World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Amazing Encounter part 1

Murong Li seeing Cheng Xue has been stunned there, thought that being chased by those people terrified her, he pulled on her hand: “Sister, where relatively close from Huashan Temple, Sutra Huashan Temple Master Chen is a Taoist, we go together to bless incense, by the way, we can also ask the master to take a look sister’s fate, how is it?

She nodded subconsciously, Murong Yu thought she agreed just then, and added: “Sister, let’s go now? Father still waiting for us at home. Let’s go, sister, let’s get changed first.”


“Clang – clang” a melodious bell sounded in the distance, just off the carriage of Cheng Xue set a fixed mind, hey – this temple, on the top of the hill. Just arriving at the foot of the hill, Cheng Xue was discouraged, looking back and forth over and over again, few people came to burn incense at this temple.

Murong Yu got off first, walking side by side with her.

Cheng Xue secretly thought perhaps because of the remote location, it seemed a bit too quiet, right?

Does not know what kind of attitude was on the mind, the path up the stairs, was quiet all the way up, freeing up the mind.

This peace and quiet, for the rebirth of Cheng Xue, is undoubtedly the greatest enjoyment.

Cheng Xue was thinking, how to spend her future days? An insignificant person like her came here abruptly. Is it possible to go back? Comrades, are you guys doing okay?

Perhaps today’s recruit Cheng Xue, found a leisure life, longing to reach the world, was already out of the bitter sea, and fell into the next unprovoked reincarnation, right?

She is a peppery new recruit, but her sadness is something only she could understand.

Finally, they climbed into the top of the temple, the prayer to Buddha was completed, Murong Yu asked: “Older sister, we will stay here and wait, the master will come here very soon!”

She nodded slightly, it seems that Murong Yu has not been aware of her hunger, her tiredness.

She followed the demeanor of different Buddha statues, slowly, unknowingly walked out of the Huashan Temple hall.

She does not know where to go, flowers filling the sky, falling colorful petals, the spirit of the flower resembling Buddha, where no mortals reside. A mass of thick blooming cherry blossoms, layers of petals overlap, with a slight fold, floating in the air.

Cherry blossoms blooming for seven days, after the harsh winter comes the most beautiful warmth.

Cheng Xue did not pay attention to the window in the tower in the distance, a teenager is standing, holding a fan, looking at her clearly, slightly lowered his head, phoenix eyes, long eyelashes covered his face as cold as snow projected like thin shadow, he exudes a noble, yet not profane temperament.

He stood there lonely, staring suddenly into the “paradise” at the unfamiliar woman’s back.

Who is she? He could not help but frown, his face like a mask of frost.

An elegant shabby dress, a form of compelling arrogance, so spiritless, but also had the leisure to see the flowers?

Cherry blossom petals fluttered down, she slowly reaches out, caught the falling petals, raised her hand to her lips, she gently opened her mouth, a soft lip closed, a long silence.

Although it was already spring, her thin clothes lined her figure even further, lonely with a trace of stubbornness.

It seems that she did not pay attention to her own embroidered shoes, which were in bad condition, thin clothes, she was still intoxicated with the beauty of the cherry blossom tree.

Flowers faded red, only keeping her graceful.

Suddenly he closed the fan, gently jumped and landed in front of her.

She only felt a breeze blowing, a man in white stood in front of her. His eyes were clear, with an elegant posture, cold temperament, with a frivolous evil charm.

He did not smile.

He saw her again, he raised his eyebrows, she was the woman that he had just rescued? Compared with the initial encounter, suddenly there was a different kind of feeling, her demeanor, purity even more than the cherry blossom resting in her hand. Even the skin, white and delicate, eyebrows like the distant mountains, lips like seven days of cherry blossom. Seeing her near collapsing, but had extreme perseverance, her eyes held a trace of loneliness and sorrow, which startled him.

However, he still pretended to pretend that he did not know her: “Without the permission of the owner, unauthorized access to the master’s grounds, how will you shoulder up this crime?” The young man’s voice s was as calm as water, though demanding, had no trace of being frivolous.

Her eyebrows lowered, gazing at the cherry blossoms: “Since it the grounds, there is a Confucious scholar guarding it is going to be wasted?” Looks like she did not recognize him in front, the veiled man!

His eyebrows jumped like a sword, up until now, there has been no woman that called him a “Confucian scholar”, and now the person before him it is the first one, he felt that she was overestimating herself, he suddenly snapped: “What a joke!”

It’s just that it makes him think it that this “Confucian scholar” refers to himself, instead, he found himself disturbing her.

She did not say another word.

And he stepped closer.

she looked up, he was the first, he was dressed in white just like snow that could not be contaminated, this has determined her faded red sorrowful decision. From then on the two were tied tightly together, destined to this life, with a sad ending …

The so-called, with no beginning there is no end.

If at that time he did not happen to bump into her than it would not happen…

If he was not curious about her then…

If only…

Would he still chose, to go into the blur of her world of cherry blossoms, being with her eternally?

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