World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Floral fragrance leading the way

After walking for a long time, they finally made it to the foot of the mountain, Cheng Xue used all her strength to help him, gasping: “You really…really want to climb this huge mountain?

Feng Yue Ya let his mind calm down: “This mountain is surprisingly steep…”

Cheng Xue looked around, her eyes rested on the mountain in front of them, they are unable to clearly see where is the end of the mountain, not to mention which direction it leads to.

“Yue Ya gege, how about we go around the mountain instead of about climbing it. It would be considered lucky if we can find the road, I’m not sure what to do. In addition, Yue Ya gege’s leg is wounded… seeing Yue Ya gege’s expression, you have no impression of this place ah…”

Feng YueYa slowly moved across the horizon: “Going around the mountains, you are bound to go one round, you see, Cheng Xue, both sides of the mountains are covered with thorns, one look and one would know that no one has walked through, but this mountain is not steep ah.”

Thorns? Cheng Xue took a look, sure enough, there were thorns all over the mountains: “Yue Ya gege, can you pick me up, I want to see what’s in the distance?”

Feng Yue Ya had his sword in one hand and the other hand, someone who was fleeing, he had been worn tired, but he still stood proudly, slowly pulled his hand over Cheng Xue’s waist, effortlessly, Cheng Xue was slowly lifted until Cheng Xue can stand on one foot on the Wen Tian Sword.

“Do you see anything?” His voice was weak and urgent.

She jumped to the ground softly and burst into joy: “I did not think that behind the thorns will have a flock of mountain flowers, a place filled with flowers, it would most likely not far from a water source, should we go and see?”

“Whoosh!” In the blink of an eye, Feng Yue Ya pulled out his sword, pulled on Cheng Xue’s sleeves, moving forward.

He was dressed in white, holding the sword, the thorns to the Wen Tian sword was the same as a hot knife slicing through butter, leaving a clear, distinct trail in its wake.

“Why do you believe me so much? Willing to protect me from the thorns?” Cheng Xue askes in a playful manner.

And just as he had done before, he confirmed her safety before pulling her forward, why did he care about her? The clothes on his body were like snow, but she felt white and flawless, kind of reliable feeling, but that feeling just lasts a short moment.

Because, he said: “Since you do not believe, we must find out!”

Fine, even so, her heart felt warm for a moment.

After the thorns have passed, it really is a sea of flowers, such an environment, they can even bloom, every flower has devoted their life efforts to longing for the sunshine, and strive to stretch. They are tender and delicate, bathed in the light of the soft sunshine it is more charming, elegant.

A calm breeze blows by, exuding a touch of fragrance.

He only looked at the flowers but forgot his hand was still holding onto her cuffs.

Cheng Xue is also very excited, said a sentence “Mountains and rivers with no way ahead, arriving at a village!” the poem subconsciously came from her lips.

  • 山穷水复疑无路,柳暗花明又一村: Mountains and rivers with no way ahead, arriving at a village: When things are looking bleak, there’s always hope

Feng Yue Ya heard it with interest: “Good poem!”

Cheng Xue shook his hand, indicating that his hand was still holding on to her: “I thought you were just a swordsman, never thought you would understand poems.”

He shyly let go, retreating his hand: “Where, where…”

When he was speaking, it seems there was a shaking figure in the distant shadow, Feng Yue Ya suddenly shouted: “Look, is there somebody over there?”

Cheng Xue followed his line of sight, looking closely: “Yes ah, there are people, not the black dressed people.”

“You have not exchanged moves with them yet, how do you know that he is not the black dressed man?” Listening to him a cold talk, Cheng Xue stared at him inadvertently, not caring about anything else, she quickly ran away.

“Hey! Anyone there?” Shouting while running, the entire valley echoed with her voice, Feng Yue Ya could not do much other than following behind her.

Hearing the shout, one person looked up, looked at her with astonishment on his face, until Cheng Xue approached, surprised to speechlessness.

“Hey!” Cheng Xue smiled and stood in front of the person that she did not know how to address.

Feng Yue Ya sudden dashed forward, but before he did that he did not forget to look at Cheng Xue with a look of ridicule, he turned around, he cupped his fist in a salute: “This elder, can you please help us, can you lead us out of this valley?” Finished, but also did not forget to pull out a small amount of money from his pocket and stuff the hands of the elderly man.

The old man was dazed before coming back to reality:” Okay… Of course, this way please.” he would lead them out of the valley.

Feng Yue Ya then asked: “This elder, how long have you taken care of these flowers?”

The old man gave him an incredulous look: “Gongzi, this old man was born in the valley and lived here for most of my life, there are memories of planting flowers here, and other flowers, will be sold in the city, gongzi’s eyesight is really good. The appearance of you given this old man an eye-opener! ”

  • Gongzi: Used to address a young man

He asks: “Why does elder say such a thing?”

“There is something that gongzi does not know, this old man has lived here my whole life, this is the first time I have seen someone come out from this dense bush of thorns, presumably you two are quite skilled! ”

He gave an indifferent smile: “Elder is joking, I was lost in the sea of thorns, this was my last resort, I did not know if elder would be willing to help us?”

The old man looked at him thoughtfully: “Gongzi is polite, you two were able to get away from danger, it is fortunate, I see that gongzi’s eye have an extraordinary atmosphere, this lady is radiant, you two are truly talented male and beautiful female, a match made in heaven ah!”

  • 郎才女貌: talented male and beautiful female, it is believed that such a pair is a match made in heaven

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