World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: The Darkness of the Willow

“Then, can I ask something else? If you want to ask, naturally you should focus on asking questions. Otherwise, where will the honor of your face go?”

He felt the strings in his heart tighten, what was so serious that cause her to worry?

“Tell me!”

“Ke ke——” Cheng Xue clears her throat, seeing that everyone’s eyes had glued to her, “Shuntian Wang Ye, when did you know that I was the daughter of the Murong family? I want to hear the truth from you…”

I don’t want to ask other things. If I ask, I have to answer it. I do not believe you simply wanted me to be your maidservant!


At this moment, Gu Yu who has always stood in the corner broke the silence: “Miss Cheng Xue, Gu Yu can testify, Gu Yu was ordered to work in the Imperial City, and happened to see Murong Yu bringing Miss Cheng Xue into Murong Manor. Wang Ye knew it at this time!”

Suddenly, with a sigh, Canglong Shuntian’s face was full of loss, and he shook his head: “Cheng Xue, is it that difficult, how could you forget what I just said?”

Uh… What did he just say? Chen Xue heard his apology and carefully recalled what he had said…

Suddenly the words “I like you” filled her mind: “You can’t just take advantage … just… just…”

She couldn’t say any more, unknowingly, it was because of the other people’s’ presence, and she couldn’t do anything that would hurt Wang Ye’s reputation… and so on, which deeply troubles her.

Canglong Shuntian smiled: “It seems I am the last one that knows Cheng Xue was being chased to be killed by Murong Li and my second brother… I snuck into the palace tonight, and you can protect the safety of my maidservant. You call brother Yue Ya and ask him to help…”

“Brother Yue Ya? Could it be Feng Yue Ya?” Cheng Xue was shocked, but never thought she would know his whereabouts at this moment…

Ruo An replied with respect: “Miss Cheng Xue, the brother Yue Ya that Wang Ye was speaking of is indeed Feng Yue Ya!”

Cheng Xue couldn’t wait to ask: “Where is he now?”

Ruo An was hesitant: “This…” When he saw the look on Canglong Shuntian’s face, he changed his mind, “Miss Cheng Xue does not know, Feng Yue Ya is always traveling, no one knows how long he will leave for.”

After saying this, he did not look at his master, his heart calmed down: “Wang Ye, subordinate will retire!”

Just as Ruo An was about to leave when he suddenly remembered something: “Wait!” Everyone’s eyes shifted to him, “Wang Ye, subordinate knows that the people of Jianghu have a portrait of Miss Cheng Xue to pursue her. I hope this is useful to Wang Ye.”

Murong Yu looked on with amusement: “Just a simple portrait can cause so many people to actually believed it, but alas, that is the case!”

Canglong Shuntian took this opportunity to dismiss Ruo Yan, waiting for Cheng Xue to turn around again. If Ruo An disappeared, then he would be relieved.

“Gu Yu, Ruo Yan, you two arrange a room for Yu Gongzi, Benwang has a change of thought.” No one said a word as they saw his face sink.

The reason he was angry was that he had heard Cheng Xue say “Feng Yue Ye” with extreme delight…

Why can’t she look at him such an expression? That person she calls brother Yue Ya is him, Canglong Shuntian!

This inexplicable feeling of jealousy…

In the blink of an eye, everyone had dispersed, leaving only Canglong Shuntian and Cheng Xue quietly standing there.

Cheng Xue closed the door and turned to ask: “How can the treasure map be related to the prince Hao Yue? How is it be related to the imperial palace?”

Canglong Shuntian’s eyes were slightly closed, his face looked extremely tired like he had not slept in a few days. “That’s my imperial father secretly giving them the order.”

Cheng Xue no longer speak, stood rooted in her spot, she gently said: “I won’t have peaceful days if the treasure map case is not solved? Then why are their days so peaceful?”

“The spies reported that a woman holding the treasure map died on the cliff. But some people said that they want to see the person if alive, and the corpse if dead. In these two days, they are busy looking for your corpse. Where would they have time to catch you?”

Looking at Canglong Shuntian, she sneered: “Now it is because I am in Xiang Wang Manor, it is inconvenient to attack, not many killers will come, are they not afraid to give the king of the palace to kill the disaster? Those killers can be regardless, your royal family is still the governing nation of the country!”

Suddenly, Canglong Shuntian’s words were lodged in his throat, as he refused to say: You care about me? Then why is your concern so indifferent?

Forbearance, for a long time he only spat out a word: “Stupid!”

It seems that even the faint candlelight feels the cold air, trembling slightly in the cold, the candlelight is weak, but the figures of the two of the elders blocked the intersection of a chance at their heart to heart talk.

He likes her but fears what her unpredictable thoughts may bring.

While she is concerned that while he may right, but worried that the other side he has kept secrets and will one day hurt her.

One could only hear a long sigh, an infinitely elongated in the cold and dark, Canglong shuntian’s exhausted voice: “Then I’ll not be going to rest so late, but waiting in my bed?” He spoke as if it was a joke, only he knows that when he is with her he will have the heart, although she doesn’t like it…

Cheng Xue did not speak but walked away silently. There are many words to say, there are many questions to ask, but there is no way to say it.

Canglong Shuntian has been standing in the shadow of the room, waiting for Cheng Xue to leave for a long time before he left himself.

Just when entering his inner room, he found that Gu Yu had been waiting there ——

“Wang Ye, subordinate will help you redress the wound.”

After a silence, he said: “Gu Yu, it is late, it’s hard on you.”

Gu Yu’s heart passed a smile: “Wang Ye, this is what Gu Yu should do. How does Wang Ye plan on entering the palace again?”

Canglong slowly sat down pulled up his pant leg: “It is not for the sake of understanding the situation. I always feel that the treasure that the imperial father wants is not a general treasure, but also secretly looking for the importance of this treasure map.”

Gu Yu eased the bandages on Canglong Shuntian’s leg while raising them he asked: “Can the spies who are under the Lord’s order find out?”

Only to find that Canglong Shuntian had already fallen asleep, Gu Yu couldn’t bear it, after changing the medicine, he gently brought him to the luxurious bed.

Gu Yu just wanted to place him on the bed. Canglong Shuntian was holding his sleeves and even talking in his dreams. This made Gu Yu shocked. When he was young, he accompanied the prince and rarely saw him having a nightmare.

“Wang Ye, what did you say? Do you want to drink tea?” Gu Yu gently called to him, but Canglong Shuntian kept calling out: “Cheng Xue, Cheng Xue…”

Gu Yu was helpless and placed Canglong Shuntian on the bed before quietly guarding him by his side.

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