World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: The spirit does not disperse

  • Spirit, in this case, can refer to someone hanging on tight and refuses to let go

Canglong Shuntian did not hesitate and in a blink of an eye, while casually fixing up the cuffs interrupted Murong Yu: “Who am I talking about? So it was Murong Li’s family!”

Murong Li? Cheng Xue’s brain tries to process this name, it stands to reason that this person should be her father, however, with them fleeing, the words coming from the mouths of people were terrible, what an old fox, it seems that they were bringing hardship upon themselves.

“How do you know my father?” Murong Yu could not help but clench his fist, putting up his guard.

Canglong Shuntian raises his eyebrows: “Murong Li, a third ranking official, a loyal subject of the emperor, deeply trusted by my emperor father. How can I not know him?”

Murong Yu suddenly realized something, he clenched his fist and whispered: “Could you be the third prince, Shuntian Wangye? The prince that took my sister away?”

Third prince? Does the emperor have three sons? Or six? Seven? Eight? Cheng Xue was now wondering.

He was impatient, “Un!” The one word put an end to Murong Yu’s imposing manner.

Suddenly Murong Yu’s eyes brighten: “How can my older sister, in the short span of a couple days become one of Shuntian Wangye’s people? These matters cannot be said lightly, right?”

Canglong Shuntian blinked his eyes for a while, he coldly said: “Without permission of the owner, she entered the master’s forbidden ground, disturbing Benwang’s mood, also disturbing the forbidden ground, this is the first crime. And somehow, your sister provoked a group of assassins, and gave Benwang a fright, along the road Benwang took care of her, and there is not even a word of thanks. This is the second crime…”

  • Benwang: a way of a wangye to address himself

“This?” Murong Yu suddenly interrupted Canglong Shuntian, no matter what, he did not believe that his sister would be such a person.

“Of course, I discussed this with your sister. In order to make up for Benwang, she will come with me to my mansion and become a maid, to make up for her mistakes, how can you say that this is not my family matter?”

“This?” Replying, Murong Yu was a bit hesitant, “Wangye, can we compensate you with other methods?”

You? Only whatever you call it? Aren’t you just a prince, I don’t think much about it.

Canglong Shuntian gave a smirked: “That can’t work! She has done great damage to Benwang and it can only be compensated with herself…”

“Canglong Shuntian! Don’t go too far!” Cheng Xue was getting angry, clenching her teeth. This man is really hateful!

However, Murong Yu looked scared and said: “Good sister!”

He blinked a few times, signaling her that she could not speak in such a way.

Cheng Xue was helpless, this Shuntian Wangye had crossed the line. She was thinking about how much was lost, she did not want to think about it any longer, how can this be mentioned in front of people? Who would repay her loss?

Blink! Blink!

Murong Yu had no more ideas, he could only continue to negotiate: “Can Wangye allow me to take my sister back to the manor for a few days, and talk about this again?”

One would not think that Canglong Shuntian would respond so quickly: “Yes, of course! A man should always keeps his promises! Goodbye!”

Watching Canglong Shuntian leave, Murong Yu showed his respect: “Disturbing Wangye’s interest, Murong Yu will apologize…”

“Do as you wish!” One could not see his expression, only a cold reply could be heard.

Even when Canglong Shuntian’s shadow could no longer be seen in the tea house, Cheng Xue’s anger had yet to disperse, her face was very red, she really wished she could give him a punch.

Murong Yu gave a slow sigh, and his red robes like fire, he had a face of worry and fear: “Good sister, how did you get to know Shuntian Wangye these past few days?”

She suddenly felt a burst of anger with no place to vent: “How would I know? What Shuntian Wangye? Look at yourself so worried, are you worried about the influence of the Murong family in the imperial court?”

Murong Yu was looking at her with an angry expression: “Good sister, why are you so bold these few days? When will my sister regain her sanity? Your younger brother is worried about you, is sister still angry right now? Father is at home waiting for us!”

How would she know what happened? How could she not be angry when she learns that she was fleeing for her life because of Murong Li?

“Angry! Of Course, I’m angry! I see father does not care about my life or death!” What she said was full of strength and arrogance.

Hearing what she said, Murong Yu was full of shock: “Good sister, Why don’t we go back first? Come with me…”

Speaking, her eyes went towards the crowd coming up and down the stairs, it was obviously not safe to speak here.

Although Cheng Xue had found a home, she couldn’t hold her own temper. At present, things are not yet clear. She had to adapt.

After Murong Yu walked out of the teahouse, strolling around the alleys of Sifang City and stopping in front of a carriage, Murong Yu carefully whispered in her ear: “Sister, you get on the carriage first.”

Cheng Xue had to ‘squeeze’ into the carriage. After Murong Yu looked around for a while, he told the driver, “Return!”

Waiting for Murong Yu to sit down, he eagerly explained to Cheng Xue’s sly face: “Good sister, I have trouble doing this, father loves, us siblings, dearly, and this time my sister traveled away from the imperial city to the suburbs…”

As soon as Cheng Xue heard this, she knew that Murong Cheng Xue was under Murong Li’s imprisonment without knowing, not caring about his own daughter’s life, despite the right thing to do. This Murong Li is cold-blooded and ruthless!


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