World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Liking but not making light of it

When Cheng Xue returned to her room, she saw her maid from Murong manor. It was an unbelievable moment, followed by excitement, she asked happily: “Bi Lu, when did you arrive?”

Bi Lu lowered her head with a shy smile: “It wasShuntian Wangye who brought Bi Lu here.”

Cheng Xue was surprised and asked: “When did that happen?”

Bi Lu naughtily said : “Last night, the prince said to the old master, that lady needs someone to accompany, so he allowed me to go!”

Then she playfully whispered: “My lady, though you are the so-called maidservant of Xiang Wang manor, you are the future consort of Shuntian Wangye! Today when I arrived, I heard the servants say that only the prince is allowed to address you as his maid… Does my lady does not understand this?”

Without waiting for her to finish, Cheng Xue pushed her head: “Such a young age, yet having such thoughts! So deserving of punishment!”

Bi Lu held her head while lamenting: “My lady, Bi Lu is not young!”

Cheng Xue smirked: “Would you like to marry Shuntian Wangye?”

On the contrary, Bi Lu’s expression had changed to one that was filled with fear. Her mouth widened so much that she no longer had the airs of the maid of a noble household…

Uh… What happened to her?

“Cough… Cheng Xue, do you want to marry Benwang?”

The sky shattering sound of a certain person actually came from behind!

Cheng Xue eyes sweeps a room, before she sets eyes on the broom she picks it up against the free and easygoing Canglong Shuntian: “Next time you engage in sneak attacks, be careful of your life!”

“Haha… haha…” Canglong Shuntian began to elegantly unfold a thin fan, he could not help but burst into laughter.

Cheng Xue’s jade like face was red, and a few veins could be seen. In order to cover that up, she throws the broom and proudly said: “I’m just making a point, if next time I pick up a sword, then you would not be so lucky!”

Canglong Shuntian heard that it was a sneer, and the smile was ten times warmer than when he was indifferent appeared. It was not like staying with her in the past, but bickering outside the door: “Why are you not preparing a hearty breakfast for maidservant Cheng Xue?”

Turning to Cheng Xue, he gave a devilish smile: “Little maidservant, I will see you in the evening!”

“Wait!” Cheng Xue refused to accept it. “Can you give me some respect in front of everyone?”

He looked at her slyly with a laugh before he left: “This can’t be done… haha…”


Cheng Xue was helpless and had to go along with him.

Bi Lu, seeing that there was no one around laughed and said: “Good sister, the people of the Imperial City, have always heard that the third prince is indifferent, and always speak coldly, and now he is waiting for Miss, if he doesn’t like you, what else could it be?”

“Shhh——!” Cheng Xue busily put her hand on Bi Lu’s mouth, indicating for her to whisper, yet she did not realize this action was honest and her eyes were clear. This amused Bi Lu.

“Then, what is Miss thinking about, could it be that Miss already has some Miss likes?”

Her crystal eyes squinted, and she calmly said: “This Miss doesn’t want to get married, naturally I won’t have someone in my heart!”

“Oh…” Bi Lu saw her young miss so determined and could not help but feel at loss.

Cheng Xue was very puzzled, she whispered: “Bi Lu, I did not say I would not marry! Why this uncomfortable face?”

Bi Lu lamented” “Ahh——, Miss I only feel pity for Shuntian Wangye, falling in love with such a beautiful flower, yet having none of it returned, Bi Lu understands, Miss is so smart, how can…”

Bi Lu hasn’t finished yet, when she heard a girl’s voice outside the door: “Miss Cheng Xue, breakfast is ready, please go to the main house.”

“The main house? You don’t have to be so troublesome. This manor is quite big. Isn’t it right here?”

Cheng Xue carefully looked into the girl’s eyes, her eyebrows were thin and those eyes were clear, her appearance only seemed to be that of twelve or thirteen years old, dignified and decent.

However the girl seemed to be there for a while, there was an anxious look on her face: “Wangye ordered Miss to be there, he said that if Miss would not come, then this servant would be the one to accompany…”

Looking at her sorrowful face, Cheng Xue felt that if she did not comply, then this little girl would be severely punished by Canglong Shuntian! Without waiting for Cheng Xue to speak, she had already been furiously angered!

The girl was nervous and decided not to complete her sentence If Lady Cheng Xue did not agree, she would definitely get punished.

“Attend the bed?” Almost without hesitation, she heard a person say full of anger! How can he have such a young girl accompany him, is he a pedophile?

“He dares…”

Before she finished, Canglong Shuntian appeared out of nowhere like a ghost and was in front of Cheng Xue, a smirk appeared on his face: “Maidservant Cheng Xue, you are so eager to get on my bed?”

She had been caught off guard by him, slightly raising her voice, she ordered: “Bi Lu, send the guest off!” She stated that she would not go to the main house.

This? Bi Lu looked helplessly at Canglong Shuntian and then looked at the little girl who had been frightened that sent a message. Fortunately, Canglong Shuntian waved his hand and gestured to her to retreat. She was able to quickly retreat, running away.

Canglong Shuntian gently closed the door, He walked toward the back room without a word.

Cheng Xue is sitting on the edge of the bed, her pair of eyes with a careless look, he silently walked to in front of her, slowly crouching down, looking to see that she was no longer as docile.

Reaching out, he touched her hair that was scattered over her shoulders, but was rejected by Cheng Xue coldly!

It was extremely difficult to take back his hand, he always showed his ice cold side, at this moment, he seemed to have completely melted. He was looking at her with tenderness, he asked with sorrow: “Why is Cheng Xue waiting for me so indifferent and unrequited? You already know how I feel, yet why do you still treat me like this?”

He stop and stole her a look, yet that mask of indifference on her face did not even show a trace of movement.

After a pause, he said: ” Cheng Xue, don’t you care about my safety at all? It is possible we will have to go into a deep investigation of the treasure map. There is no road for going back, could it be you do not care about life or death?”

In front of her, he almost pleaded with her to say a few words of truth, and couldn’t bear it. She picked up her sloppy expression and focused: “Is it so serious?”

He sighed and said: “I feel that many are willing to die for the treasures.”

Her clear ambiguity, gradually blurred, he did it for her? Obviously, she was not willing to admit it. If she wants to say something, she would not be able to say it.

She suddenly thought of what Bi Lu said, he was extremely indifferent to others, and he was only waiting for her…

However, in such a world, she can’t easily say the word “love”. What will happen in the future, she will have no way to understand.

“If you retreat now, I will not blame you, life and death are determined by the heavens…”

That was her answer to him, neither rejecting nor begging him to protect her.

He heard this, and tears began to roll out, he couldn’t help but hold Cheng Xue close in his arms and mutter: “For you, I am willing to do anything…”

She gently pushed him away and said: “You have said that so many times that I feel numb to it…”

Knowing that arrogance runs deep in her bones, he smiled lightly and got up quickly.


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