World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: His intention, his affection

“How about Canglong Shuntian?”


Murong Yu was stunned, how would he know about Shuntian Wangye? He hesitated for a while before saying: “He should be twenty years old?”

She thoughtfully made an “Oh” sound.

A smirk suddenly appeared on Murong Yu’s delicate face: “Is jiejie thinking about getting married?”

Immediately, with a straight face, she said: “What nonsense are you saying? That Canglong Shuntian, from the moment I cursed him, no one will love him for this lifetime!”

“Hey…” Murong Yu could not help but say, “Jiejie, he is a Wangye, how can no one love him? Jiejie must not know that in the imperial capital, Canglong Shuntian is the dream husband of many young maidens!”

There was a look of embarrassment, Cheng Xue laughed: “What about you?”

Surprisingly, he was quite shocked and immediately waved his hand dismissing the matter: “Jiejie, spare me …”

What is this? He is no longer pursuing the matter, she changed the subject casually: “Younger brother, what do I usually call you? Do I call you little brother?”

“Of course not. Jiejie, why did you suddenly ask?”

Cheng Xue gave a smile and said: “Your jiejie has lost her memory!”

Instead, when the words came out, it provoked him till his face was red: “Jiejie… you called me Yu didi.”

  • Yu didi: Younger brother Yu

“Yu didi? Why do you wear red robes, it does not fit your name!”

  • Yu means rain; Red symbolizes fire; Fire and Water are opposite each other it the elements

Murong Yu was silent and opened his mouth, he seemed to want to say something but nothing came out, instead, he got up and said, “Jiejie, it’s dark out, not early anymore, we’ll catch up tomorrow. I’ll come back to find you.”

Cheng Xue saw that it was indeed dark outside, and nodded: “En, go rest!” this is also good, after being on the carriage today, Yu didi must be tired, you should go to rest!”

His expression that was originally stiff, turned into a smile, as he ran away happily.

Cheng Xue didn’t care if that child was happy. In fact, in her eyes, he is a child who has yet to grow up, even though she is only twenty years old.

As soon as he exited her room, he was in deep thought, he thought in his heart: Jiejie, do you still remember when we were kids, we went shopping together? Can’t you remember?

At that time, there were many people, we were pushed away by the crowd and you cried desperately in the crowd, and I couldn’t find the way to find you and searched desperately.

By coincidence, that day, I wore red robes, that were as bright as flames. You saw me from afar and smiled at me in a blink of an eye. You said, Yu didi, is dressed in red today, afterward, will our younger brother Yu wear red clothes every day? So no matter where I go, I could find you, ah Yu!


Looking at the wooden window of Cheng Xue’s room, he looked once more and walked away.

He is her younger brother, they share the same father but different mothers, but he likes to spend time with her, even though she doesn’t know why he likes it.

He didn’t care about other women, his mind was devoted to Cheng Xue.

Now, that he has grown up, he desperately tells himself that his affection for her is simply family love.

In fact, how much inexplicable love between a man and a woman was involved in this affection of the family, only he understood that he buried this feeling deep within his heart.

He even told himself, as long as jiejie is happy in this life, he would also be happy!

Not all love needs to be reciprocated, not all love needs to be obtained…

After Murong Yu left, Cheng Xue did not let herself go idle for a moment and laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling and pondered.

Suddenly, the door was quietly pushed open and a small head popped out, after seeing no one else, she carefully closed the door and window and went straight to Cheng Xue.

“Miss, you came home! Bi Lu missed you very much!”

“Bi Lu?” Cheng Xue unconsciously recites this strange name, “You are Bi Lu?”

Bi Lu felt that something was not right: “Miss, I’m your personal maid, Bi Lu! A few days ago, the old master asked Miss to go to the suburbs to travel for a few days, no matter how much Bi Lu begged Miss, Miss did not agree! By the way, I heard them say that Miss’ body has recovered? As healthy as before?”

Cheng Xue secretly thought that ‘when she went out to travel, she did not bring you, fortunately, she did not take you, or else you would not know how you died.’

Seeing that Bi Lu was so eager to see her, but it was hard to make of her: “Bi Lu, I couldn’t remember many things before, later on, I’d like you to talk more with me and help me remember some memories.”

When Bi Lu heard, her eyes fell: “How could Miss forget about Bi Lu? Fine, as long as Miss is happy, Bi Lu will do everything Miss orders.”

Seeing Bi Lu’s grievances, she took her hand and signaled her to sit down, giving a kind laugh: “Bi Lu, why don’t we sit down and talk?”

She never thought Bi Lu would look so happy, smiling with her teeth showing: “Miss, you are much more charming than before! Miss’ face looks tired, do you want to take a bath first?”

“No need, no need.” Cheng Xue stopped her “Can you have a chat with me, does Bi Lu have time?”

Bi Lu saw how much the young Miss cared about her, although she no longer had her previous memories, she was so kind right now, she was still touched: “How can there be no time? What does Miss want to talk about?”

She thought for a moment: “Why don’t we talk about Murong Yu?”

“Okay!” Bi Lu smiled, “When it comes to Yu gongzi, all the maids in the manor love him, he is a passionate person, he is handsome, he treats servants very kindly, in short, we all love Yu gongzi! However, we all say that every time we see Yu gongzi, he is always with Miss, we have said a few things about this! When we are bored, we opened up some conversations and joke around to pass the time…”

“Oh? Is it?” Cheng Xue was enjoying what she was hearing, “Is there anything else?”

Bi Lu shook her head helplessly: “Miss, there’s no more! We are only servants, knowing this is already very good!”

After she finished speaking, she didn’t forget to make a face toward Cheng Xue, it made Cheng Xue giggle wryly.

How long has it been since she laughed so happily? Ever since she entered the barracks, she hasn’t laughed so happily.

This night, she slept soundly…

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