World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Amazing Encounter Part 2

Seeing him approaching every step, with confused eyes, Cheng Xue warned: “What do you want to do?”

Perhaps it was just a cry of surprise to others, with his own skill, he aware of trivial footsteps whether near or far.

Facing the girl in front of him he used brute force to hold her firmly, he did not expect her body to be so cold.

What kind of person was Cheng Xue, how could she allow someone to eat her tofu in broad daylight? And also someone who was younger than her in her previous life, although he was young, his strength was already quite great, he held her tighter and she could not move.

  • Eat tofu: take advantage of

Hearing his hot breath get closer to her, meeting her eyes, in her eyes was anger, shyness, helplessness, but it did not happen like anything else, he gave an indifferent smile, and gently kissed her, Cheng Xue was stunned on the spot, suddenly thought to speak out, but found that she could not make a sound.

He looked at Cheng Xue eyes that were filled with surprise, he lowered his head towards Cheng Xue’s ear his movement full of intimacy: “Fool, don’t move, I already pressed your acupuncture point.”

Cheng Xue had no words, this is too frivolous? Dear god! Who is he, in the end, if I know, I will surely slaughter to his home! Only her ears felt an itch, her heart was in chaos, but she could not move, she stared at him fiercely, those eyes enough to kill all things!

“Huangdi, seeing that you have lived in the temple for years, your love for women still hasn’t diminished ah! Haha…” The person who said this was the dynasty’s grand prince – Cang Longhui.

  • 皇弟 Huáng dì Is what an older brother would call his younger brother in the imperial family
    It could be translated to younger imperial brother, but then it would be too long

Cheng Xue followed the sound, to see a large golden yellow robe, the chest embroidered with exquisite patterns, on the neckline and cuffs there is about one and a half inches of wide black trim, the pattern elegantly sliding over the delicate yellow pattern, elegant yet without losing the majesty. However, it is a pity that this person was wearing it! With a melon face, fox-like flirtatious features, taking a look at him made one feel nausea.

“Haha … … haha! Huangxiong once said people who are not flirtatious when they are young are wasting away their youth! Huangxiong how did you come here to stroll?” The young man in white had an evil charm to his smile, with what just happened, he turned a blind eye!

  • 皇兄 Huáng xiōng Is what a younger brother would call his older brother in the imperial family
    It could be translated to older imperial brother

However, Cheng Xue was surprised to hear surprised a moment, what Huangdi? Huangxiong? These two will not be the emperor’s sons, right? I went to say that slaughter to your home words, I recovered, but fortunately just could not speak, count me lucky!

Thinking till here, Cheng Xue here fiercely swallowed her saliva, along with any of her previous thoughts.

However, the difference between how these two brothers dressed is too big!

Just listening to a frivolous voice came to the ear: “Aiyou, this girl’s body is really dirty, third younger brother is really hungry ah! However, she still has some redeeming qualities! Not bad!”

  • 哎呦 Āi yōu is like saying Oops

After saying that, he had already appeared before Cheng Xue, his hands grabbed onto her cheeks, looking closely at her face, his eyes filled with lust.

Cheng Xue who was watching felt numb, but unfortunately did not listen to the call, she wanted to escape! Her eyebrows a cluster, with a sad look, weakness seems so stubborn: God, help me! Give me strength! Amen!

This expression – almost at the same time the two men were in a trance, their hearts felt pity.

“Huangdi, this is the first time I have seen such an unruly woman, she seems fresh … … Or Huangxiong will manage her on your behalf?” Still, his eyes are strange looking at her, talking, his eyes do not blink.

What? Fresh? Are you picking vegetables? Or picking for freshness! How many girls really like you? Just because you are a son of the emperor!

“This is not OK! Huangxiong, but she is the new maidservant I just got, Huangxiong if there is nothing, Chendi first retreat.” Smiling, the young man in white, put his arms together and bowed.

What? New maidservant? Such a narcissist, such a carefree appearance, but such a bad face! Humph! What in the world? And these Cheng Xue can only be indignant in her heart. She wanted to speak, but did not say it, what an uncomfortable feeling!

Cang Longhui had a sly expression: “I will comply with you, please!”

  • 请 Qǐng is a respectful way to ask someone to follow you, it is also used to ask questions

The ‘Confucian scholar’ gave gentleman like smile: “Please!”

Cang Long Hui seeing the situation, nodded his head and left, the benefits did not catch on, instead, got a loophole, however, who is this girl? Subconsciously, Cang Longhui will remember this person, he will remember every move she makes.

Today’s memory was surprisingly good, Cang Longhui had secretly exaggerated it, though it was a good one.

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