World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Revealing one’s injuries in Xiang Wang Fu

Inside Xiang Wang Fu.

  • Xiang Wang Fu: Xiang is the title, Wang means prince, Fu means manor

There was an endless flow of people.

The number of people like endless drops of rain.

“Quickly! Quickly! Wang Ye is about to return, we must pay close attention!”

“Hey … you, hurry to prepare a carriage and a horse!”

“You stop! Go call Jing Xiang and tell him to get everything ready for Wangye, by the way, prepare more clothes, quickly go!”


Far away they could hear Gu Yu’s loud yelling, looking anxiously at the sky, although it is still early to enter the palace, Shuntian Wangye had not yet returned to the manor!

It was uncertain if Wangye would return in time…

Saying that, when he returned from of his mission, he was surprised to only see Jing Xiang, he did not see Wangye at all.

Jing Xiang, because of Wangye’s departure along with Gu Yu, therefore, returned to the route that had originally been planned set, it seemed his two closest servants had no idea where Wangye went!

And the woman named Cheng Xue had also disappeared with Wangye, hopefully, nothing had befallen them! Wangye, come back soon! Gu Yu prayed eagerly in his heart. Hoping that nothing happened!


Suddenly a man in white walked into everyone’s line of sight from, within the door, although it was a quick flash, his carefree aura was not diminished the least! A devilish charm!

Everyone shouted: “Lord has returned! Lord has returned!”

Among the busy crowds, he walked quietly. He was graceful and gestured with a smile. He just made everyone feel at loss.

As soon as Gu Yu saw his master, he quickly greeted:” Wangye, you’ve returned, did you meet any difficulties on the road?”

Canglong Shuntian closed his eyes and walked toward the inner room.

Listening to the rain from within the building, Canglong Shuntian laid his body upon a wooden chair, not saying a single word.

Gu Yu hurriedly came in, holding a few sets of clothes with both hands: “Wangye, for today’s banquet, do you want to change first? Jing Xiang said that Wangye loves to wear light colored clothes, so some were tailored.”

Canglong Shuntian carelessly said: “Place it there.” There seemed to be traces of fatigue and pain within his voice.

After listening, Gu Yu frowned: “Wangye, was the road on the way here okay? Who was the woman who carried you? Why did she not return with Wangye?

Silence, silence, and more silence…

Canglong Shuntian blinked as he remembered those painful moments, he had no words, his hands inadvertently move to touch his right leg: “Gu Yu, bring me some medicine that is good for wounds…”

“Ah? Wangye, could it be that you got wounded?” In spite of all sorts of questions, he refrained from asking and rushed to look for medicine, “Wangye, let Gu Yu examine it?”

Canglong Shuntian agreed: “En!”

Gu Yu removed the cloth and examined the wound, he could not help but ask: “Wangye, how did you receive such a severe wound?”

Seeing Canglong Shuntian blink silently, Gu Yu deliberately lowered his voice: “Could it be that when Wangye is with Miss Cheng Xue, it is not convenient to your martial arts, so Wangye got injured?”


Gu Yu carefully helped Canglong Shuntian apply medicine, as he was beginning the bandaging process, he would not stray from asking questions about Cheng Xue: “But Wangye, why did Miss Cheng Xue return to the Imperial City last night, and why did Wangye not come back with Miss Cheng Xue?”

For a long time, his eyes were dull, suddenly there was a hint of bright color: “What, did you see her?”

Gu Yu contemplated for a while: “Yes, yesterday evening, when I saw that Wangye had not yet returned, I went to the imperial city gate to find out. When I first arrived at the city gate, I saw a carriage pull in. It happened that a wind blew, and the carriage curtain was parted by the strong wind. I faintly noticed that one of the people in the carriage looked very much like Miss Cheng Xue. I was curious, so I followed the carriage far behind…”

“Oh? Did such a coincidence occur?”

“Yes, what’s even more embarrassing is that the carriage looked three or four laps around the imperial city until the evening was drawing near, only then did it stop in front of the Murong manor’s Gate. I appeared as a passerby to look closer, this time I was certain that the person inside the carriage is Miss Cheng Xue.”

Cheng Xue? Murong manor? He mourned these two names in his heart, it seemed to be familiar and yet unfamiliar…

Because Gu Yu is Canglong Shuntian’s confidant, he knew many things clearly, Canglong Shuntian also has a lot of trust in Gu Yu, even if Gu Yu was caught, faced with death he would not reveal Canglong Shuntian’s name, Canglong Suuntian would not worry, because he knows Gu Yu will not reveal anything related to him.

Instead of saying that Canglong Shuntian is arrogant, it could be said that he had the capacity to be arrogant!

Gu Yu was only but a lowly guard, although people may not care if he has any family that would miss him, Canglong Shuntian cares!

At a young age, Gu Yu had been his personal guard, he knew that his servant was extremely loyal to him. When he knew that Gu Yu’s parents had died in the jianghu, aside from Gu Yu, he also had a younger sister, he immediately received Gu Yu’s sister and treated her as his own sister, if Gu Yu does not feel grateful for Canglong Shuntian’s actions, whatever he said would not be justified.

At the time Canglong Shuntian did this, he was only ten years old!

As for Gu Yu’s younger sister, she became the godsister sister of Canglong Shuntian. Only the two of them knew that because they were ten years old at that time, Gu Yu’s sister was only two or three years old. How could she remember who she was?

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