World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Feng YueYa

Her body had been curled up, her consciousness only knew that she had suffered a violent impact, but she did not know how much pain she was in.

She drew in a deep breath from the dark night, am I still alive?

She opened her eyes, her waist was tightly embraced, her body was on top of his.

She could not see his face, she hurriedly turned toward at the distant horizon, dawn still could not be seen, the sky just got darker and darker.

Trying to explore with her hand, she found her left hand tightly pressed under his body. And they fell over the thick grass.

“Ouch… it hurts!”

Their clothes were wet from the dew, with the cold night, they were bound to suffer, life and death were not known.

When her right hand was released and being able to detect his faint breath, her anxious heart settle down.

It was to save me that he got severe injuries, who is this person? Somehow, he and she should know each other. Otherwise, meeting once is not enough for him to risk his life to save me.

“Wake up, wake up, how are you?” Carefully shaking his body, if not before reducing the impact of falling, or otherwise, falling from such a high place, life and death was unpredictable, “Why is your body so cold? Hey, are you okay?”

Answering her, his breath was faint and extremely cold, he cannot die so easily!

Struggling to get up and take a look, right now she could not continue to let him stay here to find his own way, this place was too cold, Cheng Xue ah, when you were a new recruit, did you have such a challenging task?

Why not have the challenge now?

Picking up the sharp sword in his hand, under the shining night it is dazzling, but this sword, too cold! Inspecting carefully to see that the hilt of the sword was engraved with “Wen Tian Sword” a few words.

  • 问天剑 Wèn tiān jiàn: Ask Heaven Sword

Wen Tian Sword? This sword is not bad, unfortunately, tonight, it will be used as a crutch of I, Cheng Xue.

Steadying the Wen Tian Sword, giving strength to her whole body, carrying the man in white, step by step, they slowly move forward.

Just walking, not a direction in mind. She needs to find a stream, he needs water!

Behind there seems to be a reaction, Cheng Xue was surprised: “You woke up? It’s good you’re not dead!”


He spoke solemnly: “I was just sleeping.”

It happens that Cheng Xue’s hazardous journey, coupled with physical exhaustion, she simply let go, having a good heart has no compensation!

“Ah …” Came his painful whisper from behind, she quickly turned around, he has already dropped to the ground, watching his right hand placed over his chest, blood on his left hand, he was pale, finishing this series of actions, she sighed in relief.

Cheng Xue’s heavy gasping, pierced the quiet night, she was angry at him, but her heart did not speak with hatred: “Are you okay?”

His eyes closed, look away from the person: “I can not die yet!”

“Why rescue me?” Cheng Xue almost spits out the words with her remaining strength, her sincerity, heaven and earth can express, the moon can reflect.

  • 天地可表,明月可鉴 Tiāndì kě biǎo, míngyuè kě jiàn: heaven and earth can express, the moon can reflect; very sincere

“Really happened to pass by.” He still answered her with the same sentence, but his eyes had a profound and hidden look, there seemed to be something that was unspeakable.

“Then I can know your name? Where is your home? In the future, I would like to repay this life-saving grace…” Reluctantly stood there and asked herself even the courage to ask the question, in the cold nights, and even some regret suddenly so expensive words, would he tell her?

And why, she replied with such inexplicable expectations, although his silence was comparable to a thousand year sleeping sword!

Looking at him nervously, at his slightly shivering lips, she forgot, waiting for a lifetime growing old, waiting from the very beginning…

Looking at his face showing exhaustion, she felt that she was too abrupt: “I’m sorry, let’s go find water, find some shelter.” She slowly placed her hand in front of him.

His expression was full of hesitation, he glanced up, stared at her stretched out a thin hand, such a hand, such a fragile body, can actually hold me up, go such a long way down the mountain, what kind of woman is she?

“My name is Feng YueYa.”

  • 风月涯 Fēngyuè yá: Feng means Wind, Yue means Moon, Ya means Horizon

A short name, with his originally cold voice, but she could hear a trace of unbridleness, an arrogant and blazing side.

Feng YueYa, Feng YueYa, a good casual name! Cheng Xue was secretly thinking about … …

He never thought that he would speak again. Facts have proved that it is an unlucky thing to be able to speak like a frosty person. What is even less unexpected is that he reopened his speech about her.

He said, ‘Cheng Xue, where is your home?’ His eye added a bit worried about such a cold person, tenderness, actually I see this kind of pity, lead the heart all the time, by his traction.

She lifted her empty eyes, looked into the distance, a touch of light passed through, and she did not know where her home was, only to know that when she woke up, she was wandering, that is, fleeing ……

He was the first to speak, expressing his thoughts, in a profound tone: “When I get to know you, I will answer your question tonight!”

Cheng Xue’s mouth immediately became “o” type, this subconscious reply ah! But what exactly is he doing?

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