World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Mysterious person in white

Darkness gradually enveloped, at that moment dark smoke gathered, tightly surrounding everything.

Silence along the way, only the sound of their carriage was heard, it seems that the wilderness in addition to them, there were no other people.

“Wangye!” Gu Yu’s voice was urgent, “There is a small town further up, do we need to rest for the night and set out first thing the next day?”

“No need, continue hurrying!”

“Yes, Wangye!”

Inside the carriage, Cheng Xue reluctantly gave Canglong Shuntian a glance. Fine, I was played by him again, why is he so cruel and heartless?

It is impossible for her to spend every day with this kind of danger over her, where she needs to flee for her life, right?

There’s no need to be urgent, it will be a turn for the better.

“Erm, I want to sleep, a lone man and women sleeping together in a carriage is not acceptable, it is not good for Wangye’s reputation once spread, right?”

“Oh? According to your opinion?”

Cheng Xue gave him a glance, ignoring him, laying her body down, lying on the bench to sleep.

The reason is that she was too tired, not caring if the ride was bumpy or not, she fell asleep.

Canglong Shuntian immediately stood up, he opened the carriage curtain, whispered, “Gu Yu, you personally go and take this to privately meet them at the Imperial Palace!”

Gu Yu nodded, took advantage of the carriage next to the horse, flew away, without a soul knowing.

  • He used qinggong; light body skills

This night is destined to be a tough night.

The moon was covered by dark clouds, hurrying in darkness under the dark road, was no doubt a challenge. Canglong Shuntian flew away from other carriages and kept accelerating.

Going into the night, the small town was silent, yet, there was a lingering fishy blood scent.

If what Cheng Xue said was true, then tonight no matter what people, who will be caught off guard, will suffer an attack by the black clad people. Everything will happen tonight.

Suddenly, from all directions black clad people were flying with their high-level martial arts, headed straight for the carriage, Canglong Shuntian instantly dodged, his figure disappeared.

The rider lost control of the horse that he was riding, feeling the heavy murderous aura, nine days longing, back, again and again, Cheng Xue, who inside the carriage was suddenly thrown aside.

“Ah, it hurts!”

Just as she opened the curtain, a sharp and long sword was directed at her crucial point, she did not back down. Instead, slowly raise her hands and jump off the carriage, countless swords follow her movements closely, Cheng Xue was indifferent while facing multiple attacks, with an indifferent smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is getting so exciting, can you tell someone that is about to die, why you want to kill me?”

Suddenly a clad black person from the crowd shouted, “Last time it was this little girl that was in possession of the treasure map!”

Looking closely, it was the clad black middle-aged man who chased her the last time.


There is no room for negotiation, black clad people coming together, it was ridiculous with the number of people, even for her alone, how much face should she, Cheng Xue, give? Now it is very likely that they had become hunters on the treasure hunt.

Just when thinking of doing the last struggle, thinking of how to escape, suddenly a white figure came “woosh, woosh!

The black clad man beside her crashed down, a ferocious hidden weapon! Cheng Xue could not help but be shocked, who is this person?

Did not even give her a reaction time, he has floated to the sky, one hand holding her, the other holding a sword and killing the black clad people.

“Get on the carriage!”

Then another burst of violence, “Keng Clang Qiang Qiang” Then, only heard someone say “drive!”

The carriage quickly sped away, far from the range of people in black.

“Damn, she escaped! If we let her back to Imperial City, we have less chance to get her!”

“Boss, what do we do?”

The leader of black clad people made a withdrawal gesture, “First, retreat, now chasing after her is not a solution, I foresaw beforehand and several horses were prepared! withdraw!”

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