World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter Prologue

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TianZe first year, a new emperor ascended the throne, Jiu Zhou celebrates.

  • 九州 Jiǔzhōu Literally means the nine states

Every festival, the emperor has a banquet with his ministers.

He was wearing a crown, the dragon robe and gold embroidered boots, he slowly walked into the banquet hall, the singing and dancing stopped abruptly, all the ministers bow down: “May your Majesty live for tens of thousands of years!”

“All of you may rise!” The voice sounded through the entire hall, as if thunderstruck.

The ministers rose. He was dressed in fine clothes dyed with the best materials, his dragon robes were the finest, adding a layer that deepened his impolite, arrogant aura. In his eyes, there was indifference as he walked to the front soundlessly, his eyes were clear, he was about thirty years old, but his proud and evil demeanor was not diminished the slightest. His every movement, every smile was like a masterpiece of a painting.

With Jiu Zhou at his feet, he slowly raised his glass to give a toast to the ministers, in an instant, the dancing, and music restarts, the performances continue.

At the banquet, there was the sound of the drums and the music as they both played.

Even though it was filled with floating cherry petals, giant cast bronze lanterns of different shapes reflected the whole hall as if it were day, it suddenly seemed like a rain of cherry blossoms and a beautiful yet miserable scene……

The graceful and beautiful Royal Opera played, an exquisite instrument sounded, frequently out from the side hall, the dancer takes light steps, it does not abase this unparalleled royal dance.

He ended up sitting down, looking a little lost and dazed, looking at the rain of cherry blossoms, seeing the dance that encompassed the flowers, a woman quietly sitting there, under the cherry blossom tree. The flowers faded red, only leaving her graceful figure…..

His lips could not help but whisper: “My Cheng Xue ah!”

  • 橙雪 Chéng xuě Orange snow, it is a name.

He had won the world, but lost her…

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