World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Wish for fireworks

So Cheng Xue sat at the side and touched her hungry flat stomach, secretly thinking that if they do not walk out of this desolate land, it is possible to starve to death.

Looking beside her, sat Feng Yue Ya, her heart secretly sighed, really a cool gentleman.

“Come here.” Feng Yue Ya’s tone was suddenly very cold, so cold that Cheng Xue could not adapt.

“What did you say?”

He did not speak, just waved toward her, Cheng Xue came and stood in front of him.

He reached out his arm, Cheng Xue thought he wanted to get up and gave him a hand, she was thinking this person, if he needed help he did not need to be so cold.

Suddenly, he took a hold of her left hand, seizing it up carefully: “Your left arm has no major problems, apply some herbs and it will heal soon.”

She was surprised for a moment, she met his gaze, his eyes were as calm and quiet as water, one could never guess what he was thinking.

So they quietly sat there, until the break of dawn.

This was the first time she had seen the sunrise, at the far edge of the sky, thirty percent like a sunset, seventy percent like a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice, the air was filled with fragrance, although the morning air was a bit cool, but Cheng Xue liked this feeling, it was not bitter cold, but it made one feel comfortable.

And he slowly released her arm, unobstructedly staring at her enduring look, sparing no effort to capture it, fearing he would miss something.

Her smile, her expressions, was subconsciously deeply imprinted into his heart.

He did not know what was going crazy in his heart, and he only felt that he had a different intuition about her.

In front of her, I would never need to change myself, never need to live under a mask of pretense.

Of course, who is she?

In the face of the beauty of the moment, his long silence, restraint, just wanted to break free.

Cheng Xue found that the beautiful scenery was only enjoyed by one person, such a pity, she wants to call Feng YueYa to watch it together, seeing him looked so dull. Cheng Xue helplessly said: “I say, Yue Ya gege, why are you always so cold ah? Do you see how beautiful this is, you should enjoy it … ”

“Cheng Xue, If I tell you the truth of one thing and it’s about you … what will you do?” He finally opened his heart, “A few years ago, I had been here for a trip. At that time, I was chased by people and accidentally fell, but this time, I did this on purpose … ”

“Wow! Jumping cliffs, there are many dangerous factors to think of, yet you were actually able to plan it? It is high ah!” Cheng Xue was suddenly unusually excited, she felt like dancing.

While Feng Yue Ya had a look of confusion: “What factor? What planning?”

Uh… she just realized, she accidentally used words of her time, she waved her hand dismissively: “The meaning is that it is very dangerous! Such a dangerous matter and you still dare to do it a second time…”

“But you do not blame me? I brought you into a desperate situation.”

Cheng Xue turned her eyes, and this is why he had to protect her while jumping off the cliff, and perhaps due to guilt: “YueYa gege, since we are here, we should be able to get out of here, right?”

He was silent for a while: “That time, I was rescued by someone.”

Good, Feng YueYa, she, Cheng Xue, gives in to you!

But for his inexplicable guilt, Cheng Xue felt that it is very strange, he has always been frigid, now he suddenly became less indifferent, but allowed himself to have some sympathy. She gave indifferent smile: “There is no other way, the black clad people gave such a tight chase, what Yue Ya gege did was correct. Although I can not find a way out, there will always be a solution. Of course, Cheng Xue must thank YueYa gege for saving me…”

“Also good, since it is like that we do not owe each other.”

Why? Why? Now even Feng YueYa cannot figure out what he is doing.

He has never been here, never before, more than a rhetoric, but he wanted to comfort her …

Just why, did he do it? To treat her this way?

Cheng Xue was surprised by him, last resort, to ignore it automatically, or tangle for this little thing. Otherwise, she does not know they would make it out alive.

For a moment, Cheng Xue picked up a branch from the ground and smoothed the ground, drawing an approximate map of the road from memory.

“Here is the Huashan Temple, Huashan Temple is all the way east, it takes a day’s journey to arrive at the town, probably in the small town in the west, the Imperial City in the east, we want to go east. So, first of all, we need to determine where we are …”

After some explanation, Feng Yue Ya had to admire Cheng Xue, she really was an unusual woman.

“Cheng Xue, we can try to walk in the southeast direction, maybe we can get to Imperial City?”

“Southeast ah?” She muttered while looking for the southeast direction, “Dear God! That is the mountains ah!”

Simply unbelievable, the southeast is the mountain!

Feng Yue Ya contemplated for a while, suddenly his voice burst out: “Then we’ll go there! I remember there is there is a route that was being used by the officers over there, once we found the official road we will be able to find horses there! Let’s go!

Cheng Xue thought he said the official road was taken away a few years ago by others, they are also convinced that. Holding onto Feng YueYa, they rushed toward the southeast non-stop.

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