World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: She is Murong Cheng Xue

Both eyes of the men and women downstairs, are all focused on one person: Cheng Xue, all those eyes on her made her scalp go numb, after all, she was a woman disguised as a man, there was no need to be so polite, or was it that they had seen through her disguise?

She pretended to be calm, if nothing had happened, with a fan in her hand, step by step she walked through, under the crowd’s gaze.

She thought it over many times, but did not think that such dull walking could garner so many people’s attention, she never thought to be the focus of everyone.

It cannot be helped, she unconsciously sighs, but like the gentle breeze blowing, the woman close by can hear the lament, actually have pity, the eyes that cast great concern.

It seems she is the most dazzling flower in the sea of a hundred flowers.

Cheng Xue is on her own, but there is a feeling of standing out, covered with numbness, and she even forgot that her hands were still holding a fan.

With her shivering hands, the fan quietly slipped until she heard the fan “plop” dropping the sound once it fell, she realized that the fan disappeared from her hands… What happened to her?

The woman beside her got up and wanted to help her pick up the fan, just wanted to be a proper lady, and wanted to pick up the fan quickly. When she hesitated, she saw a man in red who moved like wind appeared before her.

Leisurely picking up the fan, and holds it in the palm of his hand: “This young master please hold your steps!”

This young master please hold your steps?

Cheng Xue was suddenly astonished, even if one is very careful, one cannot stay here safely, hoping to escape those clad black people, right?

Her heart felt anxious…

She slowly turned around, very reluctantly and her eyes met with the man in red man opposite of her, just after a look, she had secretly exclaimed, the man in red could be described by the word “handsome”.

Looking back at him, he was looking at him in a blur, his eyes blazing, his nose slightly, clear and delicate lips, delicate features, shiny. They were about the same height and age … who is this person?

This young master, you and I have not seen each other for a long time, can remember the last time you play with me in chess? That time I lost too tragic, today can give a face and tell me the reason you won? ”

This … This … Cheng Xue was calculating, how to say the most cost-effective words that would not draw those clad black people’s attention.

Seeing that she was not giving him an answer the man in red questioned her further: “This young master, could you give face?”

What to do? What to do? Cheng Xue’s mind suddenly had no idea, one could only see her bright eyes, she then gave a gentle smile, extended her right arm and put on a very gentleman-like posture – please!

The man in red did the same: “Please! Young master, please come with me!”

Speaking, the man in red walked out first, leading Cheng Xue to the Yue Inn door.

Whew, that was dangerous! Cheng Xue could not help but sigh in her heart.

Then just think about how people have been calling themselves as a young master, is it hard for someone like himself? Or is it because he is the masked black-clad man who chased me?

Just when full of doubts, the red man slowed down and whispered: “Good sister, looking for your hard work, follow me!”

What? Good sister? Cheng Xue inexplicably blinked her eyes, could not let her think about it, the man in red lively pulled her East a turn, West to hide, being dragged back and forth a few times, the man in red quickly took her into a house, went straight to the wooden windows on the second floor.

Safely hidden by the wooden window, Cheng Xue could not help but grow curious to take a look, she saw a few strange men looking around, momentarily gathered together, and soon dispersed, what is the situation?

“They must be chasing you, but fortunately we got rid of them!” The man in red’s voice suddenly crashed into her eardrums.

Seeing that Cheng Xue was surprised for a moment, he repeatedly explained: “Older sister, do not you remember? I am your brother Murong Yu ah!”

She could not help but ask “What about me?”

He looked eagerly at her with a strange look: “Older sister, do not you even remember your own name? You are Murong Cheng Xue, our father is Murong Li!”

Uh … Originally, she was called in this world Murong Cheng Xue, haha! However, that Murong Li, but those clad black people called him an old fox?

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