World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Forcing the red apricot out of the wall

Just as they exited the royal gardens, seeing that there was no one around Canglong Shuntian, Gu Yu flashed out from the corner and looked anxiously: “Wang Ye, just then it was so risky!”

Canglong Shuntian sighed: “Yeah, this matter is not to mention again! In this banquet, only Murong Cheng Xue knows that I have martial arts when I return, I will go over the rules with her!”

An incredulous look flashed on Gu Yu’s face: “Wang Ye is the best at keeping it a secret, but in front of a woman, how come you can’t do it?”

Not waiting for Gu Yu to finish speaking, Canglong Shuntian said: “I don’t know what to do, I can’t help myself! It is hard to make decisions!”

During the talk, Canglong Haoyue slowly came: “Third brother, we have not seen each other for six years, I nearly did not recognize you!”

Canglong Shuntian turned around: “What is second brother saying, I was still a child six years ago and now I’ve grown up! Second brother’s martial arts is surprisingly good, it seems I have to work harder.”

Canglong Haoyue was smiling, so wide his eyebrows rose: “Third brother, you are too modest! I still have some matters to deal with, I will retire first.”

However, Canglong Shuntian called out to him: “Second brother, how many days have you been rushing to find the treasure map? Are you tired?”

Canglong Haoyue’s face changed for a moment, he said: “Where did third brother get this from, it is not a good thing if this is overheard by someone!”

Canglong Shuntian smiled: “Turns out brother did not know about the treasure map, I will go to ask Father Emperor! ”

“Third brother!” Canglong Haoyue suddenly looked serious. “Do not disturb Father Emperor regarding this matter or he will be angry!”

Canglong Shuntian seems to understand yet not understand: “Oh? Is it? How can second brother know that the father will be angry? Is it difficult for the father to hear rumors flying around these past few days?”

When Canglong Haoyue heard the way he spoke, he must have known that the father had entrusted the matter to himself and Murong Li, but he was just a person who had just returned to the court. How could he know this? Suddenly he wanted to ask, but just didn’t know how to open his mouth, so he looked stiff.

Canglong Shuntian shakes his head at random, seemingly to have realized something: “I must be interested in the treasure map, I will forget it! Imperial brother, I will leave now!”

Finished speaking, he hurried away, when Canglong Haoyue’s response came, he had already escaped!

Waiting to go to a palace that was deserted, Gu Yu cautiously asked: “Wang Ye, why did you do that? Gu Yu does not understand…”

Canglong Shuntian patrolled the surroundings, seeing that no one was around, he whispered: “The purpose is very simple, it is to let the Canglong Haoyue think that we are not blindly involved in the whirlpool of searching for treasures!”

However, Gu Yu still glared with his big bright eyes, still puzzled: “This … Gu Yu really does not understand!”

So Canglong Suntian had to bear his temper and explain to Gu Yu to: “You don’t know, Father Emperor wants him and Murong Li to find a huge treasure, and search for it in secret, so now, I let them know of my treasure map. I understand that they will not doubt me if I participate in the treasure hunt in the future. At that time, I will say that I have no intention to find the treasure…”

Gu Yu seemed to have understood and nodded. “It turns out that Feng Yueya and Wang Ye are talking about this in the secret room?”

Canglong Shuntian smiled: “You are smart this time!”

“No ah, Gu Yu seemed to have doubts, “Wang Ye, didn’t you just say the Emperor was aware of it, do you need to speak to the Emperor?”

He lightly opened a thin fan and looked confident: “No, with the dubious character of second brother, I will be summoned by father in these two days to ask of the treasure map! After that, I will tell him.”

Unconsciously speaking, he saw the entrance to the palace. Suddenly, Canglong Shuntian stopped for a moment: “We will go there first, and then we will go out again.”

Gu Yu: This…?

Without any choice, he bowed and left.

Far away, he could someone coming with the scent of spring, but this scent is only limited to one person, the person is naturally Cheng Xue.

Murong Li was next to her, he had a serious expression and seemed angry, Canglong Shuntian deliberately hid to avoid seeing him.

“Cheng Xue, tell me honestly, how are you so familiar with Shuntian Wang Ye? How can you be his maid? I only have you this daughter, how can you anger me so much?”

Cheng Xue listened and smiled: “Father, you gave me strange expressions at the banquet, what is the meaning of this?”

Murong Li saw that no one around, suddenly broke out: “Father just wants you to stay by father’s side!”

“So many people, if I am moving around, wouldn’t I be imprisoned by the Emperor?” Cheng Xue knows that Murong Li has already thought of all the lines, but she is not stupid, nor innocent, just purely mad at the “old fox”.

As expected——

“Father did this, you must have a deep understanding. If you encounter such a situation next time, remember to be smart!”

Cheng Xue is careless: “Father, allowing the Emperor to put you in a prison, is that smart?”

Murong Li tried to talk to her as calmly as possible: “Xue’er, it is natural for you to get the Emperor’s appreciation…”

She did not hesitate to interrupt: “Oh? Is it like Lin Yiyi? In the future, she will be the Emperor’s concubine?”

He did not understand: “Is it that bad? Marrying into the imperial household, it indicates prestige of this life!”

She raised her eyebrows, and there was a rare atmosphere in the eyebrows: “But I just want to live a life! Don’t take me as your pawn. What is so good about the Emperor? Several of his sons are grown up…”

Not waiting for her to finish——

“Pah!” Murong Li slapped his hand across her innocent face. Cheng Xue was caught off guard and was thrown to the ground by this heavy palm.

She only heard him sigh: “Unfilial child, what is the use of raising you?”

“Hey! Isn’t this Murong daren? It’s a coincidence that we meet again!”

Murong Li was shocked by this sudden and unexpected voice. He quickly turned around and saw that it was a prince, and he couldn’t help but bow: “This old minister does not know that Wang Ye is here, please punish this old minister!”

Canglong Shuntian’s eyebrows raised, saying in a carefree tone: “What is it that makes Murong daren so angry? Is it my Maid~~~~Cheng Xue, that provoked you?”

He deliberately pulled the words maid and Cheng Xue, it is to remind him that she is bound to him, Canglong Shuntian, even if she is your daughter, you cannot treat her this way.

Cheng Xue is angry and gets up, there is blood on her mouth that brings her pain word by word, she spits out: “Canglong Shuntian, no matter how I, Cheng Xue, fall, I don’t need your sympathy!”

As she said those words, a few people present, heard clearly, Murong Li had cold and sweat, this daughter, he really hated iron for not becoming steel!

“Cheng Xue, do not be rude! Quickly ask for forgiveness from the prince!”

“No… need!” He has always been indifferent, and now he is not embarrassed for her, but once again…

“This… the matter of her being Wang Ye’s maid, how did this happen?”

Canglong Shuntian unnaturally closes his fan: “This is just a matter between me and the Cheng Xue girl. Naturally, there is nothing important to do. This king only feels a little lacking, and doesn’t want to say anything more!”

He then changed his breath and said slowly: “Maiden Cheng Xue, can you go to the Wangfu and fulfill the promise at any time?”

Although his and her identity are so different, in such an environment, in such a situation, there is such a sincere and compassionate meaning in his words. This friendship is so similar to another person… Asking if one knows how a person is doing now?

She gently said: “Shuntian Wang Ye, I will go back with you, don’t blame my father…”

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