World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Encountering danger with a sense of loss

Looking at Murong Yu who was in front of her, she remained as cold as ice.

“Jiejie, in fact, I had only learned about this, later on, when I had heard it, I specifically came search for jiejie. How can jiejie treat me like this? ”

  • Jiejie: older sister, it sounds better this way

With a slightly serious look: “Younger brother, I only wanted to know what happened, and what was so important that he had to sacrifice his own daughter? As I see it, he did something heartless, what is the need for me, for this daughter to exist?”

After listening to this statement, Murong Yu was puzzled: “What is jiejie saying? Father had always treated us very well, how could he possibly sacrifice jiejie?”

Looking at Murong Yu’s look of sadness, Cheng Xue only realized that he was also kept in the dark, this Murong Li was truly an old fox!

“If along the way was I was not rescued, I would have died long ago without a burial ground!”

Sure enough, Murong Yu was surprised and he could not believe it: “Jiejie, how can it be like this? Father said to go looked for a very important map. I never thought the news would get leaked out, so father told you to leave the imperial city for a while until this blows over. He said that the people in the Jianghu knew him and they didn’t know that Murong Cheng Xue existed. In that case, it is safe. It also allows me to find jiejie. Only… Why is it so dangerous for jiejie?”

Cheng Xue had a wood expression: “I only know there are countless black-dressed men tracking me everywhere. There were several times that I almost fell into their hands, always opening their mouths to ask me where the map was, how can I know where the treasure map is? I don’t even have a clue! Father did this with the goal of drawing attention away from himself, so he could search for it without worry right?”

Murong Yu tightly clenched his fist and banged his head heavily on the carriage: “How could father do this?”

Compared to his anger, Cheng Xue felt indifferent: “This time, he asked you to come and seek me. Is it to personally witness whether I am dead or alive?”

Murong Yu suddenly stunned, how could his father treat jiejie like this, thinking about how father had loved them very much, ah, no! It’s impossible, father would not treat jiejie like this! Impossible!

His emotions were agitated and fidgeting. The sweat between his foreheads slipped inadvertently. His eyebrows creased. Obviously, he could not accept this.

Cheng Xue looked at him in inner conflict, but didn’t know how to comfort him. There were some things she needed to know the truth of, so she didn’t want to bury everything.

“Younger brother, on this road no matter where I went, I was followed by the black dressed men, I managed to flee from their clutches but yet, there was another group of black dressed men. Before, I had fell down a cliff, it was thanks to a person with high martial arts that I was able to survive. For the past few days, I was fleeing non-stop because of the inexplicable treasure map several times. If not, how is it possible that so many people could chase after me in such a short period of time? And besides, they don’t even know who I am…”

The carriage was still moving. Cheng Xue had kept talking and after a while she grew a little tired.

Murony Yu had been silent, his painful expression had not been eased. Father and jiejie, both are extremely important to him. Why would father be so ruthless? Why? Why?

He was very annoyed, tangled and struggling to hit his chest, and when Cheng Xue saw it, she couldn’t bear to look at the boy in front of her so sad, she went forward and took his hand, he was relieved: “Little brother, don’t try to force yourself. Maybe when you go back and ask him clearly the problem will be solved?”

These words had help to ease the pain. She said that she was feeling the same way, she knew that it was a lie of good faith, but she still decided to say this to comfort him first, after that he would know the bleak reality and that would break his heart.

Calling ‘father’ made her scalp tingle. She knew that if Murong Yu knew about it this time, most likely it would have been arranged by Murong Li. With his personality, he will most likely not admit the nickname of ‘old fox’.

She never thought that her attempts to comfort someone had actually worked, Murong Yu was no longer blaming himself, instead, he was looking at her with a deep feeling of affection: “It is reasonable for jiejie to say so. Father must have his reason to do this, let’s go to ask him? This will be hard on jiejie!”

Cheng Xue reached out, showly patting his shoulder: “Be good, be obedient, jiejie is tired, I want to sleep…”

“Good jiejie, you can sleep, I’m guarding you…”

Murong Yu came close to her and motioned for her to lean on himself. Cheng Xue smiled, then leaned on him and rested comfortably. She never expected to come here, and maybe because there is a brother to take care and to support each other that the future road ahead did not seem to be so difficult.

As she thought about it, she fell asleep, her sleep was was long and restful. This was the first time Cheng Xue had slept since arriving in this world.

Murong Yu looked at her with a sense of deep affection: Good jiejie, I was almost unable to see you again! Father is very ruthless, and heartless…

Good jiejie, did you know? When you put on men’s clothes, you are very handsome. You looked like a man who had stepped out of a painting. It was by a hairline that caused us two siblings to almost be separated by Yin and Yang…

  • Separated by yin and yang: In this case, Yin is darkness which represents the netherworld, while Yang is light which represents the living; Separated by life and death

Jiejie, in fact, father had always loved you more, just a few months ago when jiejie was seriously ill, although your life was saved, you would always be low on energy. The imperial doctor did not know when you would recover, the imperial said this was a coincidence… Father saw you with disappointment, only to get you into danger!

Jiejie, this time returning to the manor, what will father think of you? Not only did you recover physically, you are even smarter than ever…

Should I bring you home?

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