World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Silence and sorrow of the Wen Tian sword

His words held hidden meanings, he thought she would understand, that she would know what he implied.

His lips moved several times, only to say nothing.

Cheng Xue reached again out, struggling to lift him: “I’m really sorry but I’ve got no other choice but to use your peerless sword as a cane!”

At that moment, he looked at her in close range, his eyes held traces of anger, helplessness, the final words not mentioned, he cast her a look, indicating for them to continue moving.

Cheng Xue no longer had the energy to continue: “I say Feng YueYa, with your state ah, what is with your expression?”

He was still indifferent, even listening to him at such a close distance, one felt trembling cold: “Give me the sword, I’ll use it for support … ”

“Puff–” Feng YueYa’s words did not finish when Cheng Xue cannot help but smile, “Well, after all, this sword is used by its master as a crutch, so comfortable! ”

Then a burst of cold eyes ** naked shot over, Cheng Xue heart felt another burst of coldness: “Whatever the outcome, I am older than you, do not need to address by names.”

Well … Well, Cheng Xue thought he wanted to say “shut up”, that would be normal, she did not think he would say about the matter of age, she only gave a smile, revealing pearly white teeth: “YueYa gege …”

  • gege: older brother

This? Feng YueYa was startled, the change is too big, right? He intended to shut her up, using the Wen Tian sword as a crutch, His heart was tangled… … Why did she suddenly give such a reply? It was a mistake! Mistake! An absolute mistake!

Then coldly said: “It is up to you!” not giving Cheng Xue a glance, he dragged her away.

Cheng Xue was no longer naughty, she watched as he devoted a lot of strength to himself since his legs were injured when they jumped off the cliff, he was walking slower.

But this is a coincidence, he hurt his leg, she hurt her hand…

Uh … what does this mean?

Watching Feng YueYa is even more clueless than her own clumsy walk, Cheng Xue could not help but stop: “Keke … … YueYa gege, do you have a sense of direction when you walk ah?”

He originally wanted to address her by name, but thinking about the latter half he could not help but retreat.

And he heard “YueYa gege” in a childish voice, his heart seems to solidify for a moment.

He slowly looked up, treating her with indifference: “I do not have much sense of direction, how about you?”

This time her small eyes, it seems that there is no slightest carelessness: “Previously, we were heading east, towards the Imperial City, but now after getting away, don’t you think the direction we are heading is wrong? YueYa gege, you see the moon, obviously, it should be behind us, the correct direction, but now, we are facing the moon … … ”

Hearing some truth, Feng YueYa even gave a smile, the smile revealed flawless white teeth, even his glances are profane: “That is not the moon, it is the sun that is not yet bright ah, you do not know? It will be daytime soon!”

Cheng Xue was unconvinced, she whispered: “Where’s dawn, it is still so dark!”

Looking at her so smart, his heart could not bear to hit it at once, with an indifferent smile: “This will be invading the morning, is breaking the dawn of the darkest time……”

She turned her eyes and meditated, well, fine you’re right! He wanted to bully her because she was a new recruit!

If after another one or two years to cross, where will you say so? But really, after a year or two, will she transmigrate? Even if transmigrated, would I also unlucky encounter you, Feng YueYa!

This issue is far from thought!

“Cheng Xue, Cheng Xue, do you understand?” He awakens her mindset.

She would nod, but her mind would be thinking of something else: “Well, for a moment I believed you! Let’s go!”

Seeing her so, he could not help but sigh in his heart, really an arrogant woman, but they share the same coldness and arrogance, it is the most suitable for her, unlike other women, where can I find such woman?

“YueYa gege, how do you know these ah? Could you teach me?” She almost chokes on her saliva by saying these words.

He coldly glanced at her, silently watching those innocent and bright eyes: “No comment!”

“Well! I know this sentence! What’s the big deal with teaching me something, I do not know how long I will live my life on the run … …” Cheng Xue whispered, with a face of displeasure.

And he just wanted to say that he had promised her that he would find out about her life experience, that is, when she found her home and would be safe and sound, he would leave her.

She said she was intelligent, I see how her confident heart is so foolish?

He could not help but slightly wrinkled his eyebrows, subconsciously put away the Wen Tian Sword, Cheng Xue could see that he seemed confused but she did not know what he wants, she subconsciously blurted out: “YueYa gege, what are you doing?”

He dropped his arm resting on her back and sat on the ground: “Rest and we’ll go!”

He really is a baffling human, I really do not know what this Feng YueYa is thinking, Cheng Xue whispered in her heart again!

She looked around, to see if there was any signs of vitality, a short while later she came back, with a look of helplessness, Feng YueYa saw her face and knew why she was so silent, as he rubbed his right leg.

Adding a bit of bright color at this moment, she can vaguely see his legs stained with obvious bloodstains, Cheng Xue approached, with concerned: “Is your leg okay?”

“At least it’s not disabled!”

Listening to him, Cheng Xue got a peace of mind, thinking carefully she was worried, without any explanation she asked to look at his wound.

Naturally, he decisively rejected her coldly, he only said one sentence, men and women should not be so close to each other, will an enthusiastic Cheng Xue, accept what was said?

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