World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Rushing the crown to be red

Who knows if Cheng Xue listened to these two people’s words, but she was extremely calm, she glanced indifferently at the two with disdain.

Rou An sees her being silent, thought that she was shy he goes on further, saying: “Quickly acknowledge your wrongs to our prince!”

She really didn’t want to squabble with them, but they were looking for trouble. Is she someone who can be easily bullied?

She freely swung her hand, and said with a peaceful tone: “Who are you? Have I spoken to you?

This said, the audience was shocked! Even Canglong Shuntian. He couldn’t believe it, she actually spoke in the voice of a master, and she was not shocked! If she was changed to another person, what was her power?

“You! You——” This was the voice of Ruo Yan, the two people suddenly became silent.

“You, you, what’s wrong with you? Now I am a guest. Your prince hasn’t said anything. You two are speaking. Aren’t you the one who is offending?”

Murong Yu’s eyes were staring at Cheng Xue without hesitation. He couldn’t think of it. His sister turned out to be so powerful! Although at first, it was not polite, it was a slap in the face of Ruo An and Ruo Yan. In addition, all of this is also arranged by the Shuntian Wang Ye, and only then, can the intelligent sister believe in the prince, what wrong has his sister done?

It’s just that if Shuntian Wang Ye doesn’t stop this, this matter can get out of control! Just as he wanted to come forward, he heard a shout, brimming with energy –

“A pity she is the maid of the prince…” If Ruo An just wanted to reason for himself, he did not realize that his master had been standing on Cheng Xue’s side from the beginning, and he was still waiting for the master to defend him…

“You order everyone in Xiang Wang Fu. Now, if anyone is muttering words that defile about benwang’s ‘maidservant’, they will be punished!”

“What?” The rest of the people were puzzled.

If not for Canglong Shuntian’s firm stance, Cheng Xue would have been eager to compete with him: Who is your maid!

He smiled lightly: “Yes, she is exclusively benwang’s ‘maidservant’ in my manor, only benwang can call her my ‘maid’ do you understand?”

“Yes! Yes! Subordinates understand!” If Ru An, Ruo Yan calmed down their anger, but were secretly swearing. How is she a maid? It is obvious… they know so, why bother to deliberately offend the girl?

Canglong Shuntian is also relieved, at least there was not a big storm, or who knows if Cheng Xue will have a place to stand in this manner!

He did not know why, nor could he piece together why he was protecting her so much?

hearing that there was no sound in the manor, Canglong Shuntian spoke: “Rou Yan, there is no outsider here, you will carefully look at the situation you have been immersed in the prince Hao Yue, discuss this matter.”

“This?” Ruo An seemed to be hesitant.

Canglong Shuntian seemed to have ignored his feelings, facing Cheng Xue with a smile: “Little maid, are you satisfied now?”

Cheng Xue is blushing, thinking that the matter is of importance. In the future, if there is time she would hold him on account, enduring her anger, she raised her eyebrows not saying a word.

“Ruo An, Cheng Xue has no objections, speak.”

Ruo an secretly sighed: “Yes, Wang Ye!”

“Wang Ye is bright, entering the palace in the morning, he let this subordinate sneak into Prince Hao Yue’s manor. We waited until the prince Hao Yue returned. It was only after the return of the prince Hao Yue, and Murong Li followed closely after, then the two of them talked, this subordinate has remembered each and every word in their conversation.”

“Murong daren greeted the prince, and said that miss Cheng Xue was rescued by the prince Shuntian on the road. The prince Hao Yue did not seem to believe, saying that is there such a coincidence? By the way, where is Cheng Xuel? Then I heard Murong daren say something about silencing…”

Canglong Shuntian picked up his fan: “What? Silencing?”

Murong Yu said in a tone full of sadness: “Is it really necessary for killing to silence?”

Canglong Shuntian was suspicious: “What? Why does Yu gongzi say this?”

On the contrary, Cheng Xue was calm as she watched Canglong Shuntian: “After returning to Murong manor, my brother said that my body is getting better, and I am not so fooled. My family is embarrassed. At this time, I am not happy, but I am asking if I am skeptical about whether I am his Xue’er! Fortunately, I have evidence that can not be annihilated, a birthmark that cannot be imitated, this only let me pass! Who knows the next day, I had to go to the royal banquet… that’s the way it is!”

Canglong Shuntian listened to every word spoken from her mouth. Her tone seemed to be accumulating for a long time. Helplessness was finally released. He only felt that his heart was drawn by her every word, with anger he said: “Ruo An, you continue!”

“Yes! Prince Hao Yue heard the words of Murong Li, and said that if the third brother knew that Cheng Xue was just a victim of searching for the treasure map, he knew would definitely look for treasures privately. When it is time, they will report you!”

Speaking to this, Ruo An is paused, look carefully at his master and continued: Some words in the middle of the road, their voice was a bit low, I only heard that prince Hao Yue will enter the palace in the future. However, the last sentence of the two of them was clearly heard. Prince Hao Yue said, Murong daren, don’t sacrifice his daughter, and don’t find the treasure map… Then Murong daren replied that he does not dare disobey his mission…”

“It’s really irritating and hateful!” After listening, Canglong Shuntian was completely ignorant of the past, and he was showing his arrogant side, but he was extremely angry smashed the cup he was holding in his hand!

The Cheng Xue suddenly thought: he is so angry, but is it for me?

Murong Yu stood up, still full of resentment: “If you listen to Rou An, you can prove that the treasure map is not in the hands of the prince Hao Yue and Father! It’s not that, the people of the Jianghu are so troublesome, it’s all well-known. Forget it! Even using his own daughter as bait, if sister did not meet prince at the right moment, would she not end up a corpse in the wilderness?”

“What kind of treasure map is it, to be secretly looking for it, even going as far as to sacrifice his own daughter? He usually dotes on sister the most, how can he be willing to…”

Cheng Xue’s face is cold: “There to have a home, there must be riches! Shuntian Wang Ye, Cheng Xue has something I do not understand, may I ask Wang Ye?”

He raised his sword like eyebrows: “If it is for the sake of cherry blossoms, it is not necessary to ask, benwang will not answer.”

Cheng Xue sighed and knew that he would sing this out: “Well, that’s all, then I pick something else…”

Not waiting for her to finish, he immediately interrupted, deeply afraid of what she said, and made everyone feel uncomfortable: “Little maid, is this a vegetable market for you to pick and choose!”

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