World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: A unique show (1)

At this time, one could hear eunuch Li’s sharp and piercing voice echoing in the imperial garden: “The Emperor is arriving.”

Everyone who heard it got up and greeted the Emperor: “Long live the Emperor!”

Cheng Xue was in a position which she couldn’t see where the Emperor was, let alone what he looked like. It was hard to listen to a long-awaited “arise” and watch it carefully. What makes her angry is that Canglong Shuntian seems to have deliberately blocked her line of sight.

Just when everyone got up and walked back to their seats, Canglong Shuntian suddenly found an inconspicuous corner, and placed Cheng Xue there, regardless of Murong Li’s complicated expression.

She only heard him whisper coldly: “Be careful and sit down, if something happens, it’s at your own risk!”

She suddenly looked up, only to see that his face was serious, it did not seem at all like a joke, so she nodded.

However, he seems to be extremely uneasy, and said: “If I find you moving, be careful that you will be my maid for life!”

After listening, Cheng Xue believes he will do what he says, who made his skin so thick?

  • Thick skin= Shamelessness

Although she didn’t know what trouble she could do with her own temptation, but in order not to be so depressed, she nodded her answer more energetic than a little rabbit…


Her expression and the action is incomparably adorable, like the porcelain doll that is so cute and lovely, one would want to pinch her cheeks, that once again violates his indifferent heart, and then he wants to touch it and had to endure it for a while. She watched the Emperor steadily walk up.

The position Canglong Shuntian put Cheng Xue allowed her to carefully peeked through the seams in the crowd, what she cannot figure out was why Canglong Shuntian wants to do this…

She only heard a mature and hearty voice coming from the front: “Today, Zhen, for Shuntian Huang Er to pick up the wind and wash the dust, this past six years! Now Shuntian Huang Er’s body is fully recovered, and the third prince has returned to Zhen’s side. Next, this is the luck of the masses! The good fortune of the people! The good fortune of the country!”

  • Huang Er = Imperial son
  • pick up the wind and wash the dust = Welcome party

“Your majesty is blessed by the heavens, the three princes are sharing the burden of the country, the scholars are enough to settle the country, the military is enough to settle the wars, with the support of the talented, this is a great fortune to the world!” The person who said this was the high-ranking official Lin Chengxiang.

Listening to the sound, it was faint and weak, she looked and only to see that he was pale, weather-beaten, and calm, she then carefully squinted and that there was a supreme beauty sitting next to him, Cheng Xue wanted to explore it carefully. The line of sight was then covered by the people beside him, and she had to give up in the end.

After Lin Chengxiang’s discourse is complete, Canglong Shuntian was busy, kneeling before the Emperor, giving his thanks: “Father Emperor’s love for Huang Er, Huang Er will never forget. This child will do his utmost to lessen the burden for Father Emperor, to help the people, even if I die!”

“Good! Come! Award the ministers the thousand year wine, to pick up the wind and wash the dust for Huang Er!” The Emperor listened heartily for a while, the tightened heart of the people suddenly relaxed 30 percent.

Everyone got up and said: “Thank you, your majesty!”

The Emperor arbitrarily waved his hands, and everyone dines while being waited on by the eunuchs palace ladies. Canglong Shuntian also got up with the opportunity and retreated to the Emperor’s side, sitting alongside with Canglong Hui and Canglong Haoyue.

When everyone was dining, they couldn’t help but quietly look at the three men in front of them. It’s really different.

The eldest prince is handsome and sophisticated, the second prince is temperamental and restrained. They have the meaning of ignoring glory. The third prince is as proud as the moon, and he is arrogant, it would be best in their favor to avoid his sharp edge…

In contrast, the eyes of the crowd stayed a little longer between the two of them, Canglong Haoyue and Canglong Shuntian.

The Emperor did not speak, and everyone was dull, carefully chewing on the delicious food in their mouths, completely without appetite. This meal, Cheng Xue was carefully eating in an uncomfortable manner, not because the Emperor was present, but because Murong Li has a strange gesture, Cheng Xue does not know what he wants, and her lips bite down bit by bit, the eyes are half-opened and she really didn’t care.

Eunuch Li saw the atmosphere of the banquet is a bit boring. In the near future, the Emperor’s tinnitus could not hear the instrument’s sound, and he could not help but scream to the three princes to pass the time at the banquet.

Canglong Hui smiled: “Father Emperor, third brother was able to return to the court after being away for six years. Why not let third brother perform the martial arts he learned in the past six years?”

The Emperor had a deep face and a slightly sloping head. He nodded a little. “Well, even if Hui’er said that Shuntian Huang Er, why not show a move or two to the courtiers, to lighten the mood!”

Cheng Xue was surprised that there was a whisper among the guest, and even the two ministers next to him were whispering, because they were far away from the Emperor, their whispered dialogue could not be heard, even Cheng Xue could barely hear them.

“Minister Wang, this is strange! This Shuntian Wang Ye is weak, and he was staying in Huashan Temple for six years to cure his ailment. How can he know the martial arts of Huashan Temple?”

“Yeah, I’m also wondering, could it be Wang Ye is making it hard on purpose?”

“Hey – this is not to be said in a random way. It is not good to be listened to by someone who cares. Let’s will wait and see if there are changes.”

Cheng Xue is secretly screaming in her heart alone: It seems this Canglong Shuntian is very deep, but she has caught the handle of martial arts. Why not make full use of it in the future? Save yourself in the future only if you are only oppressed!

In fact, Canglong Hui did not know that Canglong Shuntian had good martial arts, but deliberately harassed him, so that he would not come to the stage, who would let him even rob his beloved woman? Moreover, such a woman, there was one and only one, very unique!

As for Canglong Haoyue, after a slight change in his facial expression before it was back to his look of indifference.

However, Canglong Shuntian suddenly burst into laughter under the eyes of the public. His style is that of unstoppable: “Father Emperor is also saying it, what else can Huang Er do?”


Once he spoke, all was shocked!

The Emperor only raised his eyebrows slightly, not to mention the other. He was wondering when Shuntian Huang Er had learned martial arts?

While he stepped into the crowd, Cheng Xue suddenly burst into tension, she knew that he was only for here to provoke Canglong Hui’s martyrdom at the banquet.

If he showed his martial arts, how many years of glory would be in vain?

If he does perform martial arts, then isn’t the prince returned, and he is offering to embarrass himself in front of everyone?

This… it’s really awkward! She was surprised she finished these thoughts. Why did she think so much? Especially for the big bad guy Canglong Shuntian, why think so much?

He was arrogant and sinister in the center of the crowd, without the slightest panic, attached to the ground, and barely turned a few heads with the momentum. However, everyone can see that he is not good at martial arts, and his actions are unfamiliar. Even Wenchen also pity him. Even the guard standing on the side could not help but deepen their respect for him!

It turned out that not all the princes and nobles had their heads above the clouds, he was high above them. He was Canglong Shuntian, even if it was a joke, as long as everyone was happy, he would do it.

The hearts of the people tangled with Canglong Shuntian, there were many times that they could not bear it.

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