World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Leaving Huashan Temple

Flipping through the gorgeous clothes, she did not know how to wear them, Jing Xiang came in with a busy appearance: “Miss, let Jing Xiang serve you!”

Serve? That word is unfamiliar to Chang Xue, Jing Xiang asked: “Miss, what is your name? Seeing Miss is very delicate, so young yet have a peerless beauty, Miss must have a great name!”

“Cheng Xue.”

She did not want to blurt it out, it was a poetic name, unfortunately, coming from her mouth, the perfect poetic meaning was ruined!

At this time Cheng Xue carefully looked at Jing Xiang, who was delicate and charming, she also looks pretty good, although the quality of her clothes was not as good as the master’s, when dressed up she would surely be a beauty.

“Miss, let’s start to groom yourself a bit.”

Groom myself? Uh…

Following the sight of Jing Xiang: A copper basin on the dressing table, towels, all kinds of rouges and perfumes, headdresses, combs… a full heap.

Dear god! Does it have to be so troublesome ah?

She directly neglect the people that were to serve her, and walked past them, she took the towel in the basin and carelessly washed her face, felt her hair was a little messy, she directly used her hands to comb, that action took the same time as to drink a cup of tea, even the tea has not been savored properly, she was already finished.

Even Canglong Shuntian, who has walked to the outside of the door originally wanting to hurry her up, saw the coherent movements of Cheng Xue, caused him to be very interested.

Cheng Xue turned around, she was about to say let’s go to Jing Xiang, only to see Canglong Shuntian with a leisure look on his face leaning against the antique walls, his mouth had a small smile, he looked comfortable.

Something was amiss, it was the look of a bad smile! It definitely was!

“I have never seen someone tidy up like that? How will you serve someone later on?”

Cheng Xue’s face turned crimson red, forget it, a good woman would take the loss, she does not want her acupoint pressed again, her heart thought one thing, but she retorts: “Why, am I not human?”

After dressing up she looked more beautiful, and with a touch of powder, it made him feel that she was like a cherry blossom in March, beautiful and flawless.

Restraining his emotions with no expression, he indifferently said: “Let’s go, everyone is waiting for you!”

What? Everyone is waiting for me? Then why are you so laid back?

Don’t think that just because he looks like he was in his twenties, yet he did not have a good heart.

It was silent along the way, only the melodious bells echoed in the ear, the chanting sound of scriptures, it was not easy to get to the front of the temple.

Sure enough, it was busy, a bunch of people was standing, among them, there was actually Canglong Shuntian’s older brother! It seems that there were a lot of people waiting.

“Amitabha, let this old man send Cang Tian Wangye on the journey, There are many disturbances in this period of time.”

Canglong Shuntian was wearing white, with his hands together, he bowed slightly in a humble and polite manner: “Master Le Chen, during this period of time Canglong Shuntian has caused many disturbances, Master please stay, please do not blame Shuntian.”

  • 了尘 Le chén: The title of the monk of the temple

Gee – This sound was heard, Canglong Hui who was at the side was obviously impatient, what a joke, who had ever made him wait, only his father Emperor! This account will slowly be calculated later!

The weird thing is Canglong Hui although had this idea, in an angry state, however, his eyes were already dazed on Cheng Xue’s body!

After freshening up, her beauty could easily bring one into an illusion!

Master Le Chen gave an indifferent smile: “Shuntian Wangye is polite, this old man respects that, I will send Wangye from here, take care all the way! Hui Wangye take care!”

“Take care!” The two brothers bowed in respect to master Le Chen.

While a large group of people surrounded Canglong Hui on the sedan chair, the master Le Chen suddenly felt that Cheng Xue’s brows exude an unusual atmosphere.

“This young lady, please stay.” Master Le Chen clasped his hands together toward Cheng Xue with a slight bow.

Cheng Xue’s expression was stiff, what happened to me? After she clasped both hands together: “What’s the advice of Master Le Chen?”

This will take work, Canglong Hui and the crowd of people have already gone down the mountain.

Master Le Chen’s face was unpredictable, with a kind countenance, he looked at her with great interest: “Le Chen sees that this young lady’s atmosphere is extraordinary, can we talk for a while?”

Could it be that master Le Chen felt something? Or the fate of this body has some ups and downs, the aura that is seen on the face can give a lot of information?

Not waiting for her to speak, Canglong Shuntian spoke: “Master Le Chen is the world best expert, to be able to get the master’s guidance, is a privilege, Yatou, why are you not following?”

  • 丫头 Yātou Addressing someone as a girl; normally meant for younger girls
    What? Yatou? Well~

On the world best expert’s account, I will forgive you once, Cheng Xue gave Canglong Shuntian a stare, she turned around with a smile: “Master Le Chen is too polite, this way please!”


Although the action of Cheng Xue’s stare was very small, but Canglong Shuntian was very observant and saw clearly, she was incredible, just then Cheng Xue, stared at this dynasty’s Wangye in public, one has to know that this is a shame on the royal family, but Wangye does not seem to be angry, he just had an indifferent smile.

Although Wangye lived here all year round, he would often go down the mountain to observe the common people’s livelihood. Wangye’s heart, Jing Xiang felt was becoming more and more unpredictable, hey – the master’s heart, how can a servant know?

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