World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: A unique show (2)

Suddenly, he paused and slowly climbed down to the ground, dusting his clothes with his hands, he smiled at the spectators!

He said Father Emperor just saw this child perform, the real martial arts performance will begin soon. Second brother, why don’t you come!

A few simple words spit out from his mouth, and even the temperament is extraordinary, he has no shame, his openness, his suddenness, everyone in his eyes, in his heart!

Canglong Haoyue seems to be stunned. How was it possible that there is such a change in his third younger brother today? When he thinks back about their childhood, why was he not arguing with his father? The change was too big, so big that he cannot be at ease for a while…

As the prince of royal lineage, to actually perform in front of the ministers and their families. His temperaments is quite extraordinary!

Even in such a way that everyone is not ashamed, everyone admired him more the same prince, Canglong suddenly surrendered himself to single out the martial arts of Canglong Haoyue, such a temperament, is this something the average person can have?

Suddenly, Cheng Xue has a new understanding of him. He does not do anything, nor does he have to win loudly, or lose his conviction. He is such a man who is so fierce! Although she was very impressed, her mouth could not help but say: “What thick skin he has!”

Just… obviously he has good martial arts, why is it hidden? Is there some sort of situation? Or is it a huge situation?

Haha… Canglong Shuntian, you must have owed me a lot of love debts in my past life, to allow me to catch your embarrassing moments! So, let’s count this as even!

“Good!” Who knows who was leading the crowd, but everyone was shouting as loud as possible. The garden that has always been dull and boring was now filled with excitement.

“Good! The Hao Yue Huang Er also participated!” The Emperor’s temperament was so bright, he was genuinely happy.

“Yes, Father Emperor!” Only a simple response was heard in the deathly silent scene.

In the eyes of everyone, Canglong Haoyue seems to be a very imposing one, but in the eyes of Cheng Xue, compared to the thick face of the Canglong Shuntian, who is good at hiding himself, he is still lacking a bit. Too lazy to look at the delicate martial arts of Canglong Haoyue, she had to find another way to pass the boring time…

Finally, a perfect sword tip landed, and Canglong Haoyue calmed down, the move was performed without even a gasp! Really a genius at practicing martial arts!

At the end of the martial art dance, she couldn’t hear any shouts and boiling. The hearts of the people were extremely depressed. She waited for the first person to cheer, she waited for a long time, but still dead silence!

For the Canglong Shuntian, the voice from everyone cheering, no different from the heart and lungs, they were the people of Canglong Haoyue, but they couldn’t cheer, this is the ultimate helplessness.

  • Heart and lungs: Wasting effort

This martial arts performance, Canglong Haoyue has undoubtedly had a win-win situation, and he is undoubtedly a complete loss, but from the point of view of the scene, Canglong Shunian has won the hearts of many people, although he lost thoroughly, but lost straight, and fairly. Losing with dignity!

This makes the guards far away from the side also have a strong morale: turns out, when you lose, you can lose so elegantly, so imposingly!

Originally, Canglong Hui wanted to make his third brother lose face. Who knows, the final loss will be his own! He never dreamed that things would develop to such a situation!

Through the crowd, Cheng Xue peeked at Cang Longhui, only to see his face sullen, originally an unsightly face, after this incident his face had become even more ugly, presumably this is Canglong Hui’s first time showing anger in public?

Oh… he deserves it! Who told him to go out and make trouble for others! However, to be honest, at the beginning she also worried about Canglong Shuntian, she has to say that this person is quite smart!

The Emperor’s clear voice broke the silence: “Reward!”

Canglong Shuntian and Canglong Haoyue gave their thanks: “Thank you, Father Emperor!” When the two left the line of sight, they looked at each other and went back to their original seat.

The figure flickers, Cheng Xue happens to be able to get a glimpse of the Emperor through the crowds: The precious robes, an aura of mountains and rivers cannot be countered, that was fixed in his eyes, although the three sons are not young, the Emperor himself is younger than expected, probably still in the age of thirty…

Only a moment’s time, the Emperor’s face was once again covered by the crowd.

At the banquet, the tranquility was restored again. The Emperor put down the chopsticks in his hand and stared at the beauty around Prime minister Lin. “Prime minister Lin’s precious jewel can be described as a hundred flowers alone, a unique flower!”

  • Precious jewel is a noble lady born from a distinguished household/clan

Prime minister Lin was full of happiness as he said: “Even if you are a beautiful person, you must not be alone, your majesty is joking!”

The Emperor surveyed the crowd, he suddenly laughed: “Prime minister Lin is really modest, of the many daughters of this group of ministers, which woman can compare to Lin Yiyi? This is the best of the best!”

Prime minister Lin can be said to be in a high position. This person is not simple. He is different from other ministers. He looks at the three princes and carefully select a master who can rely on him. He counts as the most savage old foxes of the court, and he does not flatter anyone. Naturally, today is the exception!

Cheng Xue listened to the speech and saw that the imperial consort next to the Emperor seemed to be unable to sit still. Sure enough, the Emperor was the biggest silk pants under the sun!

At the banquet, he praised the women he sees as beautiful, is this him not wanting to take them for himself?

She carefully looked at Murong Li, he is sitting opposite of prime minister Lin, their distance was so close that if by chance he takes a liking to her, then would Murong Li be more than willing to send her to his arms?

Murong Li this person is really not your typical danger!

“It’s a pity that this flower is alone in the garden. The courtiers and the Emperor’s mother are negotiating in private for a few days. Do you want to hold a four-year annual selection? Your Majesty, how do you see it?”

Needless to say, it is the Empress who said it. Undoubtedly, the Empress’ statement is to cater to the Emperor. How can the Emperor reject? Under the heart of Cheng Xue, she thought that she had to feel regret for Lin Yiyi…

“Empress’ words are not unreasonable, however, it has been used too much recently, no need to make it too big!”

“Yes, then it would be done according to what your majesty wishes!”

Cheng Xue’s heart sighs, listening to these two people is a bit of a laborious, just… Murong Li that does not move to signal the eyes … Wanting her to stand up unexpectedly, attracting the Emperor’s attention? If not, then why is he acting like this?

Thanks to Canglong Shuntian, she was here in this spot… No! Why is he waiting for me?

Before she could think too much, she heard the Empress say: “Your majesty, although we have entered spring, the wind in the royal garden makes chen qie feel uncomfortable, chen qie will retire first and go inside.”

When the Emperor heard this, he slowly got up and said: “What Empress says is right, Zhen also feels a little cool, this body is a little lacking. Zhen will go inside with you. My children, you brothers have not seen each other for many years, help Zhen entertain the ministers!”

“Yes, your majesty!”

“Yes, Father Emperor!”

The Emperor and Empress were surrounded by a large group of people as they returned to the palace. The garden was full of vitality, and it was very happy. Soon, the feast quickly dispersed…

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