World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: The Secret of the Treasure Map

After Canglong Shuntian left, Cheng Xue was able to finally get rid of her jailer. She ordered Bi Lu to call in some servants to move some daily necessities into her abode.

Bi Lu looked at the luxurious furnishings of the room and thought of how her lady did not appreciate his kind gestures. The attendants would think that Cheng Xue had been mistreated by Shuntian Wangye if they saw the way she acted.

Without a good understanding, Bi Lu wiped the sweat on her forehead and asked: “Miss, what are you doing? This room is not bad…”

Cheng Xue drastically wipes off her sweat, without any restraint a lady would have: “Bi Lu, look at how spacious this room is? Don’t you feel very uncomfortable?”

Bi Lu: “…”

Seeing Bi Lu looking at her silently, Cheng Xue is intrigued and feels the urge to smile, “Bi Lu, after a good half day worth of work, you must be tired right? Let’s rest first.”

Bi Lu looked at the empty room and hesitated: “So… Miss?”

She waved her hand “You don’t have to worry about this.”

Bi Lu discovered her lady was different from her usual self. It seemed to be a change of personality. Although she did not have the restraint a lady from a noble household should have, it was a straightforward kind of beauty that would make people adore her!

She smiled a little: “This… Miss alone in this room, if you feel a little bored, you can take a walk around the garden, I will see miss later!”

“Okay, then you can go.” Cheng Xue truly felt awkward, she was waiting for Bi Lu to leave earlier. After all, there have been no training for many days, besides with her current weak body, she needs to exercise every day.”

On normal days when she was in the military barracks, it would be ridiculous not to look at the empty room but would give her some familiar emotions. On the contrary, with a house of luxury, how could she not get used to this life.

As of now, her physical fitness is the largest problem. The five-kilometer jog or the hundred-meter sprint are impossible, it is truly not good to be in a royal’s manor. However, leapfrogs, leg stretches, pushups and others could still be done at the proper time.

She walked towards the center of the empty house and began to warm up.

Unknowingly, the sun had gotten to its peak and the time to eat came.

Bi Lu knocked on the door, calling out to her: “Miss, it’s time to eat!”

Just as soon as she entered, she saw the lady constantly groaning on the empty ground, she was shocked as Cheng Xue looked more like a goblin, she rushed up and shouted: “Miss, miss, what’s wrong? Why did you become like this?”

It would have been better not to shout, as when Gu, Murong Yu, Ruo Yan, who was hidden on the roof, the three martial arts experts heard this, they asked: “What happened?”

Because the three of them broke into the house rather quickly, Cheng Xue was unable to get up from the ground, when they saw her, they gaped at the scene: “This is?”

Murong Yu, seeing that she is not hurt, lets out a breath of relief: “Sister, what have you just done? Arousing a burst of exclamation? Fortunately, nothing happened!”

Panting, she slowly got up and laughed: “Hey! I was just a little nervous, I did not think you would have been guarding around.”

Gu Yu: “Wang ye ordered me to guard lady Cheng Xue.”

Cheng Xue thoughtfully said “Oh!” before turning around to gently pull on Bi Lu’s hand: “Let’s go eat.”

Bi Lu saw her family’s young miss return to normal, she took Cheng Xue along with her and bid farewell to the three gentlemen before leaving.

Originally, she thought Canglong Shuntian would return by noon, after lunch, Cheng Xue looked over at the side of the pond, looking at the small goldfish swimming around.

Looking at such a scene, she felt as though she was lacking. Her body was bathed in the warm glow of the sunlight making her feel very comfortable as she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke, she found herself in Canglong Shuntian’s embrace, there was an affectionate smile on his face. Through a period of embarrassment, Canglong Shuntian watched the person who was sleeping break free from his arms: “Shuntian Gege, what are you doing?”

His eyes were slightly closed and his face filled with warmth: “How is it that maidservant Cheng Xue is able to call this prince brother? This title is quite good, in the future you should continue to call me that.”

Cheng Xue does not know whether to laugh or to cry: “But can’t you do that? In the broad daylight, lone men and unmarried women can’t be left alone!”

“Really? What is it? You are benwang’s maidservant, and who dares to say anything before me, but if you’re afraid, I can think of this matter…”

Not wanting to get tangled up with him anymore, Cheng Xue simply changes the topic: “Shuntian Gege, today when you entered the palace, did you find any news?”

Canglong Shuntian’s expression became serious: “When I entered the palace, I happened to run into second brother and father. I talked about it. I kept on asking. Emperor father told me the truth of the matter. I also secretly helped my second brother to find this treasure as soon as possible. ”

Cheng Xue’s heart suddenly became nervous: “So, what kind of thing is it? The Emperor wants you to secretly help the prince Hao Yue. If you help find the treasure, will he deny that this matter has anything to do with you?”

Canglong Shuntian says thoughtfully: “Cheng Xue is quite far-reaching, and this matter has to be prevented. You don’t know, this treasure is unusual, it goes back to father’s position, and with the Emperor’s supporters Speaking frankly, I thought that the father’s strength was even better. When father was about to capture the imperial city, the Emperor secretly commanded a few servants to transporte a large number of treasures from the treasury out of the palace, and divided the treasures into batches. With a few different people. The former dying, but the supporters are still there but have no one to lead, they have mingled among the common folks with the treasure.”

“So it is like that, the current Emperor wishes not only to get his hands on the treasure but also to get rid of the roots.” Cheng Xue made her connection.

Canglong Shuntian said in a dignified voice: “If this is the case, what did the previous treasure case say? And why did they do this, benwang is confused…”

After a lament, the stone in Cheng Xue’s heart finally fell: “No matter what, it is good that the truth of the treasure is clear now… Shuntian Gege, I am sorry to drag you into such a scene full of bloodshed.”

And he seems to care not: “Benwang is used to it! Even if you did not meet me, benwang will participate in it for the future. For the position of the Crown Prince, my older brother can do anything, my second brother will fight for it, if the Emperor does nothing, then in the battle of the Princes, the first to die would probably me!”

“Sometimes when you do not have the heart to fight, but still unwittingly get dragged into this deadlock situation, is this what you’re trying to say?”

Canglong Shuntian dismissed her words: “Cheng Xue, do you like Feng Yue Ya? Do you like him, don’t you like me?”

Once again, the anger in Cheng Xue’s heart rose: “What are you talking about, I, Cheng Xue have never fallen for anyone…

As he heard her words, he did not banter with her, merely giving her a bitter smile.

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