World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: It’s hard to escape a Marriage

At ordinary times in the barracks, Cheng Xue had already become accustomed to getting up early. There was a speck of sunlight outside Murong manor, she was already lying in bed and she could not sleep, her eyes were wide awake.

So she decided to get up and get out of bed.

Just as she got out of bed, she discovered that Bi Lu had already prepared clothes for her, she leisurely strolled out of the room, breathing in a breath of fresh air, she finds that the air was clear, facing a garden of flowers that looks it stretches on forever.

She heard a sound that was not far away, she got curious and started walking towards the sound. When she got there, she saw an elderly woman who was sweeping the fallen leaves of Murong manor, the seemingly endless amount leaves.

Looking at the woman’s back, she thought of her own mother, Cheng Xue’s voice was lodged in her throat, she did not know how to greet the woman. Looking around, Cheng Xue saw there was a broom, lying on the ground, it seemed to be deliberately prepared by others, so she stepped forward, picked up the broom and kindly said: “Let’s sweep the leaves together!”

“Ai ya, young miss, you should not be doing this heavy work, if the old master knows, old master will drive me out of Murong manor.” She saw that the person who came was the young miss, she grabbed the broom from Cheng Xue’s hands, standing with respect.

Cheng Xue naturally did not know the rules, she asked: “Why do you say that? By the way, what should I call you (formal)?”

“Ai ya, young miss, how can your body work so hard, how can you use such a formal way to address this old body? If the old master found out…”

  • Old body: what an old person would refer to themselves in front of someone younger, can be referred to as lao shen

Hearing her talk this way, Cheng Xue could not help but angrily say: “Why are you afraid of him?”

Suori learned that young miss treats the servants very well, she looked around in the four directions, seeing that no one was around, she quietly said: “Young miss, lao shen has stayed in Murong manor for many decades, because the housekeeper suspects lao shen is too old to do the work, he wants to drive lao shen out of Murong manor. Lao shen’s husband died a long time ago, my daughter was unfortunately tarnished by a group of robbers who broke into the house, after giving birth to a child, she committed suicide… Right now lao shen can only count on Murong manor, to earn some silver, and bring up my grandchild…”

While they were speaking, Bi Lu rushed in: “Miss, Bi Lu was looking for you! What a coincidence, Wu Shen you are also here?

Wu Shen?

Looking at the eagerness of Bi Lu, there seemed to be some urgency, she temporarily laid down the conversation with Wu Shen asked Bi Lu: “Bi Lu, what’s wrong?”

Bi Lu’s face was serious: “Ai ya, I blame my negligence yesterday and forgot to tell miss, old master said to bring miss out today, but he did not specify a reason, seeing old master’s face was very serious, it must be a very important reason…”


“Oh… I know…” she said unsure manner.

Bi Lu grabbed Cheng Xue’s hand: “Miss, let’s go.”

Cheng Xue hesitated, her sixth sense told her that there is nothing good coming out of today, and she tries her hardest to stay there: “Take me to brother Yu’s quarters, otherwise, I will not go anywhere!”

“Miss, old master is waiting!”

Cheng Xue stared at her and looked leisurely until Bi Lu was uncomfortable, then she promised: “Okay, Miss, I’ll take miss there, hurry!”

Listening to Bi Lu’s answer, Cheng Xue pulled Bi Lu along, and they were dashing——

“Miss, this way, hurry!”

“Miss, turn left in front——”

“Ai——ya!” Cheng Xue crashed into someone at full speed, seeing that her momentum was not good, she was firmly supported by the person, at first glance, it turned out to be Murong Yu!

Cheng Xue was relieved and slowly got up, her words contained eagerness and helplessness: “Younger brother Yu, father says he needs to bring me somewhere, I’m a little scared, so I came to find you…”

During the conversation, Bi Lu was panting: “I say, miss, when were you able to run so fast? I could not keep up with you!”

Murong Yu looked at Bi Lu’s face and hurriedly asked: “Bi Lu, where does old master want to bring your miss?”

Bi Lu’s head shakes like a rattle: “Yu gongzi, the old master did say to Bi Lu where to bring miss.”

After listening to this statement, Murong Yu’s brows and wrinkles, it is impossible to guess what to do: “Jiejie, how about this, I will go along with you.”

Cheng Xue did not want to think, and said: “I had the same idea!”

So the trio marched over to Murong Li’s study——

“Father, how did you wake up so early today?” Murong Yu greeted, with an extremely well-behaved appearance.

Murong Li was holding a piece of paper in his hand, he sighed: “Xue’er, father knows I have done wrong to you…”

Cheng Xue unceremoniously finishes the rest of the sentence for him: “Father, I was hunted down by assassins, now that I returned to the manor, would father get dragged along with me?”

Murong Li did not mention the treasure map, nor the reason she was hunted down, instead his voice was full of affection: “Xue’er ah, today father wants to take you to a royal banquet, this banquet is to welcome the third prince, to wish the third prince good health, ministers above the third rank may bring their families to celebrate. Father wants to use this opportunity to bring Xue’er on a stroll…”

Stroll? How pleasing to the ears! He must be eager to marry her off. Is she an obstruction in this manor?

“Father, Xue’er wants some silence.”She responded with courtesy and coldness.

These words really let Murong Li think: Today, Xue’er, seems to be more and more difficult to understand! Is Xue’er in front of him really the Xue’er from before? Did she already guess that he was doing it on purpose?

Murong Yu also felt that Murong Li’s behavior was somewhat strange and he casually said, “Father, my elder sister returned from being on the run, this is…”

“Do not speak! I have already decided!”

The ancient times had the dictatorship of emperors, three classes, five Commands, and the destruction of human freedom, now, this scene is the product of a dictatorship…

BLOSSOM: I kind of forgot about this for a while…


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