World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: This situation is to be carefully tread

When Cheng Xue was completely immersed in the night, Canglong Shuntian raised an eyebrow and questioned: “Don’t you like her? Like… your sister?”

Murong Yu was busy avoiding his question: “Where did this come up, Wang Ye’s words make me laugh!”

Then the two stared for a long time and smiled. This matter whether true or false is something only their heart knows well.

The matter is true, the meaning is to cut off such emotions, one can only be careful and tread lightly, to not speak a single word of it!

“If Wang Ye can protect this one’s sister, I will definitely serve Wang Ye when I make something of myself!” He suddenly states.

Canglong Shuntian’s lips perked up into a smile and looked at him incredulously: “I admire the talent of Murong Yu, a young talent with an understanding of medical skills. With high accomplishments in all aspects. Wouldn’t you be wronged if you were to come over to me?”

Canglong Shuntian said leisurely: “Moreover, I also came for the treasure map, and Yu Gongzi has thought too highly of Benwang!”

He calmly speaks, but there is not a trace of the childishness of a fifteen or sixteen year old. Instead, he has a little more calmness: “What Wang Ye is saying, if Wang Ye is not interested in my sister then the one accompanying the Emperor tonight would not be Lin Yiyi!”

Once said, the two knew they could no longer hide emotions from each other.

“Yu Gongzi believes that Benwang is not getting close to Cheng Xue simply for the treasure map? Forget it… even if you believe, she does not believe it!” Canglong Shuntian said helplessly.

Murong Yu’s heart is tight: “No matter what Wang Ye does, as long as my sister is protected, this Yu will live up to his word!”

He raised his eyebrows: “Aren’t you afraid of betraying your father after today’s choice?”

Murong Yu lowered his eyebrows, and the sword in his hand was grasped more and more tightly: “He is not in the first place! He wants sister’s life, and I just betrayed him. Both are light and heavy, he deserved it!”

He said that as light as clouds on a windy sky. After speaking, he exchanged long silence with Canglong Shuntian, he was puzzled. He suppressed his inner curiosity and accompanied him in the silence.

When the moonlight was blocked by clouds, the moonlight falls down and scatters.

It was faintly seen that a shadow had descended from a big tree in front of the Listening Rain building. Just when Murong Yu was going to intercept, he was stopped by Canglong Shuntian. He said: “He is back! Follow me to the Listening Rain building!”

In the midst of the silence, Murong Yu felt that something was going to happen, and silently followed him into the Listening Rain building.

Walking to Cheng Xue’s room, Canglong Shuntian seemed to aggravate his footsteps, and even the voice became louder. Followed by his finger pointing to Murong Yu, he knew that it was a room with Cheng Xue. He deliberately created an opportunity for Cheng Xue to understand some situations.

Waiting to enter the room next to Cheng Xue, Murong Yu whispered: “Why is Wang Ye wanting to let my sister know something, do you not know how to bend around?”

Not to mention okay, Canglong Shuntian was confused, and whispered: “She is still your sister, you do not know her?”

With this question, both were confused!

“According to your highness, what kind of woman is my sister like?”

“Cough – Benwang will not say, Cheng Xue in the eyes of Benwang, is a woman soft on the inside with bones that reveal an unbearable arrogance, calm thinking, thinking is not generally active. If this prince rushed to invite her to witness, maybe she would still think that this was deliberately arranged by Benwang!”

There was a look of disappointment in Murong Yu’s eyes: “I believe every sentence that Wang Ye said, my sister was a weak woman before she became ill, and she said that she was sick, the escape restored her memory, but her temper changed completely. It seems that she is not the sister I knew before. Whatever you say, she will believe…”

He was unceremoniously interrupted: “So, you still guard her like before?” But her temper has changed so much, he just remembers it, unable to put his finger on it…

When Murong Yu looked up, he saw his face full of jealousy, and said faintly: “Where is this from, Wang Ye? Is it jealousy?”

He stood up with his hands and pretended to be an easygoing: “Benwang is never jealous! Even if you want to eat, it will be sour!”

Well, even if it is a loss, it is hard to put on a gesture of being uncaring. This is Murong Yu’s evaluation of him. It’s just that both of them are barely standing. What would it look like when they got up? He is looking forward to it…

However, if he is really quarreling, he will definitely stand on his sister’s side.

Cheng Xue was originally irritated in the house, she heard that Canglong Shuntian was so unreasonable to make such a loud noise, and became even angrier: I don’t know if the candle in the other room is extinguished, is the sound softer? Fortunately, she hasn’t slept yet, or she will be woken up!

Just lying down, only heard a “hey!” once again reminded her, just want to make trouble, but heard a very strange voice coming from outside the door.

So she attempted to make her way to the door…

“Wang Ye, subordinate was ordered to investigate the treasure map, and just returned, asking Wang Ye for punishment.”

One could only hear the wooden door next door slammed open, a yell: “What a stupid word? If you come back later and were not so loud, what wrong would you make? Come in! ”

One was the voice of Canglong Shuntian.

Rou Yan only showed the grievance on his face, since he was ordered by his master, how could he dare to struggle.

“Yes, Wang Ye!” Even his words came out weak.

After entering, Canglong Shuntian apologizes: “Rou Yan, sorry, this trip has been hard on you!”

Ruo Yan was relieved: “Wang Ye, everything went well! It’s worth the grievances!”

Canglong Shuntian smiled and said: “We will wait for the person in charge to come out and talk about matters!”

Ruo Yan is puzzled: “Wang Ye, why is this so? Are you not the person in charge?”

After Cheng Xue heard the person entering the door, she could no longer understand the conversation in the next room. In a hurry, she pushed open the door and pushed the door next door open. She even said: “I have the right to participate in the whole process of the treasure map!”

This words suddenly led to the dissatisfaction of Ruo Yan: “Wang Ye, you saw it, this woman is so arrogant, where is the appearance of a woman? She easily offends people!”

Murong Yu suddenly rose up: “What are you saying?” Although he also thinks his sister should not act like this…

Canglong Shuntian has an easygoing expression, it seems that she will do this, and wait for Canglong Shuntian to nod, Ruo Yan next to him cannot endure: “Wang Ye, this woman is so rude to my lord, Wang Ye must punish her. Otherwise, what disrespectful things will be done in the future? What sort of woman is she, what qualifications does she have and how is she an equal to the prince?”

Rou Yan’s gaze is unusually sharp as he looks at Cheng Xue, she is uncomfortable under his watching…

Murong Yu was worried about her, privately facing the eyes of Canglong Shuntian, allowing him to come forward to stop, whoever thought, he would be looking on with a satisfied look…

This Canglong Shuntian, what was he planning? Was what Murong Yu was worried about.

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