World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: A cherry blossom’s continued love

He walked forward a few steps and released her acupoint.

Once Cheng Xue’s acupoint was released, she spat out what was in her heart: “You – you pervert and narcissist!”

He quickly covered her mouth, gracefully put his finger on the gentle jade-like lips, he only said: “Shh – do you want the people to come back again?”

She almost bluntly “Pop” pulled on his hand: “Che! High martial arts, good family background, teasing someone in broad daylight…”

“Just know, I’m not picking you up!” had to add in such a timely manner, even though his current words did not match up with what he said previously.

He silently looked at her every move, that look that behavior does not seem to be able to match up to being ladylike, playful and yet somewhat graceful, he could not help but laugh “Puchi” : “I did not say that I would not take responsibility, I do not care, why do you care so much?”

Good, seeing what thick skin he had, never had she met someone with such thick skin, but who is Cheng Xue ah! Her face turned red, with a look of arrogance: “Who wants you to be responsible to me, how would you take responsibility, this is the final thing I have to say!”

Suddenly ripples suddenly appeared on the young man in white’s cheeks, with a smile on his childish face: “Good, you tell me how should one take responsibility?”

See him laughing so happily, Cheng Xue felt uncomfortable: “Seeing your sincere attitude, I’ll take the compensation, and forget what just happened!” She did not want to form a relationship with the emperor’s son.

That relationship is chaotic, not worth pursuing, there will be a disorder, if not severed, more chaos will ensue!

When did she, Cheng Xue give in? Even when came to a strange environment, she also wants to live! Her first kiss was used in exchange for how she would live in the future, worth it!

“No problem.”

His hearty reply, straightforward, without diverting, really surprised Cheng Xue.

Her hand did not hesitate to reach out: “If that is the case, then give money, however much you have, give that amount. From now on you and I will forget this ever happened and go our separate ways in the jianghu…”

Cang Longshun’s eyebrows went up, he is a son of the emperor, Xiang Wangfu’s Shuntian Wangye, from birth till now he led a pampered life, he had never seen an individual that did not care for their face and reach out for money. They do not know their status and do it, or they know their status, but do it knowingly.

  • 项王府 Xiàng wángfǔ The name of his residence
  • 瞬天王爷shùn tiān wángyé His title

Such a young age and knows to go separate ways in the jianghu?

He is very interested, he put both his hands up: “I have no money!”

“You – !” Cheng Xue really wanted to give him a punch, however, his martial arts is higher than herself, she had to give up on that thought. When had she, Cheng Xue ever admitted defeat, first time here, she tried to stay low-key, “If you don’t have it nevermind! I’ll leave!”

Although it is a big loss to make such an announcement, the relationship with the emperor’s son, the of the two are more important, she chose the former, her Cheng Xue can afford to put it down, does not need to go so far.

She bluntly walked away, she did not think he would come to stop her, he turned to her with a smile, a laughter of evil charm, insufferably arrogant: “How can you leave so easily? You stole my cherry blossom, I never said I would let you go for this crime!”

His every word every pause, not slow nor fast, he spat those few words out, what he said strived with confidence.

Her eyebrows went up, not the petal, right? I suffered so much damage to let go, a dignified prince of a country, argued for a cherry blossom petal, is he not afraid the people will take him as a joke?

“It is just a flower petal!”

Step by step, he came closer, eyes shifted to her: “What’s the matter? Do you know how much manpower and resources it takes to get these precious sakura trees to the summit? Besides it’s just for me, I am the owner here, the sakura falling to the foot of the mountain I can not control … but here! I have the final say!”

“You – ” Headaches, headaches, When had she, Cheng Xue ever had such low spirits? She calmed her mind, “To add on any crime without any words, You might as well execute me!”

You would not kill me over a cherry tree, right? The young man in white would not be so cruel.

He bent down with a bright smile: “Very simple when I picked up the maidservants!”

Cheng Xue immediately got angry: “Will not have to say lifelong free maid? This I cannot do!” Absolutely, she dared to make a bet, he would say those words!

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