World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Only treating him with indifference

After a sleepless night, Cheng Xue climbed out of her bed, although she was still tired.

At this time, the sky had begun to brighten and the people had not gotten up yet. After freshening up, she walked toward the Ting Yu building.

The entire palace was shrouded in a thin layer of light haze. Unconsciously, she walked into the forest of the palace, suddenly feeling refreshed, she raised her eyebrows and looked at the rare trees, that had a leaf drifting down. From the falling leaves, she seems to have thought of something…

“Miss Cheng Xue!”

Hearing someone, she turned around, in this manor, there are only a handful of people who knew her.

Seeing Gu Yu, she said with a smile: “Gu Yu, you’re early.”

Gu Yu felt her warm tone from beginning to end. He wondered if Wang Ye could see this smile, he snapped out from his daze and “Miss Cheng Xue, Wang Ye had also just woke up, I will take my leave now!”

This ——

Cheng Xue was amused by this sentence. Could it be that Canglong Shuntian was thinking about how to crack her joke? Even if he didn’t find it, she would look for him.

Seeing that Gu Yu was far away, Cheng Xue sat under the tree to warm up and stretch. After that, she climbed up a tree and her whole person hung upside down and hung on the tree to do the supine body. Her mouth gently repeated: “One, two, three… forty-eight…”

Unexpectedly, Murong Yu arrived, he saw his sister, it was very incomprehensible, but he has had a few doubts: even if his sister has amnesia, her body has always been poor, how can she do such a demanding exercise?

“Sister, what are you doing up so early?”

Cheng Xue heard her brother, yet she did not lift her head. She replied: “Brother, I’m practicing, do you want to do it together?”

Suddenly he approached, his tone soft and dignified: “Sister, when did you start practicing?”

This question made Cheng Xue suddenly realize that his sister would not have martial arts, and she felt her legs slipping. Fortunately, Murong Yu caught her in time.

For the first time, her soft body lay in his arms, and he couldn’t move and allowed himself to listen to her heartbeat.

Cheng Xue gave a heavy sigh: “My brother, if I said, I am not your sister, would you believe it?”

He did not hesitate to answer: “No! I do not believe, no matter what my sister does, she is, after all, my sister. I am just curious today…” After saying this, he suddenly felt that his heartbeat was speeding up.

Cheng Xue felt her eyes become: “No, my brother, your sister has already died, and I am just a person who took your sister’s body… I…”

Murong Li’s handsome face could not take in the information: “I do not believe, I will not believe!”

It just so happened that Canglong Shuntian had heard from Gu Yu that Cheng Xue was in the back forest and came to search for them, but when he came, he saw that the pair of brother and sister in harmony. If he did not know, he would have thought they were a pair of perfect lovers!

There was a flash of hostility in his heart, he grabbed Cheng Xue’s arm and declared: “Benwang’s maidservant, no longer shall you discuss the matters of love with Yu gongzi!”

His tone was extremely annoyed and those eyes showed traces of hostility.

“Let go of me! Canglong Shuntian!” Cheng Xue struggled furiously in his grasp, and he had no choice but to let go.

However, Canglong Shuntian did not completely abandon the questioning. He stared at her in a motionless manner: “Then explain this to me, my personal maidservant, don’t you know this?” Almost in an irritated manner!

She was not to be outdone: “Calling me your maidservant and nothing else. My brother just caught me falling from the tree. What’s the matter?” And she actually knows that Canglong Shuntian is jealous, not knowing why, she just wanted to bicker with him.

“Wang Ye, what my sister states is true, please place the blame on me.”

Looking at Cheng Xue, then back at Murong Yu, his anger has not yet dissipated: “Cheng Xue, something is wrong with the trunk? If you break these precious trees, can you afford it?”

“It is said that those who don’t know are not guilty. I am just exercising my body. Can I not find another place next time?”

Murong Yu and Canglong Shuntian stared at each other before Murong Yu retreated.

The forest was instantly restored to its peace and tranquility. Canglong Shuntian intently looked at her silently, without any words.

Cheng Xue is silently fuming inside, she always gets angry, and it is just not worth it!


Canglong Shuntian spoke truthfully: “Today I am entering the palace to learn about the specific situation of the treasure map. This is related to your life and safety. I have to pay attention to it. Stay in the manor and don’t go anywhere!”

Rarely hearing such concern, Cheng Xue asked: “Why are you so caring towards me? Did the sun rise from the west?”

It was not as though he wished to bicker with her, but he said with all seriousness: “I said that I like you, why can’t you trust me just a little?”

Cheng Xue furrowed her eyebrows: “When you return, can you do something with me?”

“What’s the matter?” His deadpan eyes flashed a glimmer of joy.

“Within Murong manor, there is a woman by the name of Wu Shen sweeping the ground, but she is old, and doesn’t have the agility she once had, I just want to see her.”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at her emotionlessly. She was so enthusiastic about strangers. Only indifferent to him. If Feng YueYa were here, would she kindly call him YueYa Gege?

Cheng Xue saw him in a state of indifference to the extreme, she quickly added: “If it is inconvenient, it does not matter!”

“Benwang has conditions, that is, in the future, you will call me by my name!”

Cheng Xue feels a sense of excitement rise in her heart, she reveals a rarely shown smile: “Shuntian gege~~~”

He felt happiness in his heart, yet he asked: “Do you address every man you know as gege?”

Cheng Xue squinted: “In this lifetime, I like it when people call me sister! “When she finished, she wanted to leave angrily. When was she held by Canglong Shuntian?

The voice behind her was cold: “Don’t forget, he is your brother, you guys can never be together!”

Cheng Xue was angry, she quickly grabbed his hand on her shoulder, Canglong Shuntian was caught off guard and was knocked down to the ground by her.

“Oh!” Canglong Shuntian was extremely uncomfortable, in the blink of an eye, he suddenly fell to the ground, how can he not stand up. Cheng Xue saw that his eyebrows were locked, his face looked so painful, that she decided to help him.

Who knew that just as she reached out, she was caught tightly by Canglong Shuntian. Cheng Xue was not prepared and fell straight on his body, he kissed her with a sigh of relief.

She had never been so close to a man before, Cheng Xue’s heart felt a sudden nervousness, her mouth was moving up and down as she felt that touch of warmth, even if it lasted only for a moment.

She hurriedly climbed up and looked around, making sure no one was around before she calmed down.

Canglong Shuntian’s smile is full of tenderness: “Cheng Xue, I like you, the heavens and earth have witnessed!”

Cheng Xue is busy drying her lips, feeling ashamed: “Speaking so much, it sounds dull!”

He has a look of sorrow, and the evil spirit can’t be alive: “Oh? But you just agreed? Just that kiss is what my Cheng Xue imposed on benwang!”

Cheng Xue suddenly blushed: “What are you talking about!” She then fled away.

Canglong Shuntian was extremely happy to see her back in panic, secretly snickering: Cheng Xue, if you don’t like me, why would you act like this?



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