when this had happened, tragedy, plus helplessness!

Overcome with boredom, she freely turned her head to look at this quiet and tranquil courtyard.

A large yet not extravagant space, the interior is elegant with simple furnishings, that could easily make people feel comfortable, seeing Jing Xiang and a few maidservants have been packing up, Cheng Xue was curious: “Jing Xiang ah, have you lived here for years?”

Jing Xiang was thinking, these few years Wangye had gotten very close to women, now he suddenly brought back a woman, and she will ride in the same carriage with Wangye back to the fu, it is not impossible for her to be the female master.

In order not to offend her, and without violating what master ordered, Jing Xiang carefully replied: “Miss, there is something you do not know, six years ago Wangye was afflicted by a strange illness, he needed long-term recuperation, he had the grace of his Majesty to come to the temple to recuperate, in the past few years, Wangye has completely recovered, now Wangye is now of age, the body is also better, and he will naturally have to go back!”

Is he sick? Recuperated for six years, absurd! His martial arts is so good, he was keeping a low profile here, right?

Jing Xiang saw her face filled with unspoken questions, she could not help but gently laugh: “Does miss not believe? Many people know of our Canglong Shuntian Wangye’s illness matter, it cannot be allowed to be half-false!”

Cheng Xue found that she was not listening, her face was apologetic, her mind did not agree with the words coming out of her mouth: “Believe, of course, I naturally believe.”

Canglong Shuntian? Her heart pondered this name, his and her own name will be with her for a lifetime.

Encountering difficulties she just realized that she had a younger brother in this life, no matter if one has a chance to run away, Cheng Xue secretly made up her mind, she would no longer be silent.

While she was leisurely in a trance, Jing Xiang awoke her: “Miss, Wangye is prepared to leave!”

Cheng Xue blinked her eyes: “Your Wangye sealed my acupoint, did he order you to bring me?”

Jing Xiang felt that it was funny, she used her hands to shyly cover her mouth: “Miss is funny, our Wangye is frail, how did he learn such martial arts? Not to mention sealing your acupoint! Come on!”

Hum? The more one thinks about it the more it seems wrong, it seems Canglong Shuntian is not simple ah, she was sitting still, directly ignored waiting for the maidservants.

“Miss, hurry up! Wangye commanded, to let miss change into new clothes, so people will not see miss as a joke.” Jing Xiang’s voice had some urgency, but it was not a direct command to hurry up, everything was already packed, the only thing missing was her.

People see as a joke? Just a joke! Who would follow you – Canglong Shuntian.

Jing Xiang kept urging, making Cheng Xue feel angrier, her acupoint har been sealed, a breath and she suddenly ‘bounced’ up from the chair, which gave Jing Xiang a shock, jumping up.

Well Jing Xiang, it was hard on you, Cheng Xue was shocked herself!

“Where’re the clothes? Take me to change.” Not wait for Jing Xiang’s reaction, Cheng Xue took her hand and they walked toward the depths of the room.

Cheng Xue found out that ancient woman’s clothing really had three layers outside and another three more layers, although the clothes on her body were worn, the faintly visible fabric had a texture that is clear, delicate and beautiful.

She unceremoniously took off her clothes, suddenly exposing the smooth, such as when washing the soft skin, even she herself was shocked. Skin so well maintained, no wonder she could not escape…

She examined the wounds on both of her shoulders, but fortunately, it was not serious, it was just a few bumps and scratches, with proper care it could get better in a few days.

Standing at the side Jing Xiang involuntary enjoyed the beauty in front: even flesh, white and beautiful, soft like water, fluttering free and easy.

“Miss’ body is wounded? If there is no injury, it would be more beautiful.”

Cheng Xue who was examining her wounds was suddenly startled, originally she thought Jing Xiang would ask her how she had gotten the injury, she was said to be beautiful… … even the girl had said so, she should be beautiful right?

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