World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Collision of fireworks

The flowers bloomed in the Imperial Garden, the palace ladies and sisters walked together as there was a huge banquet in the palace, one that was unprecedented, even comparable to the Emperor’s birthday feast.

In a blink of an eye, the nobles, the governments’ officials, the nobles consorts and the beautiful women… people of different identities came to the Royal Garden in succession. The guards in the garden were all elites in the Yu Lin. At this moment, they did not dare to have the slightest carelessness while on their patrols.

When everyone saw this huge platoon, it was enough to see that the Emperor paid attention to Canglong Shuntian, but compared with Canglong Suiyue, no one can tell who the Emperor prefers. This is probably only known to the respective parties. As for Cang Longhui, the wind is excessive, and he has no intention to concentrate on the political affairs. Everyone does not have to figure out it. He also knows that the position of the Crown Prince will not fall into his hand. He is willing to fight for this Prince. He is very diligent, so everything is unpredictable. Who will be the Crown Prince in the future?

Throughout the ages, there has never been a right or wrong, only if one has followed the right or wrong master…

Cheng Xue followed Murong Li, to greet some ministers, she had to be elegant and conservative, she finally stayed in the Imperial Garden for a moment and was immediately attracted by the extravagant royal garden. Hundreds of flowers blooming were fragrant, so confusing, this beautiful scenery can only be in this palace, it is a pity for the royal’s appreciation.

There was a slight breeze as the sun slowly disappeared, she subconsciously felt refreshed —— spring has arrived!

The Royal Garden is also such a style. Comparing the flowers to the women there, there are so many flowers that she can’t name. Cheng Xue can’t help but think that the bloom is only but a hundred days, then there will be a day it will wilt. How many rare beauties are in this deep palace, lost in the harem?

“Ah? Was this not the girl from before?”

She didn’t realize that Canglong Hui approached step by step, and suddenly there was a coldness behind her, which made her tremble.

Before she turned around, she heard the voice of Murong Li: “Hui Wang Ye is polite, does Wang Ye know this official’s the little girl, Murong Cheng Xue?”

Hui Wang Ye? This person?

Turning around without hesitation, she fixed my eyes on the older brother of Canglong Shuntian As for what he was called, she really didn’t care. See him, staring straight at herself, Cheng Xue bravely said: “Greeting Hui Wang Ye!”

Canglong Hui’s words and deeds are all in the eyes of Murong Li’s sparkling eyes, and the corner of his mouth is slightly smiling. He looks straight into Cheng Xue’s soul making her feel uncomfortable. Could it be that Murong Li intends to marry me to this person? The only thing worth paying attention to was his identity… But for a modern Cheng Xue, what is identity?

“I am Canglong Hui, I am fortunate to meet lady Cheng Xue again!”

Uh? As soon as she looked up, she saw his fox-like eyes laughing, she was speechless.

Unexpectedly, Murong Li did not blame her, but owed to the hospitality: “Hui Wang Ye does not know but the daughter of the old minister, not long ago she had suffered from mental issues of the brain, she only recently recovered, this minister hopes that Hui Wang will not put it in mind.”

Canglong Hui seems to be meditation and looks at himself: “I, ben wang, sees that Cheng Xue is a very good woman…” Canglong Hui did not think that the woman who he thinks about night and day would actually show up here. It turned out to be Murong Li’s daughter, not wasting any effort but the person shows up! So his third brothers did not deliberately block! He couldn’t hold back for a while…

At this moment, the crowds seem to be quiet, and almost all eyes are on them, she saw that Canglong Shuntian was in a hurry, walking slowly with the fan. His eyes are clear and bright, full of grace and elegance, the gesture was smooth, there was an unspeakable spirit of free-flowing easiness to him.

Such a kind of arrogant glory, such as the moon, the fineness of the stars, such as the blue, the people around him seem to have become a shadow of faint ignorance, and he is only leisurely holding a fan, lingering in the world. Cheng Xue’s heart suddenly trembled a bit, she commented on him again. This person seems to be gentle and soft, and handsome. In fact, it is a man who is fierce and arrogant! And there is still something not right! It is very bad…

Is it she who owed you a lot of money, so why is she frustrated in front of you?

No, obviously it is you who owes me a lot of money…

However, she has never been so grateful to Canglong Shuntian for a moment, at least her conversation with Canglong Hui was interrupted. He has saved her once this time, but you can’t use that big excuse? To let go of everything to marry you?

Fortunately, this has not yet started, or many people will be judging them!

When he came, he was so cold, alone, a solitary person! Just why did she think so much today? Cheng Xue was confused, she tried to keep her eyes away —— ignore!

Canglong Shuntian, just gave a glance at the crowd, the bright and clear Cheng Xue, looked ridiculous standing there, seeing this, he could not help but smile, some ministers after simply giving them a greeting, he just mingled among the crowd, at this moment it seems to be a lot of noise.

His attention was only on Cheng Xue who was admiring the flowers, hearing the noise again, it inexplicably relaxes her heart, slowly turning around, she was shocked!

She saw the peerless man, walking towards her ——

Her heart was flustered…

She could feel it pounding rapidly…

All the scenery between heaven and earth disappeared, leaving only him …

All this tension is not because she had to go to his manor to be his maid… She busily deliberately avoids him blending among the crowd.

But unfortunately ——

“Ah! Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into…” Cheng Xue has not finished speaking yet, but she looks up at Canglong Shuntian who looks at her with a smirk.

Once again, there was chaos, as she was thinking of escaping. She turned around and saw Canglong Hui leading Murong Li. What is this situation? Frightened, she actually hid behind Canglong Shuntian.

“Third brother, miss Cheng Xue is obviously the daughter of Murong Li, how could she be your maid?” In front of Murong Li, Canglong Hui is not shy, his heart is laughing: Cheng Xue, you will be my person soon!

Murong Li heard that Canglong Hui’s words seemed to ask him to get rid of this deadlock, and how could he offend either Canglong Hui or Canglong Shuntian in order to do such a small thing? Isn’t that cutting off his path to a good future? What makes him even more surprised is that his daughter had two princes going after her in a short period of time, that is a thing to be happy about…

He slowly hangs his head very low: “Hui Wang, this old minister is not informed of this matter, may I please ask the two princes to tell me about my Cheng Xue…”

Murong Li’s voice just fell, Cheng Xue suddenly felt the fires of anger come over her, this scene, as a daughter can he talk so indiscriminately? It is estimated that he had guessed that she would be arrogant, so he took the shot! He really is an old fox, that no medicine can save!

Who is she? She is Cheng Xue!

Unexpectedly, she drilled out from the front of Canglong Shuntian, standing up she proclaimed, “Yes, I am the maid of Shuntian Wang ye!”

The sound was not high, but a few of them heard it clearly, and they all became stiff.

Murong Li is surprised. When did his daughter become so generous and lost the sorrow of the ladies of the past, even her courage has grown bigger… But more is the annoyance of hating iron and steel, how can she be a maid? In one’s life, all girls want to marry into royalty!

Canglong Hui’s original festive face gradually elongated —— into an ugly expression!

Canglong Shuntian is smiling…

No one knows that in an inconspicuous corner, Nan Shihan’s eyes are blurred, she always has her eyes on Canglong Shuntian. When her sight touches Cheng Xue, there seems to be a strange look. Her gaze is showing hatred…

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