World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Legend of Cherry Blossoms

All in all, Cheng Xue looked into his eyes and understood Murong Yu, although they had discussed that they would ask their father clearly. Though she did not ask questions today, it was clear that Murong Li did not trust her in every possible way, this also tells Murong Yu that all of this — Has been manipulated by Murong Li!

Otherwise, there would be no reason for Murong Li to not believe that the Cheng Xue before his eyes is not his Xue’er!

With such deep affection, there is no reason to not believe his own daughter’s great blessing!

Such logic does not make sense…

Murong Yu sighs, gently pulling up Cheng Xue’s left sleeve, pulling the sleeve past the elbow: “Father, we all know that on jiejie’s left arm, there is a genetic maternal birthmark, father, jiejie has this birthmark…”

He personally placed Cheng Xue’s arm in front of Murong Li, who was familiar with the birthmark, the person in front of him was no doubt his Xue’er!

She was his Xue’er ah!

He looked at them, he did not have anything to say and quickly left. It was a complex moment, but it only lasted for a few moments…

Murong Li walked for a long, long time, Murong Yu only opened his mouth, breaking the silence: “Jiejie, what you and I were discussing earlier is true! Father crossed the line!”

It seems that this result had been long expected, but instead of comforting him, she looked at Murong Yu slyly: “Sorry younger brother, I didn’t tell you, everything that happened before I do not remember…”

He held back his tears, and held onto both of Cheng Xue’s hands: “It doesn’t matter, jiejie has suffered too much these days, if jiejie did not encounter Shuntian Wangye, I fear jiejie’s situation would have been even worse.”

Uh? Shuntian Wangye? How did she forget such an important person? He had been holding onto her, unwilling to let go, could he have known that she is Murong Li’s daughter, Murong Cheng Xue? Did he know that Murong Cheng Xue had a little association with the treasure map, was that why he did not let her go?

Just – this does not add up, after all, he did not talk about these things!

Could it be that he has other plans?

Murong Yu saw her thinking deeply and could not help but worry: “Jiejie, are you thinking about being a maid for Shuntian Wangye?”

Ai! After speaking, he gave a sigh.

Cheng Xue seemed to be enlightened, her eyes were clear: “Yes ah, if you didn’t bring it up I would have forgotten, do you feel that Canglong Shuntian is a bit overbearing for making me his free maid because of a cherry blossom petal?”

Murong Yu thinks about it: “Is jiejie talking about the cherry blossom forest of Huashan Temple?”

“Yes ah, do you know any secrets that cannot be spread out? Otherwise, why would the cherry blossom forest be worth it?”

Murong Yu rushed to cover her mouth, and looked around to make sure there was no one around, he then said: “Jiejie, there is something you don’t know, the cherry blossom trees in Huashan Temple have a beautiful story behind, and it is related to the emperor of the previous dynasty.”

Cheng Xue’s eyes brighten up, showing a strong interest: “How beautiful is the story?”

“According to legend, the emperor of the previous dynasty stopped in Huashan Temple when he was young when suddenly a fairy descended, she was graceful and elegant, contaminating the mountains with a fragrance of cherry blossoms, the scene of the cherry blossom was as beautiful as the heavens, intoxicating the mortal heart. But the fairy only stayed there for a moment before she was gone. The emperor had only seen her once, but with that one look he had fallen deeply in love with her, to commemorate this moment, the emperor ordered a large number of cherry blossom trees planted at Huashan Temple. When the cherry blossoms were spread all over the mountains, he hoped the fairy he admired could pass by again…”

Cheng Xue did not hesitate to interrupt: “Later on, did the fairy appear again?”

Murong Yu was still immersed in the aesthetic concept of the story: “Ah, the fairy never showed up, but the former emperor fell in love with this colorful cherry blossom season. On occasions of a cherry blossom, the former emperor went to Huashan mountain alone and later on married a peerless beauty. Because of this grace and love, because of this beautiful story, to this day, it still circulates as a romantic and moving story.”

It seems to have touched the previous emperor, however, Cheng Xue was still unable to forget those cherry blossom trees: “So, those cherry blossom trees were not planted by Canglong Shuntian? And he acted with righteous. Hump! Hateful!”

Murong Yu was amused by how quickly Cheng Xue’s attitude had changed: “My good sister, the story is not finished yet! Originally the people of the world could go to Huashan Temple in the colorful season of cherry blossoms to emulate the former emperor and find the I-world companion. Since the death of the former emperor, the late emperor commemorated the emperor and deliberately decreed that the cherry blossom tree of the Huashan Temple to be holy. It is forbidden take half a step into the cherry blossom forest, till today, such law still exists. However, there are folk stories about cherry blossoms dating to the seventh day are still circulating, so nowadays there are some temples that plant cherry blossom trees…”

So, there is such a beautiful legend about cherry blossoms here!

Cherry blossoms bloom for seven days, the most gorgeous day…

For a long time, Cheng Xue was immersed in the story, unaware that night had drifted upon them, but they looked at each other quietly and sympathized with each other. Feeling such a beautiful story, it seemed that cherry blossoms slowly drifted around them…

“Suddenly she asked: “Younger brother, how old are you?”

“I am 16 years old!”

“How about me?”

He had a happy smile: “Jiejie is only older than me by a few months, also 16 years old.”

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