World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Random pairing of mandarin ducks

*Mandarin ducks have a special place when it comes to relationships in ancient times. There are always two of them (A male and a female) it symbolizes a happy marriage in which there will be no concubines. But let’s face it, men in ancient China have always had 3 wives and 5 concubines

When Cheng Xue had heard that she found herself speechless, did this elder ask because he saw a lone male and female together? She could not help but raised eyebrows and said: “Elder,I had never met him before! Who followed who?”

Feng Yue Ya gave a hearty smile: “Elder said it in such a nice way! Can you please show us the way?”

So that the elderly believe it, they ignored Cheng Xue, eventually showed them the way: “of course, this place is very close to SiFang city, please follow me.”

  • 四方城 Sìfāng Chéng: Could be translated to four direction city or four-way city

“Thank you, elder!”

When that person turned around, Cheng Xue immediately approached the right leg of Feng Yue Ya and fiercely gave it a kick: “Yue Ya gege, you are very sinister ah! After entering the city, you and I will go our separate ways, never seeing each other again!”

Feng Yue Ya immediately whispered in the ears of Cheng Xue: “Be docile! Elder is already advanced in age, are you willing to give him such a shock?”

Once Cheng Xue heard his voice, she gave a reaction: “Then you willing to give me a shock!” It echoed through the valley.

Feng Yue Ya gave a reasonable answer: “Why would I not be willing, who are you to me?”

Finished speaking he did not run, he used the Wen Tian sword for support to walk away.

Cheng Xue gritted her teeth, this Feng Yue Ya, why was his attitude as cheap as Canglong Shuntian?

Sobbing all the way, she thought ‘I, Cheng Xue, just recently crossed over, only to be bullied? Hump! Just wait!’

Soon they were outside of Sifang city’s gates, the elder said goodbye: “Gongzi, Miss, be careful while on the road, this old man will not go any further!”

“Thank you, elder!”

After saying their farewells, the old man staggered away, though he looked to be in good health Cheng Xue was inexplicably worried: “I wonder if that elder has any children? If not then how lonely would that be?”

A cold voice sounded: “Manage yourself well before you say anything! Come with me to the city!”

Without any explanation, he pulled on Cheng Xue’s sleeves and walked, Cheng Xue wanted to pull away, but was stunned by the angry expression on Feng Yue Ya’s face: “Still not tired enough? Do you want to attract people’s attention? Be obedient now, or we will not be able to reach the Imperial City!”

After hearing this, Cheng Xue no longer struggled: “Who are you to me? Why do you want to help me? Why should I go to the Imperial City?”

He spoke each and every word with severity: “The Imperial City, at the emperor’s feet, they won’t dare openly kill, for you, it is the best destination! Moreover, didn’t you say that you wanted to go to the Imperial City?”

She still wondered why he wanted to help her. She did not know why was she looking forward to the answer. She lashed her lips but did not open her mouth, only to hear a tone of iron into steel.

He said she was stupid, baffling …

He always talked indifferently, every sentence can penetrate to the heart and lungs, however, his behavior is contrary to his discourse, just because he can not help but take her to the cliff, then why did he look out for her?

It is too much, just too much, she does not understand.

She looked at him under his gaze, waiting to give her say, she looked up, with a hint of stubbornness: “I will be low-key, but your magnanimous life saving grace, I can only repay later, I do not like the silver that you have …”

After he released her from service, he grabbed her hand as if nothing happened, and they walked slowly to the city.

At that moment, it seemed that all people paled in comparison, only leaving him elegant, he stood resolutely, graceful, within the strength a bit weakness was revealed.

Not long after entering SiFang City, Cheng Xue sees her brother Murong Yu, she softly whispered: “Yue Ya gege, looks like my brother is sitting there in the corner …”

Not finishing her sentence, Cheng Xue’s head turned to look at Feng Yue Ya, but he had already disappeared. Murong Yu, who was standing at the corner of the street had noticed Cheng Xue unable to restrain his own inner excitement he hurriedly came forward and unexpectedly lead Cheng Xue into a teahouse.

Just as Cheng Xue wanted to ask questions after another, a voice of that could only come from heaven came from nowhere! Cheng Xue only feels that the world is overturned. In front of her eyes was only darkness. It is enemies meeting on a narrow road! Uncomfortable!

“Little Yatou, you made your Shuntian gege to wait!”

Addressed as Yatou, fine, but calling yourself my brother? Cheng Xue’s body felt uncomfortable.

She only saw Canglong Shuntian standing in the corner alone, with clarity in his eyes, both pupils staring at her emotionlessly.

He slowly got up and walked towards Cheng Xue, pulling on her arm, signaling her to come with him: “Little Yatou, I’ve waited here for so long!”

Before he knew it, the man in red tosses his arm away, propping himself in front of Cheng Xue, preparing to defend her. With great meaning, “Do not place my sister in your thoughts, no matter who you are!”

“Oh? Who are you? Why are you managing my family affairs?”

Canglong Shuntian was crafty and Cheng Xue knew at once when she heard it. However, before she had offended him, she wanted to see how this younger brother refuted him. Therefore, for Canglong Shuntian, she kept one eye open and closed the other.

Sure enough, the man in red made his way angrily: “Humph! What do you mean, controlling your family affairs? This is my sister Murong Cheng Xue, I am her younger brother Murong Yu, and then said that my sister left home for a few days, how could she have a little relationship with you? My sister is not the kind of person who is devoted to making a lifetime commitment!”

After that, he still remembered to look at Cheng Xue: “Right, older sister?”

Cheng Xue furiously nodded her head, he was right! Only, little brother, your sister owes this man a debt, would you help repay it? Excitement will inevitably cause some worries…

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