World of Chaos: Alluring Military Consort Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Treasure map

After Gu Yu finished bandaging Canglong Shuntian’s wound, he lowered his voice and said: “Wang Ye, everyone in Xiang Wang fu is ready, we are awaiting your orders!”

Canglong Shuntian nodded, with a smile on his face: “Good, do not let anyone else know that I am injured!”

Gu Yu says with utmost loyalty: “Yes, Wang Ye! Allow this subordinate to help you change into clothes for the court.”

  • Court: Usually held by the emperor to discuss the matters of a kingdom with his officials and subjects.

“Very good. what happened in the imperial city recently?”

Canglong Shuntian was referring to the recent actions of the eldest prince and the second prince…

Although he said that he is not very concerned about the throne, he cares about how to survive in this world peacefully among the chaos, as the saying goes, people that do not have long-term plans will have worries in the future…

Gu Yu only had one one sentence, recently the relationship between Hao Yue Wang Ye and Murong Li have been getting past ordinary, hearing so, Canglong Shuntian was silent for a while.

Hao Yue Wang Ye is Canglong Hao Yue, the second prince, when the prince was young, he was praised by the ministers for his good martial arts, he was able to win the battles on the battlefield, the Emperor favors him, it could be said that, among the Emperor’s three sons, the one he favors the most is his second son.

While he has been in Huashan Temple for many years, now Canglong Shuntian’s power in the Imperial City is the weakest!

But his self confidence, alone, is enough to make anyone scared…

“Wang Ye, Wang Ye, what are you thinking about?” Seeing him lost in thoughts, Gu Yu gently called, after all, there was not much time left.

Canglong Shuntian suddenly returned to his senses, he took a deep breath: “Where are they?”

“At the Ting Yu building, Wang Ye please follow me…”

This time, at the royal banquet, if he does not prepare well, he will not know some information in advance, and if he suffers losses during the banquet, then it will be difficult for him to find followers in the future.

Rather than saying that he is arrogant and self-confident, it is better to say that he is personally involved and prepared for it…

Unconsciously, they came to the Ting Yu building, a very remote, soundproofed house –

“Wang Ye, how have you been recently? This time, you have left for many months…” The person who said this was Feng Yueya, the young master of Feng Yue Mountain Villa.

The two youngsters in the building stood close by, they were polite and courteous.

“Yueya is very polite, please sit down.” In the end, he did not forget to smile at the two people who were behind Feng Yueya.

Feng Yue Mountain Villa, their martial arts, sword play is known all over the Wu Lin, is also famous for casting swords, today’s peerless swords are all based on this.

  • Wu lin: Martial arts world

Feng Yue Mountain Villa has disciples all over the world, they could easily get some top secret information at a moment’s notice.

Feng Yue Mountain Villa, there is nothing that cannot be done, nor is there a move without a gain…

Feng Yueya and Canglong Shuntian have quite a history, the two get to know each other under unintentional circumstances.

Zhuge Liang in order to repay his friend did his best, and in the end sacrificed himself.

  • Reference of how a gentleman will do his best for his brothers; Zhuge Liang, historical figure during three kingdoms period

Canglong Shuntian met Feng Yueya by coincidence, he never thought to become great friends after just meeting once, their friendship is far more than the brotherhood of Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang!

Feng Yueya was sitting, he lightly says: “The two are dedicated, to the way of martial arts, the man’s name is ‘Ruo An’; the woman’s name is ‘Ruo Yan’ they are Feng Yueya’s death troops, if Wang Ye is not disregarding them, I hope you can accept.”

“I am grateful towards what Yueya says, I wonder if Yueya can tell me of the matters in the court?”

Responding to Canglong Shuntian, was Feng Yueya’s unpredictable look.

Canglong Shuntian took this opportunity to send the rest of the people to wait outside the door also prevent others from eavesdropping.

“Canglong Shuntian, I know that the recent treasure map has caused the people of the jianghu to be chaotic, in fact, the treasure map is just a piece of paper…”

Canglong Shuntian raises his eyebrows: “Yueya, what is it? Could it be the treasure map is somehow related to the court?”

Feng Yueya looked at him incredulously: “Wang Ye, could it be that you don’t know?”

Canglong Shuntian suddenly sat down: “The treasure map? Ben Wang knows vaguely of this matter…” His brows were tightly locked, he quickly thought that Cheng Xue was chased by those black dressed people when they fell off the cliff, they faintly heard of the treasure map from the mouths of black dressed people, could it be…?

Feng Yueya continues: “A few days ago, I got a secret report and learned that the Emperor entrusted Murong Li and Canglong Hao Yue to find a treasure. It was said that he was given the treasure map, but I don’t know why the news leaked out. He negotiated with Hao Yue Wang Ye, to let his daughter out of the city, he told his men in secret, to protect the young lady along the way, the lady holds an important drawing, during the most dangerous time, they traveled the road in extreme carefulness… but no one knows how the news was leaked, the people in the jianghu started to chase Murong Cheng Xue, but they failed. I heard that it was on the cliff that she died…”

Canglong Shuntian slams his hand on the table, with a dignified look: “What kind of treasure, does imperial father want? To do this privately? Murong Li can be described as the father’s confidant, the second brother is the father’s favorite, the son of the Emperor pays so much attention to these treasures, but he does not go public, it must be something he cannot show it in the open!”

Feng Yueya sighed: “Yes, as Wang Ye said, for what kind of treasure is it, but as an Emperor, you can’t openly look for it.”

“The key point is, now that Murong Cheng Xue is returning home unharmed, will it be the beginning of calamity for her?”

“This is hard to say. The news came from Murong manor, there must be a spy within Murong manor. Murong Li is a known treacherous man, he has never been known to make do an amazing deed. Before, he even sold out his own wife to protect himself, is there anything he does not dare to do?”

At this time, the two almost erupted in unison, as if the fog immediately cleared up: “Why is it, that for a piece of paper, almost all the people of the jianghu believe that there are still treasures in the world? Which alarmed the entire Wu lin community!”

Feng Yueya continued to speak, his voice lowered, as if he was afraid that the people outside the house would listen: “The subordinates reported, that they saw the people of Canglong Hui Wang Ye on the road, tracking Murong Cheng Xue…”

“Even if Canglong Hui is involved in this dispute over the treasure map? It is difficult for elder brother to go to Huashan to pick me up. Isn’t it related to the treasure map? This is getting more and more ridiculous…”

Then, there was a long lasting silence…

“Right, brother Yueya, were there any big changes in the court?”

“Compared with the storm of the treasure map, the rest is nothing, Wang Ye should also know that in the face of those civil and military officials, they can respond to the flow and calmly deal with it, this is the best time to draw in the people’s hearts!”

*Draw in the people’s hearts: When someone wants to become the Emperor, they have to gain the hearts of the people to support them to the throne.

Canglong Shuntian smiles: “Brother Yueya, what a wonderful idea.”

“Wang Ye!” Feng Yueya seemed to think of something, “How does Wang Ye know Murong Cheng Xue? You even affectionately address her as ‘Cheng Xue’?”

Canglong Shuntian pretends not to care: “Oh? Is it? It is undeniable to call her Cheng Xue, however, brother Yueya, the word ‘friendly’ can be exempted? Speaking of how I know her, that is a coincidence! Haha…”

Feng Yueya has a face full of insights: “What Wang Ye just said, the look on your face has betrayed you! I hope this is a blessing, and not a curse!”

“A curse is partially a blessing, a blessing is partially a curse, brother Yueya, why should you or I care about this? Everything will happen eventually.”

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