World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: People who are not flirtatious waste away their youth

Feeling that someone was giving her water, she struggled to grab the canteen and drank.

She was very hungry, the mountains almost had nothing to eat, coupled with her immense effort to escape, it was hard for her to let the word “Hungry” escape from her lips.

Jing Xiang witnessed her fainting, also saw her grab the water to drink, she cannot help but admire her. Seeing her cry out in hunger for the dessert, she used her hands to crush it and placed it into her mouth, afraid that she would accidentally choke.

At this time Cheng Xue was half awake, seeing the food, she looked with her eyes wide open, she also saw the look of Jing Xiang staring at her with eyes full of worry.

“Miss Cheng Xue, are you awake? Come, there are some desserts here, slowly eat.” The sweet scent of the desserts, it took no effort for Cheng Xue to smell the food in hunger.

Instead of picking up the food, she slowly extended her cupped fist toward Jing Xiang. “Thank you!”

This seemingly normal move to her, Jing Xiang and Canglong Shuntian were confused: she is already so weak, but yet she keeps thinking about fighting? If she’s thinking of fighting, why did she say thank you?

But she did not take the food in the hands of Jing Xiang, as it is hard to swallow with a dry mouth, she closed her eyes.

Jing Xiang looked helplessly at Canglong Shuntian, he simply waved his hand: “You may leave.”


When the carriage continued to move, Canglong Shuntian turned to Cheng Xue’s body, with a casual look: “There’s food right in front of you but you do not eat, are you punishing yourself? The how did you run away?”

Cheng Xue’s eyes staring at him, direct shouted: “I do not know what would happen to me if I eat it? Last time it was a cherry blossom petal, you would not let it go, I do not want to be led by you and would rather starve to death, and will not be tempted by your desserts.”

Canglong Shuntian finally reacted, his eyebrows furrowed: “Little yatou remembers, Benwang will not mind about the food, Benwang is saving the people as saving people from fire and water.”

  • 救民于水火之中 Jiùmín yú shuǐhuǒ zhī zhōng: Rescue people from the water and fire: Old saying of what people in higher positions would say in hard times, such as famine, floods, war, etc.
    Cheng Xue spoke with disdain: “You want to save me, more like you want to make fun of me right?”

“What are you saying?” her words seemed to irritate Canglong Shuntian, his body flashed, suddenly he was close to Cheng Xue, an evil smile on his face.

So close, Cheng Xue could feel her heart startled heart, she felt regret, how would her current body have the strength to resist?

Originally, he wanted to play with her, forcing her to eat, he did not intend to be so close, he felt his heart beating strongly, although he was at the temple for many years of during his recuperation, he often went down the mountain into the city where there were innumerable beauties, but today’s situation has never occurred once.

Looked at her dry lips, could not help but give a shallow kiss, moisturizing her lips.

She was suddenly kissed, twice on the same day, and even by the same person! Absurd! Absolutely absurd! But she could not even struggle, she had to let him rely on herself, her heart refused to accept this, fiercely biting his moist jade lips, he just let go of her.

Only it looks like there is a requisition of heart, touching his bloodstained lips, smiles more happily: “Cheng Xue, do you want me to feed you?”

“Hey! Are you sick?” Although she was very angry, when he called her Cheng Xue, she felt a little warmth, no! Wrong! How can she have such thoughts?

Coming back to her senses, she saw him wiping his stiff lips brought her interest.

“Are you going to eat or not?” He still pursues.

Having been bullied to this stage, is there any reason not to eat?

In a fierce and righteous tone: “I’ll eat!”

She graciously picked up the desert to take a bite, completely neglecting the existence of Canglong Shuntian.

Canglong Shuntian seems to be aware that he was abnormal, che! People who are not flirtatious waste away their youth, with such a beautiful woman in front of him, having a merry time is normal, he should have fun playing it.

Saying that to himself, made his conscience feel uneasy…

Really just have fun playing it?

For this question, he only dares to ask himself, but dare not imagine …

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